The HouseSitter

Specializing in peace of mind for you and your pets.
I do, to my very best ability, care for all my clients choose to leave me with.
* Pet Care
I have 30+ years of experience with animals ranging from horses to dogs, birds to frogs, kitties, fish and snakes. After High School I attended and graduated from Pacific Horse Center in California with a Riding Master Diploma. The following seven years were spent riding horses for a living. For six years beginning in November of 1992 I was a staff member with a three veterinarian office treating small animals. I have been the owner/operator of a pet sitting/house sitting service for the past sixteen years. More information is available on my
Resume .
***Bisket and I watching the sun come up in Colorado. We did this every morning for the three weeks I lived with him. 
I am a homeowner and would treat your home as though it were my own. I am a quiet, tidy individual who prefers the company of animals. 
* Other duties performed
I am happy to pick up or forward mail, care for your garden and/or indoor plants and take messages.  I am also open to discussing other tasks you may require.  More information can be found below with "Experience"
***The Gray and Stormy, they are mine.  Currently retired on my parents 80 acres in Colorado. 
With permission from past house sitting clients, I am able to provide email addresses upon request. Quotes from letters of recommendation written by past employers and veterinarians who have recommend my pet sitting service can be found on the
References  page.
***Rowdy, a barn kitty who adopted me one winter in Oregon. He was great company, followed me out to feed the horses every morning and kept my feet warm.
Over the past six years I have been the chosen house sitter for clients in Colorado, Virginia, California, Ireland and a small island off the coast of Honduras called Roatan. For those clients I have cared for home, pets, (large and small) plants, mail, cell phones, generator, pools, cars, maids and gardeners. I have been a property manager for rental homes on a island with questionable power and a phone answering/invoicing person for a wine distribution business in Colorado. I was left alone for a week in a high end jewelry/gift store working daily along with walking two huge fluffy fun dogs,  caring for two cats and two birds.
***Miss Kitty, sure knew what she wanted  and had me trained in a matter of twenty-four hours. I make a fair decent door-person.
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