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Excited? Delighted? Elated? OH MY!

Filed under: Inspiration — she_travels at 10:39 am on Friday, January 26, 2007

Yeah, sure enough I have been experiencing fleeting tickles at the edges of my gray matter could it possibility be I am at the beginning of anticipation. Holy buckets, full blown elation can’t be far off. *giggles* Three months in the Caribbean is enough to thrill anyone but this is a major life change we are talking about. Less work, more play – for years. Shezz, it’s kinda hard to wrap your brain around. Maybe that’s the reason it took me so long to get to this stage.

All the stuff listed in several blog entries so I will not bore you with those again. Lets just say we are down to the last few things needing to be taken care of then I am leavin on a jet plane.

I finally started interviewing property management people. I think my choice is going to come down to speed of response, accessibility and advertising method. Phoenix is the current front runner. I may call them tomorrow, sign the contact and ask when they will start showing the place. I am not looking forward to prospective tennants coming by for  a showing. Could be interesting around here for a couple weeks. I would be very excited if they manage to rent the place the 1st of Feb.

Snow again today, I think in the end there were about 5″. Hard to say I swept the walk three times.

I have a client who wants to go to Arizona the week of July 4th so I will be back the 25-ish of June. Woohoo

I am attempting to find a way to keep my phone number and only use/pay for it while I am in town. I will keep ya posted on that front. Other wise the best way to find me is the email address.

Did I mention I am leaving on a jet plane Feb 3rd. Holy hannah, all of 8 days from today.

The Blog, The Blog

Filed under: Day to Day,Preparation — she_travels at 5:07 pm on Friday, January 12, 2007

Savana’s mom suggested I update the blog. Silly me, I didn’t realize it had been since October something or other. Busy person am I.

I am looking forward to having all the logistical stuff done so I can think about the next bit. The “next bit” would be the fun stuff, hanging out on a Caribbean beach chatting with the locals and tourists, going for twice daily walks, and the bit you guys are waiting for ~ updating The Blog.

Logistical stuff ~ Bank, Insurance, Property Management, 

I finally got the bank in Oklahoma, the one with “totally free ATMs worldwide” to acknowledge my existence. I was not getting the response I wanted after months of trying, so I called asking to speak with someone other than the guy I had been dealing with. Crazy thing, I told the new person who I am, what I wanted and by golly it didn’t take her 24 hours to have the paper work in my hand. I followed all the instructions, express mailed it back and poof! I have a bank account in Oklahoma with FREE ATM fees. Now why did the dude I have been talking with since September or so never get it done? Who knows!

The auto insurance is another one of those things ya just as soon ignore. Sadly that would continue to cost me money so after having several conversations about options I made a choice, called them to find out what they had been telling me for months was not in the least correct. Get this, if I own a car, park it and insure it the yearly price is 43.14. If I do not own a car and want to continue my preferred status the yearly price is 168. 42. Does that make any kind of since to anyone? The agent told me, once upon a time,  the auto policy could be suspended so a person could still have preferred status when they return from where ever. The State of Colorado decided that was taking revenue from other insurances companies. No more suspension of policy. The agent said preferred status has several criteria, one was the amount of time a person was with a company but that no longer has a bearing. In the end I decided to cancel my auto insurance. The question became.. “What about rental insurance on my house?” I was flat floored when she replied “There is a $9 increase between the corrent policy you have on the house and a rental policy.

There are so many things in this world I don’t understand but I tell ya after that conversation I just accepted she knew what she was doing, thanked her and hung up.

I have been talking to a property management company. I need to get my head wrapped around having possible renters wander through the house but I can’t seem to get myself to make the dang call. Perhaps I can get it together next week. I have to get a guy in here to replace the fan in the bath room and fix the down spout on the back. The house is cleaner today that it was yesterday but being there is so little here the house will not show as well as it would have. Oh well, at some point ya just gotta get stuff done.

We decided to put Mom’s name on everything, real estate and bank accounts. That way if my plane goes down in the Red Sea there is no confusion as to who owns what. We still have to sign and notarize the paper work but it should be all kinds of easy. Quit Claim deeds, gotta love em.

My laptop is in the shop so I have been forced into experimenting with the Q1 (7” screen with key board). Good thing to, cause there has been a slight learning curve to transferring files (photos, text) from the Q1 to the thumb drive to then upload with a third computer. If this seems another language to you I understand, not only have I been researching countries, visas, transport, things to see and hostels, I have also been learning about the best way to keep ones identity safe while using internet cafes. Not to mention it’s a very good idea not to flaunt ones new miniature computer.

A quick lesson, USB thumb drive is a new storage device, it is smaller than a lighter. I am moving text flies and photos to the tiny drive, taking it down to Heidi’s house and loading them from her computer to the internet. Why you ask? Cause I only have dial up at my house, the Q1 is not dial up compatible only wireless. So, I have no way to get online from the house. I was taking the Q1 to Shawna’s place cause she has wireless but her drive way is a mess with all the snow we have had.

By the by the speed at which technology is changing is enough to freak out anyone.

Speaking of snow¦my pictures are on the computer in the shop. I hope to get one in the blog with a comparison picture of the island at some point. The laptop is not going to be back for about ten days. Silly, me I should have saved everything before I took it in but I didn’t understand how long the thing would be gone.

I am running out of time here, have to go feed a client’s horses.

I s’pose the biggest news is I have decided to come back, for an amount of time anyway.

Several of my client’s have been suggesting I change my mind or come up with another solution. Before Christmas all I could think about was not having the pressure of the job on me, I was so ready to be done. I have trouble during Christmas thinking of anything but what is next. I get tunnel vision,  I can only deal with what is right in front of me. The weather (huge snow) this season sure didn’t help any.

Long about the 3rd of January my gray matter kicked in again. It occurred to me I may be able to come up with a solution for my wander lust and my client’s needs. I rolled it around in my head for a few days and decided it may be possible to come back for several months a year. I would love to be in Colorado for September and October but those are not the best times for client’s. I came to the conclusion part of summer break and winter holiday would be the best way to serve my clients.  I will be back for July and August then again for November, December and part of January 2008. I have wiggle room on both ends of these dates. One of my clients has asked me to come back October 20th, I will get a bit of October this year.Leaving was never about my not loving the job and my clients, it was always about my needing a break from the 24/7 aspect and a desire to see the world. If this all works out to the best possible end I can travel and serve my client’s best interest. Cool huh?

Alrighty, off to feed some horses and see if I can upload this to the web from Heidi’s computer.