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Six years of adventure with pics to prove it.

Blue Channel, Roatan

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I went out to Blue Channel with a dive boat without my camera. I returned with a snorkel boat a few days later with my camera.

That would be a conch sized crab in that shell. Tis a little fuzzy but ya get the idea.

I think this is one of  the many angel fish nature offers.

Yet another pose, what a funny fish.

Then he turned to show me his full beauty.

Another fuzzy pic of a very fast purple/yellow fish.

Who needs stripes when ya can have spots?

Reef, the channel here was fair deep.


I am telling ya they herd,  not so much with the shy these guys.

The Elk Horn here was very happy indeed.

Mr. Eel, I saw the end of his tail first, while I watched he turned completely about in his hole and poof, eel face.

More reef

And the last is a yellow and blue neon dude.

I will start sorting the India pics next.  Cheers!

West Bay Reef

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I am a snorkeler not a diver.  Being my 1st attempt with an underwater case on my camera,  I think I did pretty well.

Reef – world class diving and 2nd in size only to the Great Barrier Reef.

These things herd and beg… it’s kinda funny. Sargent Majors, I think

Elk Horn Coral

One of the many blue and black fishes.

If anyone has an idea what the white spring looking stuff behind the grass and under the rock is, I would like to know.

They look like miniature Christmas trees to me.

Big Blue ~ size is tough in the water but I would swear he is at least 2 feet long.

Big Blue showing me his tail.

Urchin.. see the black and neon blue in the upper left…I tried and tried to get a good pic of one of them…tis a challenge to say the least.

This one may be related to the one above.

This is hard to make out, the water was pretty deep. See the snake looking thing in front of the blue fish.. it may be a snake or it could be a tentacle of an octopus. Anyone know for sure? Shezz, there are like three fish in that little pic. * Edit ~ I am told the gray with white spots is a Sharp Tailed eel. Google Images confirm. Woohoo. I love learning a new thing.

There are clouds of these things, I mean clouds… I dig following and watching them move in a flock.

Fishes, reef walls,  sandy bottom. Inspires a person to learn to dive.

He was in the deep, they tell me he is a box puffer. He looks more like a triangle to me. Edit ~ Another kind soul came to my rescue.. this is a spotted trunkfish, have a look at Google Images, sure enough, I have learned another new thing.

Parrot Fish, the place is chock a block full of these dudes. They do dig color.

He was just waiting to show off or taking a nap.

Neon blue and black are common.

I am told these only travel in pairs, I didn’t see the other one on this day.

Ya just know he thought he was invisible, or perhaps he didn’t want to get sunburned. When ya catch them in the sun, the color is bright yellow and neon green.

How many fish do you see?

I truly believe the one facing me was posing for the camera.


Feather Duster

Fishes, Fishes abound.

Two more urchins, wacky color.

Rings instead of stripes… I just love the many colors.

Sea Anemone ~ Sadly the pic don’t show the bright green/yellow at the top of the stalks.

With a little help from someone who knows more than me these are Caribbean reef squid. See how they are spaced apart, there were 17 lined up with variations of  that spacing.  They were fair deep so this pic is not great.

I saw three lobster, one was huge and in full view (no cam that day) one was back in a rock with only his face showing, I only have very fuzzy pics of him..then there is this one. Only his antenna.

Reef, fish, surface.  Cool  huh?

Oops, is this another one?  This was is shallow water. Sunlight filtered though the water only one of the many challenges with snapping pics underwater. The other…everything is moving, the water, the fish, the camera, the camera person, that is heaps of motion for any camera to deal with.

Feather Duster

Fishes, reef, sand.

He musta been napping.

Another blue and black.

This fish is half crazy yellow and have crazy purple. Of the 12 pics I snapped over 2 weeks this is the best of the bunch. The fish and all his kin may be the fastest moving critters ever. I am telling you,  it is like a teleport ~ fish/no fish ~  just that fast.

Just do ya don’t think all the fish in the sea are bright colors.

Another cloud of blue fishes.

School is in.

Elk Horn Coral.

These are the same squid looking things but in far more shallow water. I think there were only 12 this time. Something frightened them, they gathered and I got this pic with 9 in it. I remember them being more brown then purple, light is a funny thing in the sea.

They calmed down and let me take a few more…

This was water dang near at the beach edge. All the people playing in the water was mucking up the sand. I didn’t see this school til they were on top of me.

I like the design the sun makes on the sand through the water.

I have more from a different location and day… I will get back to this tomorrow.

Best Bits!

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I swam from Foster’s pier to Gumbalimba yesterday, the original idea was to paddle the bit of reef they have buoyed off so the boats don’t squish ya.  By the time I actually got close the wind came up and I thought for sure I was going to end up closer to Ulita than West Bay..I had to force down the panic and think…  ya know the very best bit about the sea … ya don’t sink. Granted I was fighting  the wind zipping off the hills to the ocean and pushing water along with me out to sea but the good news was..I was not in danger of being fish food.  So, I dug in knowing that if it got really bad I could flag either a boat or the Gumbalimba staff.

It was a good day.

Today I swam out from Infinity to the buoys… I found the far side of  the reef wall. There was a heard of black and white striped fish with yellow pacing me. Being  the sea can keep me from sinking I stopped.. those fishes started playing a game of ring around the rosie with me in the middle.  It was so cool, I so wished I had a camera, there were maybe 75 fish, two different kinds.  Gives a whole new meaning to swimming with the fishes.

Have I mentioned I LOVE this place!

Rainy season over?

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When I arrived a friend happen to be at the airport, his wife was boarding the plane I had come down on. He was going my way and offered a ride.  While I was taking in the changes on the island we got to chatting about this and that..one of those things was perhaps rainy season was over cause the island had not had any rain to speak of in over six weeks.  I was a bit taken aback when the following day there were several showers..then…..

These are photos from the past three days as the weather and sea changed…

The wind and rough sea was bringing in and churning up the dead sea grass.

White caps in West Bay, not a common sight.

Part of the reason I am drawn it islands, you can see the weather coming at you… see the band of rain, it comes from the north, I am about to get very wet.

A couple of guys from Canada were out playing in the waves, they said most of them were over six feet. Goodness, I doubt many people have seen West Bay be anything other than tranquil, clear as glass.

See the waves bashing against LightHouse Point? You can also see the web and flow under the pier.

This is run off in West Bay. The water at one point this morning was just flushing over the bridge to the left of center. Much of the sand was washed out in….

This mess of run off, sea grass and sand. I am very curious to see how long it takes to settle for crystal clear waters to return. Course, the rain has to stop 1st. We are seeing moments of brighter sun now.  Maybe today, perhaps tomorrow.

Off and on through out the day, around the heavy rains, the guys were cleaning the beach. They dig a hole to bury the sea grass. The guy in the blue is stomping the grass like grapes to make space for more.

Sunsets you say?

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All these pics were from last night, they are in order as the sunset changed.

I have a photo much like this taken at  the Laos/Thailand boarder, the boat in that pic was on  Mekong River. This is sea off the coast of Honduras.

The colors were everywhere.

That boat I would be willing to board…

This one not so much but boy howdy was the sunset amazing. Just another day in paradise!

Roatan Redux

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Right then, here I am…. thanks goodness I have many weeks here abouts cause all I did the first seven days was sleep and read… I was so quiet the people running the accommodation finally sent someone over to make sure I was still breathing.

I have a new addiction…Kindle, dang that thing is going to be the demise of my bank account. I bought the one wireless and 3G capable world wide, I have no idea how Amazon did it,  I have to pay for the book but I don’t have to pay for the privilege of using the 3G connection. All Hail Amazon! No more packing books, no more buying books in odd countries, no more reading what happens to be available…new addiction I have.

I didn’t see the guys from the place I am staying at the airport, did they say someone would pick me up?  No matter BobMarley’s parents were waiting for Mom BobMarley to board the plane  I stepped off. One of the perks of visiting a tiny place, easy to find anyone traveling the same route.  We said our hellos and goodbyes, when Dad BobMarley offered me a ride cause he was going my way.  I mentioned I should check one more time for the people I thought were picking me up, he said “Cool, meet you in front.”

We chatted about real estate (no one is buying), the economy ( the world tried to blow up a few years ago)  and the weather (it had not rained enough to speak of in six weeks). What? two years ago it was still pouring in March, I was wearing my sweat shirt it was so cold and wet.

Imagine my surprise the next day…

Dang! ya can’t even see Light House!

I had to get in to West End for supplies, food mostly. Thank goodness I had the sense to bring my raincoat, I was still soaked by the time I had walked the beach from West Bay to West End. The good news, wet in 80 degrees is a far cry from wet in 60 degrees. By the time I was headed back the rain had stopped.

A couple days later I looked up from my book to see this….

The mainland for gosh sakes!

That evening…

Sunset truly does help everything look better.  That is one BIG boat.

It has been hotter than I ever remember here. Part of the heat is little to no breeze some days, with no wind comes calm sparkling clear water. LOOK! at that blue.

The length of West Bay Beach, from the East edge of Foster’s ( where I am standing) to the sand point of what the cruise ship people call Tabyana Beach just past the red roofs of Infinity. Ya can’t see the Wall unless you know it is there but the far right green is Light House Point. This looks like a non cruise day, perhaps Monday of last week.

This one is taken from the same place but with a zoom, the pier is Foster’s, The red roof in the upper right is Infinity Bay.

Right then, so on a cruise day there is far more going on, the people in kayaks are more than likely from a ship, the guy in blue sitting on the bottom level of the pier is with them and works for Gumbalimba Park…I noticed it is now the uniform of Gumbalimba cause I walk past every trip into town. There were prolly 12 kayaks with three guys this day. One of them detoured to help out a couple ladies having trouble with a paddle boat in the bay. I have no idea what the problem was but a dive boat stopped as well, in the end I saw a kayak with two people paddle out, attach maybe a rope and drag the ladies in the defunct boat back to the sand.

If ya look at the top of the pic at the sand point, that is where many of the cruise people end up, something new to me is the four floats in the water out from that spot. I decided to take a dip in the sea to alert the fish of the impending happensg from the ship, not that they didn’t know it was coming but common courtesy..anywho much to my amazement, these four spots are local guys on surf boards. I don’t know if they are life guards, or if they are policing the coal. But sure enough…. guys on surf boards laying out in the ocean. I doubt they are getting paid much but that is a hell of a job  huh?

I also saw….

This lady with a guy also on what looks like a surf board. There truly is all manner of entertainment both in and out of the water on this island these days. Snorkeling trips, Cayo Cochinos trips, paddles boats, kayaks, para sailing, glass bottom boats, Snuba, hiking, exploring the island either on your own or with a local guide, heck you can even go with Scuba being  the scuba guys are the ones who originally put this place on the map.


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This place, my current most favorite island, has lizards of many kinds. Many shapes and sizes of lizard, some are big, some are small, some fast,   some  slow, though not many. Some scream about on two legs when frightened, some change colors. The critter I wish to tell you about makes a sound like a bark or chirp.

I have heard various voices from the lizards here abouts but for the most part I have a pretty good idea of what I am hearing, often times I get a glimpse of the beastie as well.

Many of  the homes on the island are constructed in such a way the lizards come and go as they please. In Bob Marley’s home you can see them zipping up and down the walls, they don’t bother any one so why hassle them.

This home (Miss Gato’s) is not a home a lizard can investigate, never mind they must get past the ever gecko patrolling kitty.

The neighbor told me a story last week of Miss Gato jumping from this deck to his in pursuit if a green arrow of a lizard. From what I understood in some way the lizard found the top of the deck railing.  Kitty jumped,  caught the unfortunate gecko her mouth mid air over the railing and kept going landing on the beach sand a good ten feet below. I told the guy he was nuts but he says it’s truth. Gecko killing cat this is.

I tell you  this cause I was astonished when last week I heard a lizard chirping in the house. I have been living with them off and on for years, they don’t bug me much so I didn’t bother with him. I would hear him off and on,  though out the day from various part of the house, some times louder or with a slightly different voice.

Three days of listening to him, it occurred to me to go looking. I had zero luck finding him though I did narrow down his location to either the lower bath or the laundry room.

Five days of listening to him  I was sure I needed to find him.  I started by looking the the closet next to the bathroom, no lock. While I was looking in the bath I heard him but not in the bathroom. Ok, so I went around the other side if the closet to the laundry room. I heard him again, he was not in the laundry room.

I went back out to the kitchen to listen, that was when I saw the phone the owners had given me. You can bet I was feeling pretty silly when I flipped it open to see several unread text messages.

It took five days and looking for a non exsitant gecko to realize the noise I was hearing was the text message alert for the phone.


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This is going to be quick, I am fast running out of time. Currently in Boulder madly!! Madly repacking, sorting money, having conversations with China Air.

Two days in West Bay is never enough. Saturday morning I was snorkeling with fishes, corals, and lobster. Saturday at about 4pm my phone was ringing in Houston. My mother saying China Air had her called three times with information about my fights to Bangkok on Tuesday having a slight snaffoo. There was concern about the amount of time I had between connections in LA.  They were suggesting I ask Delta to switch me from the 12:45 flight to the 7am flight. I told her I would have a chat with Delta when I arrived in Denver.

The phone was ringing while I was talking to mom. A friend asking where and how I was. I said Houston on my way to Denver. He decided he would arrange his world to meet me at the airport. Friends, ya gotta love them.

I went to the Delta ticket count in Denver they said “The ticket is not ours, you have to call your travel agent.”  I didn’t understand how a ticket for a Delta flight was not Delta’s but understood I was not going to get any more info from them.

I had a delightful evening with my friend. He was kind enough to ask what my needs where for Sunday. I said “ I have to get my hands on a new camera, I know what I want I am just not sure where to find it. I also need a ride to Boulder.”  What fun that guy is, while I was in the shower he found out where best to pick up the camera on the way to dropping me in Boulder.

Dang…I am running out of time…still gotta pack and clean Shawna’s barn.

It’s 950am here in Boulder, I have to be at the Thai visa place at 1130am.  I am still in the process of talking to China Air about my flight out tomorrow at 7am.

Here to there

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Can you even begin to believe the date?

I know, I go on and on about time and its speed but my goodness! Wednesday it is. Saturday hopping a plane I am.

Ninety-one days in this paradise! Yes, I will have over stayed my immigration stamp for 24 hours. Wonder what the penalty is. I am keeping my fingers crossed it’s about 20 bucks, we shall see I s’pose.

I keep thinking my schedule is a bit manic from Sat to Tues. It looks much like this.

Board a plane here Saturday 1pm a connection in Houston landing in Denver 730p. Super shuttle to Boulder County, have a chat with friends and be in bed by…say 10

Sunday, I have to camera shop (dang silly camera died), attend a memorial service in Longmont and sort though my stuff I am going to Thailand lighter than ever. Three changes of clothes (one on me) one pair of shoes (on me), a camera and my pillow. Yes, I travel with a pillow. How am I to keep my rosy disposition deprived of a good nights sleep?

Monday, I have to get my person to Denver for a tourist visa. One must not expect China Airlines to allow me to hitch a ride to Thailand without the proper papers.

Tuesday I board a plane in Denver with connections in LA and Taiwan landing in Bangkok two days later. International date line will do that.

It all seems a bit mad but if you remember last year at this time I was from here to LA with a connection in Atlanta. Then three days later LA with a connection in Chicago to Dublin. Yeah, ok I was about dead by the time bused it to Galway and lost a whole day. Have no idea what happened to Sat that year.

Ahhh but this boat I will not be in alone this time. Mom has decided she would like to experience my form of travel. Yes, folks…mom is going to be on my plane out of LA to Bangkok. She has decided to wandered the Kingdom with me for the first three weeks.

I am fair excited about it. The road trip from Colorado to Virginia and back last year found us lost, found giggling and laughing in both directions. Thailand with mom should be a hoot!

I am currently back at the Dolphin house in Sandy Bay..the owner asked me to play door person for a bit if a demanding kitty for a few days. They went to what is considered here “Costco”. One must either hop a plane or ferry to get there. These people took the ferry over and will return tomorrow by plane tomorrow evening.

I have been invited out for dinner that night then I get to spend Thursday night, Friday and a few hours of Sat on the most beautiful West Bay Beach. Whoo-hoo!

This time next week I will be on a plane soon to land in Bangkok. Dang, I think it was close to four years ago I started thinking about Thailand.

Good Kitties

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I said Goodbye to Bob Marley sometime last week. I do enjoy their company and the house. Might have a visit back with them in Oct this year.

I have had over a week off since last I was hanging about with gems and jewels.  Have been madly running through Georgette Hayer novels while lazing in a hammock occasionally watching the sea. One must always pay attention to the sea when one is it’s vicinity. The cats I am living with are on gecko patrol.

When not making sure the sea has not been stolen I have been out with friends in dive boats to snorkel, popped by another friend’s house to watch the local dolphin show or yesterday went for a snorkel in West Bay…we saw all manner of fish and coral along with squid. Yes, three of them…they are funny little dudes. While snorkeling in Half Moon Bay, we saw an eel on the sea floor who looks much like a spotted snake , a herd, (yes! Herd of lobster) and fishes of many colors.

Indeed, many a beast there are here abouts. Just the other morning while removing myself from the shower I noticed an iguana lounging at the crown of the mirror. Wrapping a towel firmly around me,  I inched a bit closer. His two foot body  was draped across the mirror in such a way I could only see two feet, his head between,  with the visible part of his tail a in small curl across the mirror.  While peering at him, I did not see so much as a shift of  an eye or a twitch of  the tail. Is he  alive or part of the decor I had missed in previous visits to the bathroom? I stepped back and left the room thinking if he was in the same spot when I returned from the store, perhaps he had always been there. Though, I do not think myself quite so dense as to have missed his-self on the mirror.

I was given a request for “snicker-doodles”. In need of real butter and a bit more sugar to pull off the cookies from my childhood, I was off to Warrens in Coxen Hole,  not giving thought to the beastie on the mirror. By the by, he had not moved an iota between the time I noticed him and my being dressed for a butter run.

I thankfully have become quite proficient at driving here. One never knows what one is going to come upon, children, dogs, horses, cows, bikes, drunks, cats, lizards, snakes, cars, buses or minivans smack in the middle of the road, moving or not. Blind corners, dips and curves be damned….one does not at any cost drive fast nor does one take their eye from the road for even a moment.

A bit of a Sunday drive later I find myself “in town”. Thinking about all manner of the listed above added with congestion and one way streets is a bit dangerous. Thank goodness town is only two streets. The madness of third world countries is a bit overwhelming at times.

I arrived back at the house dropping my groceries in the kitchen on my way to the bathroom.  Mr. Iguana had not moved but it seemed to me his tail had shifted slightly more out of sight. Could the breeze from the window have moved his tail?

The next morning he was gone. Guess he was alive. I still wonder how he managed to get in the house.

Yesterday while starting another novel I heard a bit of a commotion in the back bedroom. I know the cats had found something but was unsure if it was the rat I had seen two days ago or something else.  I listen to padded feet running this way and that mixed with the tick tick tick of clawed feet.

When I  heard something hit the wall and decided to have a peek, the cats had Mr. Iguana cornered under the bed. Those of you who know me, know I am not about to take a toy away from a cat.

I found Mr. Iguana dead in  the bathroom yesterday afternoon. I found the rat the next morning, also dead.


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