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Six years of adventure with pics to prove it.

Todgarh, Rajasthan India

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I have always been feet on the ground, haul my own luggage, public transport gal. I was under the impression when one hires a driver one has to sort out the itinerary and hotels. I figured he was driver only. What a mistake that was… at the beginning of the trip I was checking where we were going what the prices were, concerned I had to do my part… the more days we spend with Lahku the more I came to realize..we were in such good hands all I had to do was enjoy myself.  My guess was at some point Lahku had seen the itinerary I designed when talking to Tarun at Adventure Holiday Tours. He knew all the places I had on my list to see and we did see them all. Added to that he was listening when we said we liked the quiet places… I am telling you,  the two days we spend at the Hill Valley Resort in Todgarh was pure relaxing delight.

Truly people, hire a driver, tell him the things you enjoy, tell him the places you must see then let him sort it all out for you. Better yet, contact Adventure Holiday Tours and request Lahku.

We arrived early enough to have a short amount of time before heading out on a jeep to see the village. The room we were given was huge, on a corner of the building and had two picture windows in the bedroom area and a third very large window in the bathroom. I opened all of them including the door between the bath and bed to find the most refreshing breeze.  Woohoo, no beep beep, no traffic, no people coming and going. This place was my kind of quite.

Views from the room..

It may be a different time of year there would be more green, I was so pleased to have rural openness I didn’t much mind no green.


Mom dipped a toe in the pool, said it was just this side it ice.


I think this guy was cutting tree limbs for the sheep, they sure look like if was dinner time.


Right then, Todgarh is a small rural village named after Colonel James Tod of the East India Company. He was so enchanted by the aura of it he founded this small village. He built a church, jail, post office and other buildings. One of his residence building converted into a Jain temple known as Pragya Shikhar. He spend 20 years in the area.

The gentleman  driving the jeep with Lahku translating said Mr. Tod was one of the few people from the “british time” the Indians liked.

The church, for some reason it was painted blue.


The next three are what is left of a hospital. We asked why the locals were not making use of the buildings. We were told it all belonged to the Government. Hard to say what their plan is.





The jail spoken of was converted in to a children’s school, I have no pics cause I didn’t want to interrupt classes, foreigners in the area was enough to excite them.

At some point we saw a lady on her roof with what looked like tortillas, did ya know about every culture on the planet as a variation of bread?


Who needs an oven to dry things when you have a roof and sun. She offered us a taste, they were not yet completely dried  and HOLY hannah were they spicy.


For those of your wondering about Lahku, this is he in his Reebok wind breaker. Did I mention he has been driving tourists about his county for sixteen years. The guy was all smiles,  the picture of hygiene and his car was spotless.


We were next taken to a memorial, I was under the impression is was for Mr. Tod.. now I think I was not listening.   From Wikipedia : To keep Tulsi’s teachings immortal, followers built a memorial in the village of Todgarh named Mahashila Abhilekh. I also can not for the life of me find my pics of the place.. I found one here.

I did find my pics of the view from the area of  the memorial.


I loved the rocks!


Home, harvest and goats..what more do ya need?


We saw many a lady shifting branches, cow poos or harvest plants on this trip.


I think this was snapped  near the hospital. Not only are the crafts, clothes,  paintings and the like full of color but so are the birds.

We  were asked to meet Lahku and the jeep driver at 9am sharp the following morning, the program was what  they called “Train Tracking” or “Train Treking”. Lahku was very keen to make sure I understood it was a U-Turn train. I had no idea what  that meant but I was all kinds of willing to find out.

Back in the jeep we took  roads though small villages, I did not want to look so much a tourist so I placed the camera behind mom’s back facing behind the jeep.. I was not at all sure what kind of pics I would get.





Hanuman, the monkey God.  Now, we did a bit of reading, learning and talking about Hindi gods. It seems there are either 330 million or much fewer with many faces. It is all very complex. I found both this and this interesting. Nothing like a bit of travel to peek your curiosity.



Goats and sheep often were found together. As were ladies in bright colors with branches upon their heads.


We rode the jeep taking in the villages and rural areas to find ourselves at a train depot.  There were many people about, children, locals, a few tourists.  I am still not sure if tickets were purchased, or who did the purchasing.  Lahku would have told me where to get tickets if  they were needed.  The train arrived, we all boarded, much to my surprise Lahku went with us.  I was very pleased indeed he choose the end of a car cause I spend the whole of my time standing at the door watching the world go by. Both Mom, through Lahku,  and Lahku himself were chatting with various people.




Nice view.



I decided a U-turn train was one that tracked up one side of a valley, crossed the valley by way of a bridge then tracked back down the other side. The children were feeding birds and monkeys. I think it was mostly about the monkeys but the birds were getting in on the game.


You can see the track just past mid way down those hills. We are now on the other side.

I liked this pic.






Then it was flatish again. The train stopped in a tiny place called Phulad. The jeep and driver met us there. It was good fun and a diversion from all the historical sites.


The road out of town was being re-surfaced. Ladies in their bright colors hand moving rock with what looked  like bread bowls to me.  Whew, hard work.


We had a afternoon free to do as we pleased, I parked myself at a window to observe the happenings. Mostly I counted goats but…


I watched the bird for a long time, wishing he would show be his brilliance.  He did in the end but be danged if I was fast enough with my camera.  He looks like this in flight. Wikipedia says he is an Indian Roller.


I saw this woman come over the hill from my left… she went directly to this tree, mind you there are a few to choose from so why this one.


At some point a voice came to my ears, as I looked out the window my brain realized the lady in the tree was talking on a cell phone. This seemed a bit out of place to me.


Finished with her conversation she continued with the tree.


Next thing I know she has it all bundled, on her head, going back the way she came.  Tis a wacky place India.


Mom and I walked a bit before heading off to Rathambore. I like the shadows in this one.


A few from along the road. ..


More harvesting of some sort of grain.


And then there was a cliff wall.


Ranthambore is next..

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