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Six years of adventure with pics to prove it.

Back on Track

Filed under: Colorado — she_travels at 3:13 pm on Friday, April 24, 2009

I spent the first few days out of the hospital with a old friend, Penny the Chocolate Lab,  who is 12 this year.   I think I met her when she was a year old, maybe two. Dear old friend,  who,  I kid you not,  can tell time.  Back in the day when I was more pet sitter than house sitter, I was usually  getting ready to leave the house to feed horses about 4pm on any given day. Miss Penny,  the princess,  would start to pacing and whining about 330.  Running from  me to the door, I could hear her saying “Time to feed the horse, time to feed the horse. Come on I know its time to feed the horse.”

Miss Penny has settled down some since the old days but she still is not about to miss a meal, long about five o’clock she would start pacing, “Dinner, Dinner”.  She truly was very kind to me the first few days out of the hospital.

I would have a picture but this is not my computer.

From Penny’s house I went to Ivy’s home. She is another dear old friend, Miss Ivy, the golden retriever, has been visiting with me from her eights months bday, she is now eight years old.  I was also feeding another clients horses so Ivy and I were going on twice daily field trips to see the horses and wander about the 10 acres they lived on. Ivy has always been one of my favorite people.  Shoot, I have pics of her…gotta get one up.

I had the last of my follow up appointments Monday, the docs are pleased with my recovery though they are saying its possible I had some thing other than diverticulitis cause I bounced back so fast. I tried to explain to them I am tougher than I look. We are now unsure of what  the problem was but the good news is…I am just fine, not a worry in the world do I have.

I am currently living with a German Shepherd by the name of Elsie, she may be 6 now and I have been her friend since she was 10 months. She is a fetching fool of a dog, extremity easy to entertain.  The computer is situated in the house in such a way to can toss a ball out the back door. so I can type while she is chasing and still play with her.  She really is fun.

Dang, Elise and I gotta go feed horses.


Filed under: Inspiration — she_travels at 1:00 pm on Sunday, April 19, 2009

I was very glad to have been able to spend some time living with Scruffles, his kitty, horse, chicken and rabbit friends cause the following week I landed in the hospital.

It started simply enough with abdominal pain, not so much I could not deal but enough to make me wonder what was up. By 6pm on the Tues after spring break I was having a hard time breathing properly because the pain was so intense. I thought it was just cramps until a client called about something, we starting going over my symptoms and she suggested it was not cramps cause I had finished my female cycle 4 days before.

I called Mom, the registered nurse, see what she thought. She mentioned the possibility of food poisoning and I would no doubt start vomiting any minute. I never did.

The intense pain only lasted about 4 hours, I called the doctors office the next morning to make an appointment. The lady was very nice when telling me to come in at 10:50.

I was examined by several doctors, gave blood and urine then had a CT Scan done. In the end it was decided I had cysts on both ovaries and they must be causing  the pain.

I was given the option of managing the pain with drugs and antibiotics to see if in fact the cysts would shrink or I could have surgery done to remove the offending tissue. I was not given alot of time to decide,  in the end I choose Laparoscopic surgery cause the Doc said it is possible but unlikely  the largest cyst 7cm would shrink. I had a  life to live and did not want to do so on pain meds if it could be helped.  The idea was to go in for surgery at 12pm Thurs and be out at 8pm. This was only if every thing went swimmingly. Dr. Kim was very up front about the possibilities of things going wrong along with the release form I signed the following day which said “Oh by the by, you may not live through this.”

Once in surgery the Doctors found my right ovary was multi-cystic so they removed it. In the process of figuring out what was up with the left ovary they found an abscess on my colon which started to ooze some nasty pus into my abdomen. They cleaned me out as best they could, placed a drain and started me on “the big gun” antibiotics then admitted me to the hospital.

Dr. Kim came by while I was in the recovery room to say “You are about to be very very sick.”

He wasn’t kidding, over the next three days I had temps between 101.9 and 103.8 with a very low oxygen level. I had tubes going in me with fluids and antibiotics, I had tubes coming out of me cause I could not get to the bathroom. I had an oxygen tube up my nose and a gadget on my finger attached to a small box which sent a signal to a guy behind a computer screen monitoring my oxygen level and my heart rate. The nurses call them the tattletales, if a patient with this gadget needs help the tattletales call them.

We were all pretty frightened  being concern they may not get the infection under control or in the process I would fry my brain. There were several nights of something they call a cooling blanket, its a blanket with cold water circulating through chambers they set at 60 degrees in addition to placing ice packs under my arms pits.

When the fevers came down they sent be back to the CT scan and found another abscess, a second drain was placed.

The Tues following the original Dr apt I was feeling well enough the doc told me I could have clear liquids. Mind you I had had nothing to eat for six days in the hospital and very little the four days before.

Wed,  a full week after the first CT scan,  they removed my tubes and hoses and told me to EAT!  Yuk, by brain understood but my tummy was all kinds of scared. Mom brought me my favorite potato soup so my taste buds were excited even if the rest of me was wacky.

Thurs morning one of the docs removed the 1st drain. They sent me home with the second drain still in me that afternoon.

I was in the hospital for a full seven days. It was a very odd experience. The world outside keeps on moving and chugging along, yet in the hospital all you have is your little bubble of pain and fear.

Stranger still,  I was fine on the Monday, painful Tues, trying to die Thur, Fri, and absolutely fine again the following Friday. I did sleep a fair amount  the first few days out of the hospital but truly  was fine.

It is now Sunday 18days after the surgery and I am back to normal, finished the antibiotics this morning, am not in the least bit sore. Truly it is amazing how fast your body can heal given the chance.

Just a few side thoughts.

Had the abscess on my colon burst during spring break, not only would I have died but the animals I was caring for would have suffered.

I am usually in a third would country in March, I only came back this year early to pay off my broken leg from last July.

I was suppose to drive to TX with my mother the Tues the pain started but the weather was so bad between were I am and where she is I decided not  to go.

I had 10 days of no responsibility to any of my clients to do anything I wished with. The first of  those days was the first day of pain.

Imagine the universe, god, a higher power or hell, maybe it was me lining all these things up in such a way I not only lived through it but no one else’s life or plans were interrupted.

I am telling you if you allow that higher power to take care of ya…. it will!

Mr. Scruffles

Filed under: Colorado — she_travels at 12:02 pm on Sunday, April 19, 2009

The week of Spring Break was a wild one to say the least. In addition to all the silliness from the previous post, the part of Colorado I was in landed between 14″ and 22″ of snow depending on where you were. It was a bit of a challenge for several days to get all the animals taken care of.

My bright spot was Scruffles the clown dog I was living with. He is one of those fancy designer canines called a Labberdoodle, part Yellow Labrador Retriever and part Standard Poodle. I can tell you this particular dog got the best of both breeds. He is a clown like most Standard Poodles yet has the velcro loyalty of the Lab. He didn’t know me from Adam but I could not loose him. Truly a delightful companion for the week of Spring Break.

Mr. Scruffles after stealing a toy from he horse friend.

Getting his Highness out of he car after having gone on several adventures to other barns was a bit of a challenge. He was not about to let me get off the property without him.