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Six years of adventure with pics to prove it.

Jaisalmer, India

Filed under: India,Photos,SunSet — she_travels at 10:09 am on Monday, April 2, 2012

Couple of pics from the road on the way to Jaisalmer.

The rock slabs are used for fence and walls of homes as well as cattle guards.

Driving east toward Pakistan, past Jaisalmer to Khuri, Lahku was kind enough to stop the car so I could have a pic of the Fort in Jaisalmer. The place is as huge as it looks. This is the only fort we saw with residents, 3000 of them.

You may remember a  small hut mom and I stayed in on the Thailand trip. This so much reminded us of that place.

We had a quick wash up and a cuppa before heading off on camels to see the sunset.

People, I have been on nine zillion horses and more than one elephant, none of this prepared me for a camel. They have four joins in their hind legs, they stand up back end first so you are thrown forward much more than you ever imagine you will be, AND they keep going up. By the time Ralph (yes I named him Ralph) was unfolded I thought I was going to have altitude sickness. I am embarrassed to say a bit of a surprised squeal escaped.  Mom having watched my distress was cucumber cool whilst  Daisy Mae rose to complete height.

The next few are from the camel ride. I don’t think riders are allowed to control the camel, we were not, there were two guys walking with us. I was truly surprised to see how sensitive Ralph was to what the camel boy asked.

The community well, I think these ladies are washing clothes.

It took me three attempt to get this pic, it was all about timing with camel movement.

Sure enough desert.

Ralph’s ears.

Daisy Mae napping while we wait for the sun to set.

Between the pollution and the dust in the air..this is what you get.

The place we stayed. These people were so nice and the food, holy hannah, all of it locally grow. The soup stuff was yummy.

I am out of time again… to be continued.

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Comment by treeowner

April 2, 2012 @ 11:04 pm

so glad to see your posts ! looks like you need to come to the fall retreat ! October 12-14th if you’re interested !
Cindy is in India for another week, I look forward to her pictures and stories too. she really loves it there.
what is your summer schedule like ? any US road trips planned ?

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