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Spring Break 2009

Filed under: Colorado,Educational — she_travels at 2:15 pm on Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Alrighty, being I am the person who works when everyone else plays, it will come at no shock to you I am working my tail off over here. Spring Break in sunny Colorado. Ok, maybe not my tail being I am online with an update but still…
10 horses
10 dogs
11 cats
1 goat
2 bunnies
4 chickens
and last but not least a Gecko. Who.. yes, folks has to be hand fed.

All these critters are scattered on five properties with the longest distance of about 14 miles, would be 10 but they closed a road so I gotta go up and around. Shezz!

My days are entertaining!

Who wants to work in a boring old job where things are always the same. Hand feeding a Gecko, ya just don’t get this kind of entertainment in your everyday life, do ya?

Just so as ya get the true picture of hand feeding a gecko. With tweezers in hand ya open the plastic bag, with a bit of egg carton for food, the crickets are kept in, insert your hand, with tweezers, to grab a cricket by is middle. It’s a huge challenge because those dudes are fast!

I failed last night several times. At one point I was sure the cricket I missed was about to crawl out of the bag up my arm I gave high pitched girly squeak that scared the snot of the dogs.

Once one has all their ducks in a row with a cricket firmly in the grasp of tweezers ya gotta dip said cricket in a power stuff I am sure is some vitamin, mineral, or maybe just a gecko antacid.

Now then Mr. Gecko has never been all that fast on the uptake. When I first met him two years ago the owner was feeding him crickets but only on the rare occasion did the lizard actually hold up his end of the dining dilemma. In the end the owner had to remove two of the cricket’s legs so the silly, perhaps blind, lizard would have a fighting chance. Later they found meal worms worked better but then the gecko got sick, yeah, I don’t know the details suffice to say geckos can’t eat meal worms for long stretches of time.

Dipped cricket firmly in hand ya stick him right in front of the gecko’s face if in fact he wants a bit of food he goes for it pretty quick, ya gotta turn loose when he does. Whew! One cricket down, now I get to repeat the process.

I was not nearly as lucky with the second cricket last night, dude was tough and got out of my firm grasp twice. Ya shoulda seen me chasing a cricket with a pair of tweezers about the gecko’s glass house. It was some pretty funny stuff.

There ya have it two lizard stories half a world apart.

Client just called, she is out of the house I am moving into today. I better pack up my toys and go.