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Pak Vang to Laung Prabang, Laos

Filed under: Laos,Photos,SEA — she_travels at 1:42 pm on Sunday, February 15, 2009

The sun was out..woohoo!

The water level is not necessarily low yet  you can see rocks not covered.

The brown bits are cleared land for planting. Corn was the crop I recognized more often than any other, save rice. There were bits of cultivated ground scattered  everywhere with rows of bushes, trees and plants of all sizes and shapes. It’s tough to see but  two shack looking things sit just above the tree line, one almost dead center of the image and the other to the left. They are very simple platforms just off the ground with a roof. Perhaps a place to have a rest and food out of the sun and mud.

There were several stops along the river route. Some to drop off or pick up people and some like this. The children would come running out of the jungle with plastic baskets full of all manner of beverage, snacks and sundries. They have a huge advantage over the tourists in the boat, not only are we captive but we have not had enough time to process the exchange rate from the last country. I was a bit more prepared than most, I had both food and water. I over heard someone buying a coke, later did the exchange to find he paid 3.50. Holy Hannah!!

Some of you have heard many of my stories from SEA. It is very hard to put in to words the experience, one,  cause eight weeks is a long time. Also cause the culture is so,  so very much different than ours. I often find it difficult to say anything past “Whew, it was exhausting!”

There are obvious things, the whole of Asia is over crowded with people, the noise and pollution is varied and vast. The beauty of the place is breath taking, living most of my life in Colorado were little grows,  I am astounded with the plant live here, absolutely everything not only grows but has to be battled back on a daily basis.

Sorry, I ended up not where I started to go. The second day I was on the boat I was sandwiched between two groups of Israelis, behind one of their seats was a group of four from Indonesia.  Truly the most amazing thing, I didn’t have to turn on my computer to be inspired to learn about these two countries, we had ten hours to toss about ideas, thoughts and experiences. All I ever knew about Israel was the fighting, always fighting over land and religion. We had such fun talking about this and that, I learned more about history in these ten hours than I ever did in school.

I ended up spending  the next several days in Laung Prabang with the gals from Israel.

The world truly is a very small place if ya just hop on a plane to visit it.

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