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Six years of adventure with pics to prove it.


Filed under: Colorado — she_travels at 7:13 am on Saturday, June 30, 2007

Whew!! What a world wind week or so I have had. I am finally in a place to stay for more than a few days. Elsie, the German Sheppard I am living with, and I are going to have great fun playing in the hills and creeks.

Elsie’s mom has a lightening fast computer. I am hoping to get the last three weeks of Ireland posted to the blog  in the next day to two.

Cities, real Cities

Filed under: Ireland — she_travels at 10:55 am on Monday, June 18, 2007

I have been in and out of Dublin over the past few days. Several things have occurred to me to be a bit ..strange..then I realized I don’t spend any time in the cities of the states so how do I know from strange. Then I think I don’t believe this place is like the bits of Denver I have been in or the bites of Sacramento or…hmm think of another city I have been in. Perhaps I was never in what is called here “the city center”.

Anywho, masses and masses of people, I have pics I am not kidding, like the pics of Central Square ya see in the movies..Masses of people. I climbed on a er…monument of some sort this afternoon just to get a pic of all the people.

I walked out of a shop at 7:34 this morning and had to shop before stepping sidewalk cause I had to merge into the incoming mass of people.

People, cars, buses, trains and more people.

Whew!! I am so not a city gal.


Filed under: Ireland — she_travels at 9:21 am on Saturday, June 16, 2007

A quick evening in Killarney last night after arriving there on the tour bus. I know people the world over complain about the tourists in Killarney but I gotta tell ya the place has everything. In less than a 15 minute walk you can go from the city center to the country of the Killarney National Forest. I am here to tell ya GO SEE Killarney. The Gap of Dunloe boat trip alone is worth the price to get ther.

Cork by bus…there is a town along that road called Macroome…I wish I could have stayed to check it out..looked like my kinda place.

Cork is pretty much a city but I had to see at least one before leaving..it has masses of people going to and fro shopping and watching street theater.

I have a few tales to tell and pics to post but it may be a bit longer.


Filed under: Ireland — she_travels at 3:49 am on Thursday, June 14, 2007

I am in Cahersiveen. It’s one of the villages along a driving loop around the Iveragh Peninsula in County Kerry.  They call it “The Ring of Kerry”.

I have not see much of the ring as yet but I can already tell you it’s far more interesting than Dingle to me. I think if you are about history and such Dingle has a bit more of that. Though I think the people in Dingle are tired of tourists, they all seemed a bit crabby to me. Hard  to say cause there are s’pose to be more people seeing the Ring of Kerry than Dingle..I don’t feel it.

The computer  is having a hard time keeping up with my typing so I better bail.

Limited time

Filed under: Ireland — she_travels at 9:51 am on Monday, June 11, 2007

Sorry gang, I am back to the limited time and no way to upload pictures.

I do have a story or two..one being a delightful little tale about my being stuck in Tarbert after getting off the ferry with no bus and no place to stay. Not to worry a very nice lady offered me a lift to a town with a bus schedule then decided to offer me a bed, fed me and took me to the dog races.  I came out of the dog tack with more money than I went in with. Seems I called 3 out of 5 winners. I only bet on two. What fun!!

I am currently in Killarney had a boat trip through three lakes and a bit of a river  (some tight spots) to a place they let you out of the boat continuing the trip by  horse and cart 7 miles through a valley called Dunloe Gap. The day was not as fine as it has been the last 7 days but it didn’t pour rain either.

The lady at the desk is telling me she is turning the computers off in 3 minutes. She can do as she pleases, the internet is free here.

Gotta go

Last of the quiet days

Filed under: Endings,Ireland,Photos — she_travels at 1:25 am on Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The owners of this delightfully quiet country home will be arriving back from eleven days in New York very soon. I have enjoyed the peace this place offers along with several very sunny days. Today dawning one of them.

I would venture to say I will be on a bus bound for the south tomorrow morning. We will be back to the unknown of internet cafes and no pictures. The good news is I will be the states in less than twenty days so you will not be waiting long for the last of the Ireland pictures.

Hmm with the way I felt when I arrived in Dublin ya might want to give me an extra day or two to update the blog with images. Perhaps I will find a computer along the way with the correct software. Not to worry I will keep my eyes peeled.

Holy Hannah, I forgot any pics of this place. I will run out right now…

Edge of the house and the view to the direction the sun comes up. I would venture east cause I was always told the sun comes up in the east and sets in the west. But I was also under the impression the moon followed the sun and I can tell you it is not here..so what direction is that? I can’t tell ya.

The Poly-Tunnel garden. From what I understand the people here do this for several reasons. It’s to cold most of the time to grow like this does (it is still frosting in parts of Ireland), the water can be better regulated and I think the management of weeds is easier. It doesn’t matter  the temp or wind factor outside the inside is delightful.

Inside. I had no idea there were so many different types of lettuces. Very yummy indeed on my baked chicken sandwich. The tomatoes were not ready as yet but the plants sure look good.

View from the tunnel, ya can’t see this from the kitchen and office cause if the bushes blocking it. The house is just to the left of this pic.

The dogs are in the kennels having a bit of breakfast.

I am off  to pack for the next bit of this adventure.

Road to Dromahair

Filed under: Ireland,Photos,Walks — she_travels at 2:24 pm on Monday, June 4, 2007

Alrighty then, much later…after consulting my web host and learning a new thing. Image sub folders…gotta love not having to dig through all my images to find the ones I want. *smile*

Where were we… ahh yes….

Dromahair is the closest village to the house I am sitting.   Today, today dawned with nothing but blue in the sky. I am telling no lie, Ireland cloudless. I know, I know, it only lasted a few hours, but cloudless it was. It is still  partly cloudy as oppose to partly sunny. A perfect day for a walk.

I can see a hint of this sign from the upstairs bedroom. I followed the direction it suggested after waiting for a boy of about 10 push his cows down the road past me. Having spent enough time moving both cows and horses I knew better than to get in their path. I didn’t want the kid to loose control and get squished by the beasts. As I remember there were three pairs of moms and baby cows. Nice kid, when he passed me he said “Thank you”.

I had no idea they cut hay in this part of the world. I would have thought it far to wet. Note to self : ask someone who knows about such things in Ireland.

I am such a “see what is around the next corner” gal.  Ask anyone that has been out riding with me.

This was around the next corner.

See the red scarecrow in the garden?

Country cross roads just like John Denver sings about. I had been walking along this road for about 40 minutes.  See the sign in the back? It says Drumahair 6k. The same 6k from 40 minutes back. This, my friends, is only one of the reasons driving in Ireland is a bit confusing. If you have been reading the blog for long you will remember this has happened to me before. The good news is…the signs are pointing in the correct direction.

Most of the homes I have seen look much like this one. Imagine my surprise when I happened upon this…

Glass…not only that but wacky shape huh? I could not see in, I am guessing the owner can see out.

See the top edge how it just drops off to the left? I am starting to be very attracted to rock outcroppings.

This one is a bit closer. You may have noticed this place is covered in hills and dales. Not to worry I am not always walking up hill. I should mention the four hours I was walking on this road I saw three cars, two people gardening, a lady painting her fence, and the boy I mentioned moving cows. It was one quiet country road. What a delight my walk was.

This because I like filtered light. There are days this place feels a bit like Roatan. The flora in both places grows gang busters. The blues and greens are brilliant in both places. The bugs are bad at sunset in both places. It never occurred to me the bugs could be worse anywhere than Roatan. They have a beast called a Mig here. They are the nastiness little flying buggers you ever met. Only at sun up and sundown but clouds of them, in your nose, in your mouth, biting any skin not covered.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot the most recent local encounter story.

There was a lady in the shop talking about her son having recently left for “America”. She sounded very concerned about his welfare.

I was only half listening while watching the girl behind the counter add up my tomatoes, tea, milk and bananas. She seemed a bit confused so I said “Are we ok?” Yet, again the minute I open my mouth… It’s kinda funny I think I have started waiting for a reaction when people realize I have an accent. Yeah, me with an accent. To funny huh?

Anywho, the lady with the son stopped talking. When she did the place was silent. Ok, there were only four people in the place, on a bank holiday but still.  The lady with the son looked at me, took two steps my direction, put her hand on my arm and said very quietly, “I heard the American accent. New York is not as bad as they show on the telly is it?”

In my head I was thinking New York, what do I know about New york? Does she mean the city of New York or some place upstate? While this was going on in my head part of me made a choice.. “What age is your son?”

“He is 19.”

I relaxed “He will be fine.”

“There are six boys all together”

“Yes, he will be fine, not to worry.”

She wasn’t convinced “I am so worried something bad will happen and he can’t get home”

I said “If something bad happens he will use your credit card, get on a plane and be home. He will be fine, he is with friends.”

There was a big sigh as she thanked me then decided she better get home. I never did find out if he went to New York City or why he was in America.

Sincere apologies

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I have to apologize to those of you reading past posts. Since upgrading the blog software two days ago  I noticed there are many an upper case A sprinkled throughout the text. I don’t claim to understand the wheres and whyfores of computer systems. I can say I am in the process of deleting them and proof reading again, as I go.

Drumahair is the closest village to the house I am sitting.  It has been pouring rain and windy so I have been drinking my tea milk-less for a few days. Today, today dawned with nothing but blue in the sky. I am telling no lie, Ireland cloudless. I know, I know, it only lasted a few hours, but cloudless it was. It is still only partly cloudy. A perfect day for a walk.

Now then, there is a sign that looks like….

Yes, well, seems the image uploading software is against me again. Silly ol’ system anyway. I will try uploading the pics early tomorrow morning, when most of  the planet is asleep.

Planning? Who Me?

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After the little mishap in New Castle and with tourist season fast approaching I decided I might take some time for a bit of planning. I am once again sitting in someone else’s office. This time instead of the deep blue sea, white sand beach and waving palms of Roatan, I am watching huge rain drops being plastered against the window while the wind rattles this nice country house in Ireland.  I am at the other end of the world.

So, planning…I posted a note to both Lonely Planet and Travellers Point online forums asking anyone willing to answer what they thought I should spend just over two weeks seeing/doing/visiting south of Galway and Dublin. I am now in the process of putting the information suggested to me into some form of organization.

The replies were all about the coast..so it looks like I will be seeing the south west coast of Ireland to go with the North East coast I have seen. Oh wait, I saw a bit of the middle west coast as well. Ya know, its kinda tough to get away from the coast. Though, looking at the map. I have seen some of the interior as well. Lots of rolling green hills with famous Loughs (lakes).

Ahh, but I am on a mission. I was asked by a friend in California to locate and photograph a castle on a beach. As yet I have seen castles on cliffs, on islands in Loughs and close enough to toss a rock off the highest turret having it land in the sea but no beach castle. I did suggest to this person the other day..being castles were built many an age ago it is possible anything built on a beach has been in the sea for some time. Still, I search. *smile*

For longer distances (mind you ,anything over three hours is an eternity to Ireland) one must make a connection on the bus route. Looks like I will be Galway again, (well, through anyway) on my way to Ennis. Ennis is not yet to the coast but why travel four and an half hours in one day when you can do it in two. A stop in Ennis then on to Kilrush. I think the ferry will take me across the bit of blue water on the map to Tarbert. Both Kilrush and Tarbert have many a walking route to see. At this point I am in County Cork, wandering on down the coast to see, Caherdaniel, Dingle, Schull, Balleyhob and Baltimore.

I don’t like planning much that was how I ended up in BallyCastle so long but at least I have a better idea of where, perhaps not for how long but  the where is do-able. I have been told the “Ring of Dingle” is much more worth  the trip then the “Ring of Kerry”. Soon, I may know.