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Six years of adventure with pics to prove it.

Blue Channel, Roatan

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I went out to Blue Channel with a dive boat without my camera. I returned with a snorkel boat a few days later with my camera.

That would be a conch sized crab in that shell. Tis a little fuzzy but ya get the idea.

I think this is one of  the many angel fish nature offers.

Yet another pose, what a funny fish.

Then he turned to show me his full beauty.

Another fuzzy pic of a very fast purple/yellow fish.

Who needs stripes when ya can have spots?

Reef, the channel here was fair deep.


I am telling ya they herd,  not so much with the shy these guys.

The Elk Horn here was very happy indeed.

Mr. Eel, I saw the end of his tail first, while I watched he turned completely about in his hole and poof, eel face.

More reef

And the last is a yellow and blue neon dude.

I will start sorting the India pics next.  Cheers!

West Bay Reef

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I am a snorkeler not a diver.  Being my 1st attempt with an underwater case on my camera,  I think I did pretty well.

Reef – world class diving and 2nd in size only to the Great Barrier Reef.

These things herd and beg… it’s kinda funny. Sargent Majors, I think

Elk Horn Coral

One of the many blue and black fishes.

If anyone has an idea what the white spring looking stuff behind the grass and under the rock is, I would like to know.

They look like miniature Christmas trees to me.

Big Blue ~ size is tough in the water but I would swear he is at least 2 feet long.

Big Blue showing me his tail.

Urchin.. see the black and neon blue in the upper left…I tried and tried to get a good pic of one of them…tis a challenge to say the least.

This one may be related to the one above.

This is hard to make out, the water was pretty deep. See the snake looking thing in front of the blue fish.. it may be a snake or it could be a tentacle of an octopus. Anyone know for sure? Shezz, there are like three fish in that little pic. * Edit ~ I am told the gray with white spots is a Sharp Tailed eel. Google Images confirm. Woohoo. I love learning a new thing.

There are clouds of these things, I mean clouds… I dig following and watching them move in a flock.

Fishes, reef walls,  sandy bottom. Inspires a person to learn to dive.

He was in the deep, they tell me he is a box puffer. He looks more like a triangle to me. Edit ~ Another kind soul came to my rescue.. this is a spotted trunkfish, have a look at Google Images, sure enough, I have learned another new thing.

Parrot Fish, the place is chock a block full of these dudes. They do dig color.

He was just waiting to show off or taking a nap.

Neon blue and black are common.

I am told these only travel in pairs, I didn’t see the other one on this day.

Ya just know he thought he was invisible, or perhaps he didn’t want to get sunburned. When ya catch them in the sun, the color is bright yellow and neon green.

How many fish do you see?

I truly believe the one facing me was posing for the camera.


Feather Duster

Fishes, Fishes abound.

Two more urchins, wacky color.

Rings instead of stripes… I just love the many colors.

Sea Anemone ~ Sadly the pic don’t show the bright green/yellow at the top of the stalks.

With a little help from someone who knows more than me these are Caribbean reef squid. See how they are spaced apart, there were 17 lined up with variations of  that spacing.  They were fair deep so this pic is not great.

I saw three lobster, one was huge and in full view (no cam that day) one was back in a rock with only his face showing, I only have very fuzzy pics of him..then there is this one. Only his antenna.

Reef, fish, surface.  Cool  huh?

Oops, is this another one?  This was is shallow water. Sunlight filtered though the water only one of the many challenges with snapping pics underwater. The other…everything is moving, the water, the fish, the camera, the camera person, that is heaps of motion for any camera to deal with.

Feather Duster

Fishes, reef, sand.

He musta been napping.

Another blue and black.

This fish is half crazy yellow and have crazy purple. Of the 12 pics I snapped over 2 weeks this is the best of the bunch. The fish and all his kin may be the fastest moving critters ever. I am telling you,  it is like a teleport ~ fish/no fish ~  just that fast.

Just do ya don’t think all the fish in the sea are bright colors.

Another cloud of blue fishes.

School is in.

Elk Horn Coral.

These are the same squid looking things but in far more shallow water. I think there were only 12 this time. Something frightened them, they gathered and I got this pic with 9 in it. I remember them being more brown then purple, light is a funny thing in the sea.

They calmed down and let me take a few more…

This was water dang near at the beach edge. All the people playing in the water was mucking up the sand. I didn’t see this school til they were on top of me.

I like the design the sun makes on the sand through the water.

I have more from a different location and day… I will get back to this tomorrow.

Post before the big show…

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There may be a bit of repeat here….

Mom and  I left for India February 8th  landing in Delhi..We did 17 days with a car and driver mostly in Rajasthan, with the other side of  the loop through Arga to see the Taj Mahal then back to Delhi were we switched cars and drivers ( not tour company) to go north for a visit in a village outside of Hardiwar, then a short drive to Rishikish on the Ganges River in the foothills of  the Himalayas . Rishikish is so holy a place one can only eat vegetarian food. Ashrams and Yogis by the street full, very little pollution and did I mention on the Ganges River.

Anywho, the India pics are going to require a couple days of sorting, re-sizing and posting so… I decided to post a few Roatan pics first. I know, I know there are a ton of them here… yet these are new, I finally bought a underwater case for my camera.

Well, fudge.. it looks like I did not reload my image software after the computers last melt down. Give me a day or so to find the disc.  Shezz.