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This and That

Filed under: Colorado — she_travels at 7:13 pm on Sunday, October 17, 2010

Summer is pretty much over,  finally cooler evenings, and rain tomorrow!!  Woohoo!

Penny and Naiya, two labs with different owners came back into my life this summer. I think Mad Mad Mattie Mat is back as well, might have to pop by to collect her for a hike one day soon.

I was able to spend time with many dear fuzzy friends in Boulder this summer. Rollie, a huge fuzzy hoot of a Newfoundland believes me his very own chew toy. Scruffles, ever the clown dog, entertained me for many days in August. Jack and I hung out for a few weeks walking and selling wine for his parents.

New friends include Wheeler (an aussie) and his sister Lucy (Miss Pug) who live next to a golf course with  trails and ponds among the homes, truly delightful walks. Emma (golden) and her brother Motek (greyhound) also became friends this summer.

Sadly  two of my oldest and dearest fuzzy friends died this summer. Ali, the most wonderful yellow lab left us at thirteen, I had known her from age eight months. She spent a lot of time at my house years ago. Great fun we had out hiking and horse back riding with Penny, a chocolate lab, who also died this summer at age thirteen.

Man!  did those dogs loved water. I remember hot summer days standing in Boulder Creek pitching a ball for the both of them. We were all soaked and happy.

My very most favorite horse friend died this summer as well. I bought him at age three, we had ten adventure filled years to play before he was hurt beyond repair at thirteen. I retired him to my parents place, 80 acres and two other horses to play with. They said he was fine one evening and gone the next morning. As sad as it is, I am thankful there was little suffering involved. I tell ya I have ridden nine zillion horses and he truly was the coolest four hooved critter I ever had the pleasure to spend time with. Many years of fun soaked memories he gave me.

I think I have Jackson’s parents pinned down to plans in January.

My mother has wanted to to see Patagonia for some amount of time. I may do part of her trip with her husband with them and add a few bits here had there on my own.

So, it is looking like parts of South America February and March of 2011.

Note to self ~ renew passport.