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Holy buckets!

Filed under: Inspiration — she_travels at 12:36 pm on Friday, October 27, 2006

It’s been forever and a day since I updated this. Stuff starting happening very fast.

I have several ads on Craig’s List offering my furniture for sale. I did pretty well selling my plants. Mom took a load of stuff  she wants to keep. I was slightly un-nerved when I came home from morning chores and all the art was off the walls. The quilts are off my bedroom walls, the house echoes and feels a bit colder.

I can’t remember when I started telling clients but they all know now. It took me three months to design the card I was sending then it took 3 days to make 52 cards. I think I missed a couple people and I want to send one to my father to let him know what I am doing.

An old friend from Alpine surfaced the other day. We had a long chat and might get together to visit with a friend of hers who may be willing to rent my house and perhaps care of some of my client’s horses. We also made tentative plans to see some of the Stock Show with another friend of ours from WY. It’s like a mini Alpine reunion. None if us have worked for the place in over 10 years.

Mom’s car was totaled by the insurance company so she is going to buy mine. Talk about working out. Woohoo.

The City still has not decided what kind of payment plans they are going to offer to the residences of the neighborhood for the paving project over 40% of us voted no on. Its all driving me a bit mad.

The bank I found offering no ATM fees world wide and absorbing the currency exchange fees finally got off their hinnies to send me the contact. I sent my contact person a email telling him the contract didn’t reflect what we had discussed. It took him over a week to let me know he has changed it and will send me another one. I am so glad I got started with the process in May. It took me four months to find a bank offering what I wanted now its been another three to get to the contact stage. Shezz!

I have been all kinds of waffling about my health insurance I think I finally decided to not worry and continue to pay Kaiser. During the next year depending on what happens I will review the options.

On to Gear! Woohooo!

I ordered three pairs of Fisherman pants. I love these things cause they are light weight and fast drying. I have a pair of long underwear I can put under them if it gets cold and I will have rain gear of some kind if I need another layer.

I bought some trail/gortex/padded socks I just love. The reviews were amazing! I will take three pairs of those with me. When not wearing socks I will wear Tevas or something similar.

I have had two pairs of light weight, gortex, breathable, water proof, hiking shoes in the house neither one fit well enough not to hurt my feet. I think it’s time to see a professional about foot size.

I have been researching backpacks for months. I tried on several packs at various stores but the best deal on any of them was online. Free shipping both ways. Can’t beat that! I decided to order a 40Liter put all my stuff in it and see what I think. I can upgrade to the 49L+ 20L if the 1st one is to small. The pack may even be here today.

The airlines changed the liquid rules again so I may be able to go just carry-on. You can now take 3oz bottles of liquid that all fit in a quart size bag. I bought some 3oz bottles and have shampoo, face soap, face lotion and anti itch gel in four of them. They fit well in the bag with a bit more room. I am hoping to squish in sun screen and deodorant. And some camp soap that washes cloths well. I took some with me last year to Roatan. I may have to buy sunscreen. Big bummer I like that “No Ad” stuff.