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Six years of adventure with pics to prove it.


Filed under: Inspiration — she_travels at 7:16 am on Monday, July 24, 2006

Several days ago a client brought her dog to me. Jessie is a huge, wild, rather intense sorta ball fetching German Shepard. The thing I love about Jessie is when you speak to her she pays attention, she doesn’t always do what you ask straight away but there is no doubt she is considering what you said.

Jessie’s Mom mentioned she was craving Chinese food and had stopped to pick some up, while she was ordering she thought perhaps I would like some lunch as well. She offered me broccoli chicken or some thing I don’t remember the name of but sounded good. 

Jessie’s Mom sorted out the entree, soup and a fortune cookie gave it all to me along with her Jessie dog and was off for 10-12 days at the beach in Virginia.

I plopped the food on the kitchen counter before introducing Jessie to the various canine friends staying with me. Bella, a golden retriever, was fairly taken with her so they started a game of tag.

The chicken was crunchy, sweet with a hint of hot. Very yummy. What a delight to have a client bring me lunch.

I did not find or open the fortune cookie until hours later. It said

You will make change for the better.

The giggle worthy part… I didn’t  buy the food, I didn’t pick the cookie that would be mine. The universe truly brought that cookie to me.

On a side note ~

My ISP is giving me hassles again. I uninstalled, reinstalled, checked all the things the help says to and nothing worked. I tried the other laptop with Mom’s Juno and it was not working either. I installed my ISP in that computer and still nothing. I called to see how Shawna felt about my plugging my computer into her phone line thinking maybe its my phone. Chatted with Brian, did what he suggested, call the ISP. It took no less than 2 hours to get through. Just over 45 minutes the guy decided it was taking to long and gave up. I went to bed convinced somehow the phone line is acting wacky.

I got up this morning, hit the connect and walked off. When I came back from letting the dogs out I didn’t hear the modem trying noise. Peering around the corner of the office wall I found the computer had connected. What the heck?

Fairy Tales

Filed under: Inspiration — she_travels at 5:17 pm on Friday, July 21, 2006

Last week I placed at advisement with one of the house sitting sites. Thirty-two dollars a year and your ad is searchable for anyone looking for a house sitter.

I sent notes to two home owners and received the an “I am reviewing all applicants and will get back to you” email. I was pleased to get a response at all.

Over the last several days I have been revising my ad and employing a bit more thought to the notes I send. I have decided one must try very hard to personalize the note, perhaps that will make mine stand out a bit more.

I was contacted last night by some one who found my ad. They are from the UK and have moved to just out side of Sydney. He said he was in the very beginning stages of using the search service and saw my ad. He sent me several questions I answered, tossed the mail back and was pleased to see another mail not moments later. I think there were four mails on all. He said when he decided when is leaving he will get back to me.

The third ad I replied to was for a magical mud brick house by the sea with a kind terrier. You can imagine I was enchanted. A matter of hours later I was responding to her response. Tasmania, the house is in Tasmania.

Connection Catastrophe!

Filed under: Day to Day — she_travels at 1:53 pm on Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Whew! What a few days I have had.

My ISP went south, then when I borrowed a friend’s computer to check my mail that system was down as well. Two days, five calls to the ISP and three disks later I finally have the thing working again.

It’s amazing how much I depend on the web to answer all my questions. If you need a thing or an answer…poof there it is at your finger tips. Slight addiction I am thinking!

I have not heard from my friend in Saudi, hope he is in Cyprus and well.

On the sale of things front, Mom and I when through the kitchen to decide what we could not give up and what we would. She is going to take my truck to replace the one they have had for over 20 years.

I may talk to Star about property management if Barb decides not to rent the house.

I think a made a good contact in New Zealand. He has a house sitter service which matches sitters to houses. I think it will be a excellent way to start building an international clientele. That with the House Carers site I think will set me up.

New Zealand offers a nine month tourist permit to those that qualify. They allow ya to stay nine out of eighteen months. I am unsure how many times you can go back but it seems an idea to stay nine months, find some thing else to do for nine months and go back.

Sure, looks like we are shaping up to an adventure! WooHoo!!

Lack Understanding

Filed under: Day to Day — she_travels at 7:01 pm on Saturday, July 15, 2006

For the past several days I have been talking to a new friend online. We started with fun little word games and days later I found out his basic information.

He is living and working in Saudi Arabia, has a passport from Ireland and grew up in Africa. He travels the world looking for the very best of dive spots. He is not only enjoyable to speak with but seems to have vast knowledge on many topics.

He tossed me a note today while I was looking for some information for my visiting mother.

He said “Things in this part of the world have gone pear-shaped.”

I asked, “What does that mean?”

He said the war is it escalating with air strikes and the like. He was suppose to evacuate to Beirut but choose not to die there. He went on to say his company is trying to get everyone to Cyprus between now and Wednesday.

There are days I just don’t understand the world I live in.


Filed under: Research — she_travels at 10:14 am on Friday, July 14, 2006

I found a company in New Zealand that charges homeowners a daily rate for a house sitter. It seemed to me there *might* be a possibility of making a small amount of cash to off set my expenses. 

No matter the above deal is still better than the Aussie site I found for house sitters, those guys charge in the $100 for an ad listing.

Wacky huh?

I made a huge decision the other day. I paid the yearly fee for a house sitting site. I tossed a guy on the sunshine coast a note. He is looking for a house sitter for just over a month starting in April. I have not heard back but its ok, I have all kinds of time.

Gear Concerns

Filed under: Preparation — she_travels at 10:52 am on Wednesday, July 12, 2006

In addition to an electronic solution to journaling, insurance and the basic woes of organizing the logistics of this undertaking there is gear on my mind.

I want to travel very light. I would like to have a backpack of a size that I can wear all day so at any given time I can make a choice on where to go.

With this is mind, a single pair of shoes seems a grand idea. I have seen some fairly sturdy sandals and a few pairs of all terrain, water proof, light weight shoes. The problem with real shoes is socks are a must. Yet another thing (s) to pack. I have myself a bit of a dilemma.

In my head I don’t have a lot to pack. I have not yet had a chance to get my hands on any packs so I am unsure of what size truly is.

The list looks something like this:

Shoes on my feet ~ Sandals in the pack
Clothes on my body ~ one extra set
Hat on my head
Electronics ~ paper/pen, international plugs

Toiletries including ~ TP, first aid kit, clothes line, Earplugs, Hand wash lotion, sewing kit,

Sleep sheet
Freezer Bags

This list will invlove over the next several months.


Filed under: Inspiration — she_travels at 3:29 pm on Monday, July 10, 2006

I have been searching for a solution to my journaling boggle. When I was in Honduras last year I took my lap top, this way I could down load my pics and keep a journal, not to mention watch movies and listen to music. I do love my laptop.

This trip, if that’s the best thing to call it, is not going to blend well with a laptop. I posted my needs to Lonely Planets, Thorn Tree. Those folks are suggesting a PDA with a foldable keyboard for the journal along with CDs to load the pics to.

One of these days when I am not swamped with work I am going to pop on down to my local “We have every electronic device known to man” store and see what we come up with.

The other bit of business running about in my head is Health insurance. I have been with my insurance company for about 15 years. Ya just really hate to give up that kind of relationship. Sadly, they don’t do international anything. It was suggested I talk to Blue Cross, someone was under the impression they do both national and international. I called they said no.

Several travel web sites recommend Nomad Travel Insurance. The boggle there is if and when I come back to the states I have to go thru the acceptance process of a company here.

Goodness the more ya think about bailing to travel for an undetermined amount of time the more you realize why very few people do it. The list of things ya gotta deal with is growing by the minute. Not to mention the money aspect.

The thing one has to keep in their head is

Everything always works out. Not to worry”

The above has become my mantra.

First Stop?

Filed under: Research — she_travels at 1:54 pm on Saturday, July 8, 2006

I have been busy researching my options. I think I have landed on two options. If I manage to rent the house and get sorted by the middle of January or the first part of February I am going to Bangkok. If things don’t pan out until June I will go to Oregon than leave the county in the fall. I have not as yet decided where in the fall. Perhaps Bangkok. I found a one way ticket online for $472 arriving LA for Bangkok at 1am. The more I research South East Asia the more I think it’s a grand place to start. It has everything you could ask for cheap and visas to surrounding countries are easy to get there.

I keep thinking:

New Zealand
Then some how get back up to China to see it and Tibet. Maybe hit Nepal.
Then scoot on over to Europe.

Most of the research I have been doing is for Thailand and China.