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Six years of adventure with pics to prove it.

Slight Plan Change

Filed under: Day to Day — she_travels at 11:06 am on Sunday, August 20, 2006

I now have several tickets. Roatan for three months, San Diego for a few days before leaving for Dublin. I decided the weather in Bangkok would not be to my liking in May/June. I am going to start from the other direction. Ireland 1st. I may even end up with a theme for this adventure. Once upon a time Mom gave me a book called “1000 Places You Should See Before You Die”. Theme ya think?

I started telling clients my deadline last week. Its going to be hard on all of us. I have had many a month to get used to the idea.

Mom and I moved some stuff out last week and will continue to do so with the stuff I want to keep.

I still have not found a bank I am happy with nor have I an answer about insurance. Silly Kaiser can’t seem to answer any of my q’s.

The job is a bit easier Mom went home two days ago.

Paid off the car so if I decide to sell it I can.

The weather cooled off.

All in all things are going well.


Filed under: Day to Day — she_travels at 12:34 pm on Friday, August 11, 2006

Mom and I have been having conversations about when it would be comfortable for me to get out of town. We think all the stuff on the house plus moving plus renting can all be done by the 1st of Feb so I am bailing Feb 3, being the first Saturday available for direct flights from the US to Roatan.

I found what I thought was a super rate from Denver through Atlanta to Roatan coming back through Atlanta to end up in LA. Great price so I bought it. What this means is I have a time limit for bailing out of the county. Feb 3 to Roatan and arriving in LA on April 28. There it is in black and white. Deadline.

I will hang with “The Boys” (friends from my last visit to Roatan, who live in LA/moving to San Diego) for a spell in California before I hop on a plane to Bangkok. That is where the real adventure begins.

I tossed The Boys a note telling them when I would be in LA. I tossed a mail to Foster’s people letting them know I found a place to live but if they would like my help over Spring Break and Easter I would be willing.

On another note ~

The job of late has been just this side of hell. Man! Has it been tough. Thank goodness Mom was able to come down. I would have been able but it would have sucked even more than it did. I keep thinking if I can just get to Monday it will all be much better.

I was telling Mom this morning I think the only reason I can deal at this point is cause I know I am leaving. It’s nice to know one is making the correct choice. There is no waffling about the leaving ..there will be no waffling about the leaving, it is all kinds of time to be done. Ten/thirteen years of this kind of pace is enough to make anyone want out.

I talked to Kaiser today. Would you believe they have ZERO documentation on just what they cover outside the US. Crazy huh? All the chick would tell me was emergencies are covered the world over.  I asked about a time limit but she was so busy repeating emergency that I don’t think she answered my q. She is going to send me an explanation of policy, what ever that is, once I read it I can call back with other questions. I think I have decided to continue to pay Kasier and get some evacuation insurance from NoMads.

I still have to talk to a lawyer about power of attorney and will/trust stuff.

Mom and I have been going through stuff off and on. We are making a pile to either put on Craig’s List or we may be able to get one of the people from the Flea Market to pop by.

We are getting closer.

Silly System

Filed under: Day to Day — she_travels at 11:07 am on Monday, August 7, 2006

My isp has been on again, off again. I called ISP support several times, the last guy I talked to flat gave up. I talked to the phone company, she said if you can speak clearly in the phone the dial up should work. I talked to the Toshiba people and they said $35 bucks please, with no guarantee it would be fixed. I finally decided to take the computer to Shawna’s house to see if it would work with her phone line, it did. I had to feed the Hutton’s horses so I took the time to check the computer with their phone line, it worked. I brought the computer back here tired again, nothing. Took it outside to see if the connection was working to the house, nothing.

Then,  low and behold,  the next day~ Yesterday~ the thing was working grand again. Next time I will call the phone company, I have more info now, perhaps they will understand it is there line. At least I think it is.

On to other things.

I have decided to go to Roatan first. Hang about for 2-3 three months, Soak up the sun, walk the whole of the island, hang about with Foster’s people, read and get some much needed sleep. I might see if the people at the hydroponics garden need help. There is also a lady raising Arabs some where. Might drop in to see what’s the what there.

With that in mind I have been looking for an place affordable to rent monthly. There is a small unit on the beach between West End and West Bay. It belongs to the people from Montana. Cute little place $600 a month. Lizard’s Thicket has delightful looking studios for $450 a month, they are located 5 miles east of French Harbor. The place I have been talking with the most is in French Harbor, $215 a month plus water and Elec. She said it may come out to about 245. Great price. The last is a friend of Mom’s who has a house with a lower unit in Lawsons Rock. I will wait a bit to see if she gets back to me. If that doesn’t pan out I think I will go with the French Harbor place.

Mom came down to help with the job. It just go to hard with the dogs here (11) plus the three barns. Sure makes my life easier not to have to worry as much about the dogs I leave at the house.

I need to call Debbie at Roatan Charters to see what kind of a deal on a plane ticket she can make me from where.