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Six years of adventure with pics to prove it.

Perfect Day

Filed under: Day to Day — she_travels at 7:00 am on Thursday, June 29, 2006

The chick friend I ride with has a green horse she wanted to take to a clinic. The horse had not cantered much so I volunteered to ride the yellow gelding we bought together about 12 years ago. He has always been a sweet easy sorted boy to ride, even at age three when he came to live with us.

We were out for just over an hour. I think some times I forget how much I like a thing, I get so caught up in all my stuff.

We had a good time. The horses were well behaved and the weather was perfect.

Later that afternoon a friend I had not seen in about 15 years showed up. We enjoyed a nice long chat catching up about each others lives.

It was a good day.


Filed under: Inspiration — she_travels at 4:05 pm on Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The neighbor across the street caught me on my way out to pick up Madi (a black lab) this morning. He was concerned in a playful way that I have not as yet left town. I told him much what I have been telling other s who ask, “Not, yet still working on the logistics of it all.” 

We chatted a bit bout the wheres of my going.

We chatted a bit about the what to pack. I realized as much as I want to take my laptop I really don’t want to be hauling it about the world. Maybe a combination of internet cafes and a hand held tape recorder will help me remember all the interesting things about to happen to me.

The last thing my neighbor said was “I hear a book in the works.”

I confessed I have been thinking about writing a book for some amount of time.

I am so very lucky in that I have the most delightful neighbors.

Another Step Taken

Filed under: Inspiration — she_travels at 8:47 am on Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Thirteen years of riding about in the mountains of Colorado. Thirteen grand years of an amazing relationship with the coolest horse on the planet.

I often tell my clients, “Ya can’t live your life around your pets.”

Last Tuesday morning I loaded up the trailer, drove seven hours and dropped both my horses off at my parent’s place. They will retired on 80 acres of creeks, ditches, ponds and hay fields dotted with Cottonwood and Russian olive. So, the horses have a new home, for how long is hard to say.

I have been telling friends, “Not all the details are set yet.” The only thing I really know is I am going to pack up all my toys and travel for an undetermined amount of time.

I am still not convinced I have enough money. I may work in the states three to six months a year and travel internationally the rest of the year. Its hard to know how things will work out money wise until one tries. My money may last years with the work exchange and house sitting programs.

When I started the process of deciding if I could and when I would quit my job I picked the end of August or first part of September as a time frame to make a deadline on the when of it. I have two more months to make a choice on when my first destination is and where.

Now the part I have always thought would be the toughest. I have had some of my clients for twelve years and most of the others for eight. Ninety-nine percent of my business is repeat customers. I have to find a way to tell them about my adventure.

A Notion

Filed under: Inspiration — she_travels at 12:58 pm on Sunday, June 25, 2006

I wondered, while attempting to fall asleep last night, would it be possible to simply offer ones free hands to any task in any country and be offered sleeping space and a meal.

Would it be possible to drop into Indonesia. Walk along the villages, offer someone in need help and be allowed to be part of the family for an amount of time?

That would be a experience worth writing about.

The Boys

Filed under: Inspiration — she_travels at 9:28 am on Saturday, June 24, 2006

At the wise age of four while attending Peter Piper Nursery school I became enchanted by a horse living behind the school. Mom doesn’t know all the details, what she does remember is the phone rang one day. The superintendent of Peter Piper was asking her permission for me to ride her daughters’ horse. Mom said yes and my riding lessons began.

The horse was a huge dark bay thoroughbred by the name of Candy. The owner was Bunny or it is possible I have the names reversed. Mom would tell you I spent an hour a week with Candy and Bunny for the next five years. The two memories I have of those days were. Leaning over to pick up Candy’s hooves for cleaning and riding on a lunge line in the rain.

I have vague memories of rent-a-ride horses over the next several years. I also remember lessons, something about a paint who wanted to go back to the barn and I didn’t have the strength to stop her. I think I was about seven then.

The year I was twelve mom started dating a guy who had horses. That summer I could be found riding Lady bareback all over the mountains of Breckenridge, Colorado.

The next summer Mom and Mosher were married in June, I got a horse in August. A horse I bought with money I earned working as a bus-person at bars and selling popcorn and candy at the theater. Whew, that mare lived a long happy life. Five years with me riding none stop and the rest of her life chasing cows on occasion with my step sister’s kids. It was a sad day when she died at age thirty-three.

I didn’t have a horse of my own to ride for about nine years between graduating from high school and a year into living in Boulder. I did have horses to ride just not one of my own.

The horses who create a challenge now have been with me for some time. The Gray (I never did name him) has been with me for thirteen years. Storm (the thoroughbred) has been part of the family for about eight. I am unsure if I have it in me to be with out them. For much of my life horses have been the balancing factor.

Would it be possible…

Filed under: Inspiration — she_travels at 2:42 pm on Friday, June 23, 2006

“Would it be possible to quit working and travel the world.”
In February I started doing some research. I found many a web site offering work exchange programs, house sitting opportunities, and farm stays, not to mention hostels the world over. I clicked through web sites about “round-the -world” travel.

Several weeks of research later it dawned on me. I could do this. I could shift my world in such a way that I didn’t have to work as much and at the same time I could meet new people in new places and learn about new cultures.

Inspiration, don’t ya love it!

Now…the set backs:
What am I going to do with my horses?
Do I have it in me to leave my client’s?
Will there be enough money?

Can I truly do this.