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Good Golly Miss Molly!!

Filed under: Colorado,Travel Plans — she_travels at 3:23 pm on Friday, December 24, 2010

51 degrees and sunny tomorrow…. Holy Hannah is it NICE here. Not so much a white Xmas but if ya drive about an hour west there are plenty of fluffy flakes to play in.

I can tell you, with the job being what it is, I am pleased as punch the weather is not like past weeks of December 25th. Last year there was enough snow for a day or so to almost bottom out my car. In 2006, I had my mother driving my 4×4 F250 cause I had to DIG into every property. Twice a day Mom would drop me at the drive, she would find a place on the road to wait while I dug my way to the house or barn to feed animals. The snow was over knee deep and the wind would fill in the tracks I dug. That was a rough winter, every other day digging the car out of the snow.

2006 was the holiday season we had so much snow here the trucks hauling food were locked out cause all roads leading to Denver were closed. Milk, cheese and butter shelves were pretty much empty for a few days.

Ah but I often tell people I can do anything for 10/12 days. I generally take a trip to some far off land in February, getting through the two weeks of Christmas house and pet sitting is easily done.

On a related matter: Slight change of plan regarding Feb/March 2011, I was considering a visit to parts of South America. For what ever reason I was having a hard time sitting down to buy the ticket, in the end I decided to listen to that little voice in the back of my head. Instead of eight weeks of adventure learning a new culture I will be hanging about in a beach front cabana with amazing sunsets across the Caribbean.

Yes, gang I am going back to Roatan. I have been fighting menopause, with mood swings, headaches and general all around yuckiness for the past couple of months. Seems to be a vacation is what is in order.