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Swamp Search, Part Three

Filed under: Road Trip — she_travels at 1:30 pm on Thursday, August 18, 2011

As I said before I job was to drive, ok occasionally I would say lets do this or just turn somewhere, this would throw Mom, she would have to re figure her route. Anywho, in the process of trying to stay off the major roads we ended up zipping along a levee. When Katrina hit the news was always talking about levees. I understood it was some thing that kept the water where they wanted it to stay..it didn’t occurred to me it was miles and miles and miles of man made dam-ish miles from the normal edge of the water.

I tell ya peopleĀ  travel ya learn all kinds of things.

The road we were on was to the right and down the hill, many of the homes were sand bagged and empty.

From what I understand the normal edge of the water should be on the other side of the green bushes to the right. We had a chat with the gentleman and his family just coming home from Sunday services. They had stopped to check the water levels as well. We gathered it was going to get worse before it go better, the water was rising four inches a day.

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