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Six years of adventure with pics to prove it.


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Another one of the highlights of the trip… Poor Lahku had to correct me every time I said the name, I would say “That krumbly place.” He would reply with Kum Ba La Garh. Lahku was all smiles and giggles so he was far from offended when I messed with the names of his historical sites.

From Wikipedia:

Kumbhalgarh is a Mewar fortress in the Rajsamand District of Rajasthan state in western India. Built during the course of the 15th century by Rana Kumbha, and enlarged through the 19th century.

Built on a hilltop 1100 metres above sea level, the fort of Kumbhalgarh has perimeter walls that extend 36 kilometers, the second-longest continuous wall, after the Great Wall of China. The frontal walls are fifteen feet thick. Kumbhalgarh has seven fortified gateways. There are over 360 temples within the fort, 300 ancient Jain and the rest Hindu.

Our first view of the Krumbly place.


We followed two camels up the hill. We discussed at length what they were carrying, in the end we decided maybe it was drinking water for the workers.


We walked the wall the farthest point you can see.


One of the many gates. I think the camels were behind me here. One was sitting like you see them, all folded up and the other was standing.


Look under his belly between his legs, I had no idea they had a callas, for lack of a better word, to rest their chest on the ground.


Now we know why they do as they are told, I sure would if someone had a small rod through the soft tissue of my nose.  Cute  huh?  He was all for having his photo taken.


Bamboo and some kind of lashing to make scaffolding. We think they were washing the walls.


Part of the 36km of wall.


First Monkey sighting.


One of the several temples within the wall.


Mom and I were walking the wall.  The monkeys were everywhere. Look at  the tail…whew!


We walked some distance.


Another of the temples, if ya look hard you can see more wall going, going…whew!





Main wall from the outside.


Udaipur, comin at ya.

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