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Six years of adventure with pics to prove it.


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Mom wanted to ride an elephant. I was all about the flowers. The orchid farm outside of Chang Mai.



Wacky upside down tree.

Princess Mother’s Garden

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This place is a bit of a bus ride north of Chang Rai but I am telling you it is totally worth the hassle to get there.

North Thailand

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Bamboo Bike Ride

Mom wanted to see Elephants.

We were riding one in front of these people.

Yet another way to get from point A to point B in Asia.

We stayed here, with the lily pond just to the left.

From the outside, the pond is below Mom’s feet. It was a beautiful, quiet spot outside of Chang Mai.

Various Cambodia/Thailand

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Transport for good across the Thailand/Cambodia boarder, these are going through customs.

The goods…not so much going through customs. These children are smuggling jeans across the boarder.

Dried shrimps for sale.

Yet another market.

Traffic, Traffic

One travels in many different ways in Asia.

You can just make out the people with food on their shoulders. They would run out to any kind of car with many a thing to sell, from sodas to rice to grasshoppers, tissues, and chapstick.

Open air market butcher.

Pig Face.

I love  this Dragon!

Kho PhiPhi, Thailand

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I don’t so much get the appeal of this place but I understand many believe it to be the end all and be all of islands.

The man in the hill..he watched the Tsunami roll in. He was showing Mom various money notes form different countries he had been given.

The hut mom and I stayed in.

Phang-Nga Bay, Thailand

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Beach where we had lunch.

Next our guide parked the boat on a small this bit of beach. He rummaged about in a case for a moment, handed us headlamps then  waved his hand toward the rock face (behind me).  Mom and I understood “Get out of the boat,  go that way.”  Picking our way through rocks and brush the direction he pointed we found a cave in the rock wall with a bamboo ladder.

The ladder was rickety and a  bit unsafe but one can not have adventures without a bit of risk. Through the cave mouth we put our head lamps on and walked a more traveled path through the rock. It may have taken us fifteen minutes to notice a bright spot in the darkness ahead. As we got closer it turned out to be a hand sized a hole in the rock with daylight shinning through.

This is the picture I took through the hole. It seems to be the inside of the island, a bit of water completely surrounded by limestone.  The water is an interesting color.

We spend the night in this fishing village. It is all on stilts against the wall of rock island.

Phang-Nga village area:

Rubber Trees..who knew?

Nothing like doing it by hand.

Cool Arse tree growing out of a rock.


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The Gateway to  Preah Ang Tho, a colorful shrine that attracts Buddhist pilgrims from throughout Cambodia. Long ago, a sleeping Buddha was carved here onto the side of a single, massive stone. Over the centuries, the sacred image has slowly risen above the eroding jungle floor so that it may now be viewed only by climbing a narrow ladder.*** Seems they found way to carve a set of stairs in the rock..I don’t remember a ladder.

People making donations from the new tile in the temple above.

I was on the Temple platform.

The other side.

Lotus flowers to leave in and around the Budda in the temple.

The River of 1000 Lingas, a powerful sacred site for Cambodians, even today. Close to a kilometer of living stone lining the stream bed has been sculpted with hundreds of stone lingas (Hindu phallic carvings), a legacy of 9th century God-kings, and a reminder that this forest was an important spiritual center even before Angkor Wat. Downstream, the carvings culminate at the edge of a magnificent waterfall. If you visit on a weekend, the place will be filled with Cambodians who come for ritual baths in the river, often taking some of its holy water home with them. This is still a holy place for Khmer.

The top of the waterfall.  If it is look familiar perhaps you saw Tomb Raider,  Lady Croft was standing there and jumped,  in the first movie.

One of our guides sitting in the hut where we had lunch, you can see the river front of him.

When it rains…

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I am still having trouble with the web host..there is a good chance I will have to rebuild the site with the new software the web host switched to.

In the mean time,  the computer with all my SEA pics died. It can be fixed it’s just going to take some time.

I will get this sorted out..honest guys!