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Well Pickles!

Filed under: Preparation — she_travels at 11:03 am on Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I was all set to spend oodles of time in Europe learning wine making, from planting the vine to labeling the bottle, same with olive oil and many other things. Silly me, I was remiss in my research, one can only stay in some countries of Europe 90 out of 180 days.

Ireland, UK, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Turkey are not part that group. If one tried hard they may be able to work out some thing. I mean 90 days is a long time and its not a cheap place Europe. I will have to make a list of the places I can’t miss.

I saw mention of a place called Milford Track in New Zealand. It’s three days of hiking through the hills of the south island. They have huts kinda like B&Bs. Sounds all kinds of fun.

Being I am going to Ireland first I was searching for some thing like the Milford Track. They have a vast system of “Way Tracks” where you can walk for days from town to town staying at hostels or B&Bs. The system covers Ireland and the UK. There is a track traveling from Kerry in Ireland across Europe to Turkey.

I would like to walk many of the tracks in Ireland and the UK. Maybe decide to do parts of the others. What a grand way to see new places.

Everyone says you should take extra passport photos. I was surprised by the price, they are so expensive.

We are still sorting and selling. I am so very overwhelmed by the whole idea. Mom suggested we make a list of things for sale and post it at the flea market. Perhaps some interest will show.