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Six years of adventure with pics to prove it.

More Pictures

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All of these are of the small village of West End. Hmm now ya gotta wonder what the difference is between a village and a town.. Where one is in the world perhaps. 

This was taken from one of the two buildings on the water. I am standing three levels up from the water on a bar deck. I think perhaps every third building is a bar. We are looking toward the road in West End.

This is one side of the street in West End.

This is the the other side of the street. I turned to my left not even two steps and this is what I see. Most of West End is shops, restaurants, dive shops, there is a theater..of sorts on one side of the sand road and the Caribbean in the other side.

On Sunday many of the locals come to play at the beach. This is not the beautiful white sand beach of West Bay but it is a good place to cool off.

I over heard a guy at Luna Beach, one of the many resorts here abouts, talking about the sail boat population not being  high as yet. He mentioned the space between the beach and the reef being full of them March of last year. I have not as yet found out why. Will keep you posted.

This Rottie decided it was far to hot out not to have a nice dip. I am telling you I stood there for a good few minutes while he meditated on which fish to catch or what ever was in his head. I didn’t hear his ower call but he must have cause the dog bounded out of the water and down the beach like he owned the place.

I have more pics I took today in the camera. They are of my morning walk. I have a choice on which way to get to West Bay. Along the beach takes 35 minutes, along the road takes me 1.5 hours. There are many a hill and dale in the road. The taxi drivers think me crazy to walk it. I found some beautiful flowers and ficus that created a tunnel. I have to adjust the size before uploading them.  

The only other bit of news I have is.. I got an email from the lady who lives down the street from my house…seems we have renters…woohoo!!

Power, internet, visas

Filed under: Roatan — she_travels at 6:49 pm on Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The internet connection on the island has been on again off again so I have not seen the last text entry of late. I did manage to get online long enough last night to see email. Thanks oodles to all of you reading the blog and sending email. I hope to reply to the mail today.  

 The power on the island is also on again off again. In a place as small as this, one is bound to hear rumors. Some involve murder and extortion, others are a bit more mundane, such as the power company, for some reason, doesn’t have enough money to buy fuel so the power is turned off from time to time. There doesn’t seen to be any rhyme or reason to the outages so its hard to know for sure what the what is.  

The weather of late has been a bit to overcast to get good pictures at the same time the weather has been glorious. I love the drama of weather. When it changes from clear skies with a temp of 90 and humidly of who knows what to huge dark rain threatening clouds and big wind taking the quiet lap, lap lap of the sea against the beach to monster waves crashing into the sand I just wanna sit quietly watching the power of nature with its rapid changes.  

There has been some discussion about the amount of time Americans are allowed to stay in Honduras with the stamp we get at the airport. I was under the impression we were allowed to stay 90 days. The guy next to me on the plane said he had been down for 10 weeks, when he left the immigration people were fairly upset he had over stayed his visa, yelled awhile and charged him a fee.  

To clear all this up the people staying next door and I popped over to Coxen Hole to find out the scoop. They are from New Orleans now living in Florida. She is originally from Honduras and met her husband in New Orleans 27 years ago. The good news her Spanish is very good so speaking to government officials would be a breeze for her.  

I found out three rather interesting things this trip into town. One the children here go to school in shifts. The 1st shift is from 6a to 12p. The second shift is from 12p to 6p. If one is in town anytime between 11 and 1 you will see many children all in uniforms of navy blue with white shirts coming and going from place to place.  

The 2nd thing I learned is all the government employees get lunch from 12p to 2p. If you don’t get your business done before 12 you have to wait until 2. Another factor here is things move so slow you have to wait in line. The banks are a perfect example, the lobbies are packed with a line of people continuing out the door and half way down the block.  Believe me you do not want to have to do business in a bank here.

The last thing I learned that day was: Sure you can get a 90 day visa at the airport when you get off the plane but the people at airport immigration are going to assume you are only staying less than 30 days so you have to take in upon yourself to make sure they understand you need a 90 visa if you are staying three months. The guy in town we talked to said I could take my passport to him 3 days before the 30 day visa expires and pay for the extra 60 days at a rate of $20US a month. Problem of over staying my visa fixed.  

A herd of ants decided it might be fun to see what is in my room this morning. Tiny nasty biting ants, YUK. I am off to see if the internet is working and get some tiny, nasty biting ant KILLER!

Pics, pics and more pics

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Alrighty, let’s see if I can get this to work.

Beach Walk

This is part of the beach I walk in the afternoon on the way back from West Bay. You can just see the white bridge over a little man made keyhole.

Beach Walk 2

This one is taken from the white bridge looking back the way I came. You can just make out the buildings of West End.

Foster Trees

Yes, it really does look like this. I sit under the tree practicing the art of doing nothing. I am not skilled as yet but time will tell.

Sunset flowers

This is what most of the unkept land looks like. Lots of grass with a vine and purple flower. Below is a close up of the flower. They are every where.


Pretty  huh?

Sunset Hill

This is from the top of the hill where I am staying at the moment. The blue in the back is the sea. Most of the houses here are either like the wood ones or made or of cement block like the white Villas in this pic. The Villas are time share or rentals. I am up the hill in a tiny place under a bridge. Things maybe looking up though, I may have a line on a house sitting gig, private pool by the sea here I come.

That’s all for now, its getting late and the internet cafe wants to close soon.

First Few days

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I can’t get online from here so I am writing this without having seen the last entry.

I have been on the island of Roatan since Feb third about 2pm. The flight was late and for the first time I can remember we circled the island waiting, for what the captain didn’t tell us. Those people sitting with me speculated since we were late some other plane beat us to our spot in the landing line up. Once landed we saw two continental planes plus a few smaller planes. Mind you this is a tiny airport.

Immigration and customs were a breeze though it did take some time. I was out the door and in the parking lot looking for anyone familiar before most people had their bags. I travel light, everything was carry on.

Not seeing anyone I knew I decided to walk up to the main village Coxen Hole (those on island call it “town”). It’s a dirty little place of a few streets with all the government buildings and a bus (mini van) system running to where I wanted to be, West End. The buses here are interesting in that there are no bus stops ya just flag them down from where ever you are. The catch is any bus you flag from the east end of the island will only take you east of Coxen Hole. Any bus you flag from the west end will only take you to places west of Coxen Hole therefore I walked to Coxen Hole to flag a bus to West End. Worked like a charm with all the locals laughing at the size of my bags. Little did they know I had just arrived and I was going to be away from my world for five months.

I hopped off the bus in West End and headed down the only street. A sand road with the Caribbean ocean on one side and shops on the other. It was fairly warm being I had just left subzero temps but there was a nice breeze. I was surprised at how quiet it was…not so much of anyone about. It was darn pleasant. So, I am strolling down the road hauling my packs like a beast of burden breathing in the sea air and wondering if the place where I am staying knows I am coming when I look up to see Ray Anthony.

Now then, some of you know the story from last year about Mr. Ray. He is one of Foster’s (Foster being the owner of the place I have been staying the past six years) boys and let me mention right now all of Foster’s boys are beautiful, wonderful big smiles, dimples and soothing voices with a quiet calm. Last year while I was down Ray and I spent long hours conversing on what ever topic appealed to us. Ya know the stories about people meeting for the first time yet they feel like they have met before, a old dear friend you sorta lost track of that has resurfaced, that is the feeling Ray and I had when we met. He called it kindred sprits, yes the guy has a bit of poet in him. Having never felt this before I didn’t have a label for it. He is truly a unique individual. He is not afraid to speak on the happenings in his head or his heart. He is honest and direct, something those people who know me know I value. I had not met Ray before last year because he had been living in Florida. Anyway, ya get the picture, Ray and I understand and respect each other.

I saw him, he saw me it took a minute to register with him and then his face lit up with a shimmer in his eyes and a smile, I am sure the ladies swoon to. Being who I am I said “Do I get a hug?” He replied with “That can be arranged.” I dropped my packs, he set down the battery he was carrying.

He warned me, “I am all sweaty”

As we shared a hug I said, “Like I care”

He released me “When did you get in?”

“Just now.”

“How long are you staying?”

“Three months.” I was rewarded with another smile. ” I want to hear all about your past year, when you not…

He finished my sentence “..right in the middle of some thing else.”

“Yeah that.” as I put my packs back on, gave him a wave and headed along the street.

There is something about him that makes me feel so at ease and comfortable.

I found the place I am to stay. There was some confusion about who I am and what I had arranged. It happens here a lot but no one gets cranky about it. They found me a room (not the one I am to stay in for three months but a temporary spot until the kitchen unit under the bridge is available.) I was surprised to see a flat screen TV in this room. Its very nice place but the musty order is a bit over whelming. I hope the place under the bridge doesn’t smell like this. I hope to move to the other place today some time.

I walked down to West Bay yesterday looking for Foster. I have some paper work he needs. He wasn’t around but Ray was. He suggested I pop buy the dock in West End where he will be that afternoon working on the engine for his boat. He was off and away.

I asked at the restaurant where Foster might be they suggested I look in the office. I didn’t find Foster but I did find Eric. Ray’s brother. He looked at me and said “Can I help you” I said “Yes indeed, I would like I hug” That was when he realized who I was and rewarded me with me with a hug. By the by – let me mention these guys do not in the least avoid physical contact. We chatted for a spell about him, me and my parents and how hard it is to locate his father on occasion. He mentioned he didn’t recognize me with the short hair and that I look a fair amount younger. Nice guy that Eric. Adorable too.

Crap I am running out of time. I have never seen the island from a boat and Gerry Lee (another of Ray’s brothers) is going up island with Ray to get parts for the engine they were playing with. I am to meet them at the dock very soon.


I lost a couple days with the nasty sinus congestion I brought down with me. I wasn’t feeling all that bad until we came back from getting engine parts.

I am not in any kind of a routine as yet. I am feeling better but am no where close to 100%. I am still congested and light headed from time to time.The trip up island was fast but interesting in that I got to see the island from a boat. There are several views that are just breath taking but I was not going to ask the boys to stop for pictures cause they were on a mission. That and it took two hours to get up there. Ray was running out of time to get back and have the engine dude install the parts.

I tried to get online from a different location this morning. No such luck.

I walked down to West bay this afternoon. I finally located Foster. We had a nice long chat about many things including the possibility of my working for him. He believes I would be good with his American guests. He gave me a ride back to West End on his scooter. When I jumped off he said “Breakfast tomorrow?”

I asked “What time?”

He said “8am in West Bay.”

I gave him a thumbs up as he zipped around me on his way to wherever he was going.

With a breakfast meeting tomorrow to talk about work I better be off to bed.

Honest guys, I will get to the pictures soon. The sun was not out for long enough today to get good images.

Many Emotions Abound

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Quick update for those of you following me.

I left my little house yesterday. I was so very sad about many things I think but the house was the trigger for the tears. I am so very much going to miss seeing my friends (the horses, dogs, kitties and their owners).

Several of my clients called (you know who you are) while I was driving. I was thankful for some one to talk with about the sadness of my leaving a job I love. At the same time I look forward to all the new adventures I will have over the next five months.

By the by it was a six hour drive through the nastiness if icy Highway 93 to the slushiness of The Tunnel, to the moonlit byways of Glenwood Canyon and the steepness of McClure Pass. I was so very glad the moon was out it was almost daylight. Truly beautiful reflecting off the snow.

Today I have been packing, repacking and taking care of the last minute stuff, a bit of banking and a post office run at 4:58p.

Tomorrow my parents and I fly from Montrose to DIA. Spend the night at the Red Roof Inn then I get on a plane at 6:05a bound for Roatan while my parents get to sleep a bit longer with a sensible departure time of 8a bound for Mexico.

To all of you I have had meals with the last week, THANKS oodles for the good food, good company and well wishes.

It’s 11:30 and I still have to repack my bag one more time.