The HouseSitter

Specializing in peace of mind for you and your pets.
Where abouts:
Colorado~July 1st/Feb 7
Roatan~Feb 7th/Mar 19th
Colorado~Mar 20th/Sept 30
I may take a road trip to Canada at some point 
between April and October

They trust me to be responsible for anything and every thing they leave in my care.

I value my horses highly and completely trust Annette to recognize when they are in trouble. She actually seems to have a sixth sense as to their well-being.

                                                            Heidi ~ Boulder, Colorado

I have known Annette both as a horse-owning client and as a house sitter when my clients have left her in charge of their horses while on vacation. I have referred her to many clients over the past decade and have heard nothing but rave reviews about her care and how conscientious and responsible she has been.

                                                           Nancy, DVM ~ Boulder, Colorado

We needed a Barn Manager. We were not experienced horse people but clearly Annette was. So in 1995 we established a very satisfactory relationship with Annette, in fact there was never a conflict between us. She respected every horse as thought it were her own. She honored special needs of every horse and distinctive owner. She shared our goal for caring for horses so they were safe and healthy and thus the owners were to. We recommend Annette highly.

                                                            Lois ~ Boulder,  Colorado

Annette is very responsible about office detail and policy. She is always punctual on the job and most conscientious about her work. She conveys a sense of genuine concern and enthusiasm for our clients and their animals at all times. Annette works very well without direct supervision and is very responsible and dependable.

                                                              Robert DVM,MS ~ Boulder, Colorado

Accomplished with knowledge and professionalism, extraordinary care and understanding of horses, consistency of schedule and excellent dependability of presence, encouraging and helpful attitude of assistance.

                                                              Louis ~ Rancho Santa Fe, California

Annette is a quick and efficient worker whose outgoing personality was enjoyed very much by the ranch guests. She is also a dedicated and observant animal caretaker who performed daily chores with punctuality and attention to detail. She was eager and quick to learn, while able to assume responsibility and to make independent decisions when necessary.

                                                              Leslie,DVM ~ Bend,Oregon

 We found Annette to be extremely conscientious, honest, and hard working, willing and flexible. Her rapport with clients was excellent, and her management of our horses outstanding. In the few months we have had Annette's help, she has proved a very valuable addition to our staff.

                                    Tom Condon ~ Taupo, New Zealand