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Rainy season over?

Filed under: Roatan — she_travels at 12:52 pm on Tuesday, February 15, 2011

When I arrived a friend happen to be at the airport, his wife was boarding the plane I had come down on. He was going my way and offered a ride.  While I was taking in the changes on the island we got to chatting about this and that..one of those things was perhaps rainy season was over cause the island had not had any rain to speak of in over six weeks.  I was a bit taken aback when the following day there were several showers..then…..

These are photos from the past three days as the weather and sea changed…

The wind and rough sea was bringing in and churning up the dead sea grass.

White caps in West Bay, not a common sight.

Part of the reason I am drawn it islands, you can see the weather coming at you… see the band of rain, it comes from the north, I am about to get very wet.

A couple of guys from Canada were out playing in the waves, they said most of them were over six feet. Goodness, I doubt many people have seen West Bay be anything other than tranquil, clear as glass.

See the waves bashing against LightHouse Point? You can also see the web and flow under the pier.

This is run off in West Bay. The water at one point this morning was just flushing over the bridge to the left of center. Much of the sand was washed out in….

This mess of run off, sea grass and sand. I am very curious to see how long it takes to settle for crystal clear waters to return. Course, the rain has to stop 1st. We are seeing moments of brighter sun now.  Maybe today, perhaps tomorrow.

Off and on through out the day, around the heavy rains, the guys were cleaning the beach. They dig a hole to bury the sea grass. The guy in the blue is stomping the grass like grapes to make space for more.

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