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Good News /Bad news

Filed under: Travel Plans — she_travels at 9:47 pm on Thursday, November 10, 2011

The bad news is…due to my blind faith the the Geek Squad the remainder of the Swamp Search pics are gone. I take complete responability for this…should, coulda woulda ya know.  Windows updates had a hand in the calamity.  Ahh well, one lives, one learns.

The good news …. drum roll please.. I bought tickets to India. Yes indeed, a new far off land to experience. Mom is going to join me so travel will be a but more posh..woohoo.  The plane leaves our fair land Feb 9 and returns March 1st.  I am building an itinerary for the Rajasthan area cause Mom wants to see the Taj Mahal… I pretty much agreed.  🙂

If I can talk myself in to a second ticket I may have a go at Roatan from March 2nd returning March 22nd.