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Six years of adventure with pics to prove it.

The Adventure Begins

Filed under: Beginings — she_travels at 7:02 am on Sunday, January 31, 2010

I was sorted, packed and out of Otis’s house about 4:30 Friday. I dropped my car off with the mechanic so he can tinker while I am away. Had a friend pick me up, spent the night with her, packing and repacking several times.

We had been trying to see Avatar for weeks but could not sort it out until Sat. I told her if I had my head on straight and was close enough to being packed we could head to the theater Sat am..the film is almost three hours and ya add travel times, its pretty much and all day affair. I had to be back at her house for a friend from Denver to pick me up, I would spend Sat night with her so we could be to the airport, she is part vampire so late night,early morning runs to DIA are easy for her.

Indeed we did get out to see Avatar, 3D, Imax…the theater was packed and the movie was amazing…the story line was predictable and a old one but the magical place called Pandora had a huge WOW factor. I was pleased as punch we manged to find time to see it.

I had lovely chats with friends in Denver last night, slept ok for a few hours, got up at 3am to shower and repack one more time. I finally removed a few items from my bag. I will pick then up when I get back.

So, here I am at DIA, it’s 5:52. My plane leaves here at 7:45, I have connections through Detriot and NY, landing in Istanbul at 9:55 am. I decided to book accommodation in Istanbul for 2 nights, I have directions from the airport on the tram and walking directions to the hostel in the old city, very close to the Blue Mosque.

I understand the weather in Turkey at the moment is much like the Boulder weather, you can have 60 degree days and then snow. I was told it will be snowing Thursday, I have packed accordingly, two pairs of shoes, a huge “no, no” in my world but I pretty much had to if I wanted to keep my feet warm and dry.

I have my little netbook with me and an hoping to post pictures and stories as I go. We will see if I actually pull it off.

The Adventure Begins.

Favorite Pic 2009, hands down!

Filed under: Photos — she_travels at 9:12 pm on Thursday, January 28, 2010

7.1.09 3

The original is better, but ya get the idea.


Filed under: Colorado — she_travels at 3:20 pm on Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Can you say “Current Blog!!!”  woohoo!! Yipeee.

I spent a week of Jan with Jackson the wonder dog and his family’s wine biz, then a week back with the cutie pie puppy dog (Bear) and now…yes people NOW. I am living with Otis and Missy along with their burro friends.

Vegas09 45

Otis is the larger one.  The plastic containers behind his tail are full of my “go to the middle east” and “stay here” stuff. I am almost organized.

Vegas09 46

Vegas09 47

They really are that fun! The owners called last night , when I mentioned Missy was playing both with me and with Otis he replied “What they are not sitting in the north window pining away for us?” I said “Nope, and I have pics to prove it.”

Alrighty, I am off to sort and pack for my next big adventure.
I gotta get some errands done tomorrow, bank, post office and a new pair of ear buds for my MP3 player.

Snow you say?

Filed under: Colorado — she_travels at 3:11 pm on Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ya know I think I picked up my mother in Grand Junction on the way back from Cali. I had a client with a sick dog who needed 6 injections an hour apart and there was no way I could do that and Elvis and Mack, so mom got the job. I was still doing the horses but mom was handling the 3 dogs and 4 cats.  She had to bail out of town before the big snow hit, whew end of Oct and we got 26 inches of snow. No pics, what happened there? I was so busy digging out I forgot to take any.

November I was back in Evergreen for just over a week, then I had a client near Boulder go to New Zealand for a month.

Vegas09 39

I found this…

Vegas09 40


Vegas09 41

and this in her back yard during that time.

Vegas09 42

I lived with this kitty and…

Vegas09 43

This adorable puppy dog for several days over Christmas. Mom came back to help out with pretty much anything I needed. It was a odd sorta busy Holiday but the weather was good and it all went swimmingly.

Vegas09 44

How cute is he? Dude’s ears are longer than his face. We went out for daily walks on open space, what fun we had meeting other dogs and playing in the snow.

Squeaker and Back.

Filed under: Road Trip — she_travels at 2:53 pm on Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Vegas09 17

He was a hoot, we went out walking every morning for about an hour. He lived in a area where all the roads were loops back to the main road. I managed to misplace us one day, had to call a friend in Colo. She got on Mapquest to unloose me. It was pretty funny.  Mr. Squeak and I played fetch in the yard and tag in the living/kitchen area. Dude was CUTE!

Vegas09 16

and his Coy, I went to sleep every night to the sound of the ponds water fall.

Then back to Colorado, by way of Vegas. I am not near the Vegas hater I was before this trip..it has its uses as long as one does not stay more than 72 hours. I saw two shows, The Blue Man Group, it was interesting and fun. I wanted badly to see Bette Midler but she was gone that week so I opted for Donny and Marie cause, after all,  didn’t we all watch them as kids. It was also a very fun show.

Vegas09 26

Vegas09 24

I was loving  the Vegas skyline reflected in the Encore windows.

Vegas09 25

Desert, mountain.

Vegas09 27

Vegas09 28

Inside Wynn.

Vegas09 29

Vegas09 30

New York, New York

Vegas09 31

The intersection of Las Vegas Blvd and Flamingo Blvd. New York, New York on one side and the MGM on the other. You can see Paris in the back.

Vegas09 32

I was loving my camera’s ability in the dark.

Vegas09 33

Was this not the machine which made Tom Hanks “BIG” ?

Vegas09 34

Cool Colors!

Vegas09 35

Vegas09 36

Vegas09 37

Vegas09 38

Road to Vegas

Filed under: Photos — she_travels at 2:27 pm on Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Let’s see,  I got back from 14 days of road trip to July, wow what a rough month that was, it must had something to do with my loosing my mind..I was feeling very odd, not at all myself. I was far to easy to hurt emotionally, I was not sleeping, I thought I was having hot flashes but everyone said  “not possible you are to young.”  Shezz, what a rough go it was. Finally it occurred to me maybe the surgery in April tossed me in to Menopause early. They did take out my right ovary which left me with one half of my left cause of a surgery 20 years before.

I chatted with several friends who know stuff about natural remedies, it was suggested I take Black Cohash and Primrose oil to stave off the hot flashes and maybe get my emotional state back in control.  Whew, within a few weeks I was feeling more myself.  I called the doctor for blood-work just to make sure my mind was intact. We were right my hormone levels confirmed Menopause.

I survived July, spent August with Scruffles and Jackson the wonder dog.

In October I landed a house sit in Southern Cali. I managed a couple days on either end to drive out, with a stop in Vegas. Did ya know it is spot on 12 hours driving time from Vegas to Boulder?

I always thought  there was a WHOLE lot of nothing between Grand Junction and Vegas… perhaps I was wrong.

Vegas09 1

While I was snapping this shot an older gentleman stopped to make sure I was ok. I was on a section of road just over 100 miles with zero services.

Vegas09 2

Interesting rock.

Vegas09 3

Holy hannah, do you believe that blue?

Vegas09 4

Vegas09 5

Cool colors!

Vegas09 6

For those of you who have never been in the middle of no where, the ranches need exits off the highway to get home.

Vegas09 7

The gray-ish stuff is screen to keep rocks from falling on the road, or cars.

Vegas09 8

The various colors are the Scrub Oak leaves changing.

Vegas09 9

Vegas09 10

Vegas09 11

Yet, another burned hill, no one can escape fire.

Vegas09 12

No sun…

Vegas09 13

Some sun…

Vegas09 14

Some nothing.

Vegas09 15

Vegas09 20

I had seen three of these signed and finally had to snap a pic.

Vegas09 21

Toward the airport, the big gold looking place in the Wynn Hotel in Vegas.

Vegas09 22

This is looking across I-15 from my Circus Circus ($27night) room.

Vegas09 23

Construction Junction.

Full Circle

Filed under: Road Trip — she_travels at 11:25 pm on Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Did I ever mention my parents live on 80 acres with all manner critter? Mom’s husband pretty much names them all, though he didn’t get a chance to formally introduce me to…

7.2.09 33

7.2.09 35

Glenwood Springs

7.2.09 36

More greens and reds.

7.2.09 37

At some point I realized I have many pics of the space along I70 but none between Vail and traffic..here ya go.  Mind you it was a bit moist out (late-June).

7.2.09 38

7.2.09 39

Yeah, it’s fuzzy, that happens when you are traveling at 60 miles an hour.

7.2.09 40

From the top of Vail Pass looking toward Copper Mountain.

7.2.09 41

Copper from the top of Vail Pass.

7.2.09 42

Part of Copper Village, not much there but it is my favorite place to ski. The range of mountains to the left of the pick is the “Ten Mile Range”, Breckenridge is on the other side.

7.2.09 43

The one above and the one below are taken between Copper and Frisco. Notice the brown beetle killed trees.

7.2.09 44

7.2.09 45

Dillon Lake ~ this one and the next two.

7.2.09 46

A bit of Frisco in the distance.

7.2.09 47

7.2.09 48

Traffic…yuck, it started just past Frisco, Dillon Lake is to my right.

7.2.09 49

7.2.09 50

7.2.09 51

Loveland Ski Area

7.2.09 52

Oh yeah, it only takes one someone to do something silly when everyone on the road has to pay for it.

7.2.09 53

I figured since we were stopped anyway I could snap this. Old Mine, Colorado is full of em.

7.2.09 54

More traffic.  At this point I had to get on the phone to let people know I was going to be late. Twas a grand trip, 14 days, great fun was had by all.

There ya have it, road trip done….whew! that took awhile.

I did a house sit in Cali in Sept or October, had a quick stop in Vegas. I will get those pics up in the next few days, just as soon as I find them.


Filed under: Road Trip — she_travels at 10:46 pm on Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I have lived in Colorado off and on for a good long time. My parents live about two hours from Moab, I have driven I-70 to Cali and Vegas countless times and yet I had never been to Moab.

7.2.09 1

They don’t skimp on the red rock down that way.

7.2.09 2

7.2.09 3

Me and trees,  wish the sun had been from the other direction.

7.2.09 5

7.2.09 6

7.2.09 7

7.2.09 8

One of  the many arches, I was on top looking down.

7.2.09 9

7.2.09 10

I tell ya if ya wanna live ya gotta work for it in this place.

7.2.09 11

7.2.09 12

7.2.09 13

7.2.09 14

7.2.09 15

See the rock that looks like a car? Wacky huh?

7.2.09 16


7.2.09 17

7.2.09 18

7.2.09 19

7.2.09 20

7.2.09 21

7.2.09 22

7.2.09 23

7.2.09 24

7.2.09 25

7.2.09 26

7.2.09 27

7.2.09 28

7.2.09 29

7.2.09 30

7.2.09 31

7.2.09 32

I am always talking about the beauty of the greens and blues but in this place its ALL about the greens and reds.

Peddle to the metal.

Filed under: Road Trip — she_travels at 10:17 pm on Tuesday, January 26, 2010

While on the Oregon Coast two phone calls came in from clients wanting to know for sure when I would be back in Colorado. I told them I wanted badly to see the Redwoods but would put the peddle to the metal once I had seen the giant trees.  With that in mind I started heading inland,  I drove Crescent City through the redwoods then east along 299 through Redding then 44 and 83 to Truckee, then hopped on the first interstate of the whole trip (I-80). I was very much wanting to make it to Salt Lake City but flat ran out of steam in Elko at 3am.

By the by since it was all about speed at this point…some of the pic are through the car window. Here we go…

7.1.09 20

Bits of California are wacky, the trees are green yet the grass is burned.

7.1.09 21

Course if ya water it,  ya can grow stuff. This looks like corn to me.

7.1.09 23

See brown hills dotted with green trees.

7.1.09 24

Flat crop land with mountains in the back to…

7.1.09 25

Mountain view…nice huh. Remember I had come from the coast  that day. Road trips truly do give you a better idea of just how diverse the States are.

7.1.09 26

This was very close to the intersection of 83 and I-80, I remember the sunset and me wondering where the hell the interstate was.

7.1.09 27

Just for proof, blue I-80 sign at sunset. Next road trip I am going to snap more pics like this to help me remember where the heck I was.

7.1.09 28

Now, there ya have some nice color.

7.1.09 29

This must be the next day east of Elko.

7.1.09 30

7.1.09 31

Who was on the road alone again?

7.1.09 32

Great Salt Flats west of Salt Lake City.

7.1.09 33

7.1.09 34

They harvest the salt….I had no idea and I have been on this road a few times. Once in Salt Lake ya hang a left up and over a mountain, when ya get down the other side ya hit I-70.

7.1.09 35

Come on! How can you not laugh!! It is truly a GREAT shot. I will not tell ya how fast I was going when I hit the button on the camera, I will tell you I nailed it first try.

7.1.09 36

From the top of the hill just west of  the turn off to Moab. I had made such good time I was going to meet a friend in Moab for a day.

7.1.09 37

This is also from the top in the hill but look south toward Moab…there is a whole lot of nothing out there! Or so it would seem from here.

California Redwoods

Filed under: Road Trip — she_travels at 9:44 pm on Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Next we have…. more trees.

7.1.09 1

Do ya not love fog? I snapped this shot four times trying to get one without a car..just was not in the cards that day.

7.1.09 2

7.1.09 4

These two may be the last of the coast.

7.1.09 5

7.1.09 6

7.1.09 7

See the human walkway below…that tree is huge.

7.1.09 8

7.1.09 10

These trees pretty much refuse to die, this one was harvested once upon a time and instead of giving up it started new smaller trunks from the original huge trunk. They all it the Cathedral Tree cause if its look.

7.1.09 12

7.1.09 11

If ya can look at the pic above (the base) and the one above it (the top) together. It is all the same tree. Albeit the light is wacky, fog will do that.

7.1.09 13

Now, that would have been a sight to see, all those mammoth trees about.

7.1.09 14

Nice view from the top of the hill.

7.1.09 15

7.1.09 16

Tree tops.

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