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By Gosh, By Golly,

Filed under: Interlude — she_travels at 11:04 am on Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We are all caught up…woohoo! Man. I hope I never get that far behind again.

I am back on the island of Roatan. The 1st week I spent with Bob Marley and all their fuzzy friends. I am now living with Miss Gato whose parents went to Colorado to visit family and work in a bit of skiing.

It has been cold and raining/pouring off and on since I arrived. I was only in the pool at Bob Marley’s house once and that was just to see if I could talk myself into it. Rain water and no sunshine make for a very chilly pool.

Kitty and I have been updating both the blog and the web site. I still have several stories to write but at least all the photos I have with me are posted.

I shift to a new place Saturday. It is a new area for me,  should be fun to meet new people and hang out in a new place. The cabin  on a bit of iron shore, a point, with a huge ocean view and plenty of opportunity for sunset photos.

I will be here until March 19th when I go back to Colorado for Spring Break.

Kitty is batting the screen door, her code for “Door person, get up off  your hinnie and let me out.”

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