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First of Thailand

Filed under: Beginings,Thailand,Trains and Planes,Walks — she_travels at 2:42 am on Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mom and I are on an island called Koh Chang. It is located off the coast of Thailand, just east and north of the Cambodia boarder.  It’s a fairly nice place but doesn’t compare to Roatan for beaches.

After a travel time of just under 36 hours we found our room, unpacked very little and when to bed at 3am Bangkok time. I was on three flights, Denver- LA (2.10 hours) LA-Taiwan (13.10hours) and the Taiwan- Bangkok leg of 3.10 hours. The last two legs were in chockablock full 747’s (the huge planes with an upstairs). The first had individual video screen and plenty of movies to choose from but the seats were so close together and uncomfy it was a fair painful flight. The leg after Taiwan was also in a 747 but I think it was a older version with no video screens and larger seats.

We had to fend off several freelance taxi guys to get to the official taxi stand where you are much less likely to be taken to the cleaners. The ride was about 45 mins for a total for 11 dollars. Whew! The room was clean and the bath down the hall.

I think we didn’t get up til 11am. Jumped on the sky train to see what Bangkok was all about. The place is litter free, but still feels very dirty. Traffic is past bad with many motor bikes. People wearing masks to keep the fumes they inhale down.

We found two very cool parks in the three days we were there. Rode in taxi’s, tuk tuk’s, river boats and canal boats along with the sky train and the subway all public transport with plenty of people to move about. We wandered walking for much of the last day we had in Bangkok.

The food is as good as every one says. We are eating both in Thai restaurants and on the street. Mom found an ice cream for $.50 she likes from 7-11 that truly is on every corner down here.

I must away…we are off to Cambodia tomorrow.


Filed under: Endings,Roatan — she_travels at 9:52 am on Monday, May 5, 2008

This is going to be quick, I am fast running out of time. Currently in Boulder madly!! Madly repacking, sorting money, having conversations with China Air.

Two days in West Bay is never enough. Saturday morning I was snorkeling with fishes, corals, and lobster. Saturday at about 4pm my phone was ringing in Houston. My mother saying China Air had her called three times with information about my fights to Bangkok on Tuesday having a slight snaffoo. There was concern about the amount of time I had between connections in LA.  They were suggesting I ask Delta to switch me from the 12:45 flight to the 7am flight. I told her I would have a chat with Delta when I arrived in Denver.

The phone was ringing while I was talking to mom. A friend asking where and how I was. I said Houston on my way to Denver. He decided he would arrange his world to meet me at the airport. Friends, ya gotta love them.

I went to the Delta ticket count in Denver they said “The ticket is not ours, you have to call your travel agent.”  I didn’t understand how a ticket for a Delta flight was not Delta’s but understood I was not going to get any more info from them.

I had a delightful evening with my friend. He was kind enough to ask what my needs where for Sunday. I said “ I have to get my hands on a new camera, I know what I want I am just not sure where to find it. I also need a ride to Boulder.”  What fun that guy is, while I was in the shower he found out where best to pick up the camera on the way to dropping me in Boulder.

Dang…I am running out of time…still gotta pack and clean Shawna’s barn.

It’s 950am here in Boulder, I have to be at the Thai visa place at 1130am.  I am still in the process of talking to China Air about my flight out tomorrow at 7am.