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Six years of adventure with pics to prove it.

California Redwoods

Filed under: Road Trip — she_travels at 9:44 pm on Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Next we have…. more trees.

7.1.09 1

Do ya not love fog? I snapped this shot four times trying to get one without a car..just was not in the cards that day.

7.1.09 2

7.1.09 4

These two may be the last of the coast.

7.1.09 5

7.1.09 6

7.1.09 7

See the human walkway below…that tree is huge.

7.1.09 8

7.1.09 10

These trees pretty much refuse to die, this one was harvested once upon a time and instead of giving up it started new smaller trunks from the original huge trunk. They all it the Cathedral Tree cause if its look.

7.1.09 12

7.1.09 11

If ya can look at the pic above (the base) and the one above it (the top) together. It is all the same tree. Albeit the light is wacky, fog will do that.

7.1.09 13

Now, that would have been a sight to see, all those mammoth trees about.

7.1.09 14

Nice view from the top of the hill.

7.1.09 15

7.1.09 16

Tree tops.


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I have been wandering the streets if Long Beach while my friends are at work. I managed to get all my errands done..Woohoo. Tomorrow very early I am getting on a jet plane for the emerald island.

Some pics of the walks I have been taking of late. The most are of Long Beach area. The ones taken at night are of Hollywood.

Some very cool, old buildings about.

I am standing in Bluff Park looking down a long beach.

The island is actually an oil rig.

Hollywood Blvd, see the stars from the walk of fame?

Godzilla to Speilberg.

Ok battery is gone, I gotta go.

Long Beach, California

Filed under: Interlude — she_travels at 1:43 pm on Monday, April 30, 2007

Did ya know there is a “long beach” here. I know cause we walked a bit of it yesterday. The haze was a bit to thick to see much but it was a delightful walk with “The Boys”

“The Boys” being the guys I met in Honduras last year while visiting an eco lodge. We were there to hike, raft and kayak. The three of us were getting along so well when I went back to West Bay I brought them with me.

We had a grand ole time yesterday afternoon, walking what felt a huge loop from the house to the sea, then back through a bit of Long Beach. We were on a street that reminded me much of Pearl in Boulder, live music, bars, high end shops, art stores, and plenty of dogs.

They were off to work this morning. I am left sorting my stuff while attemptimg to organize for the next leg of my adventure.

Oops, I forgot to mention, “The Boys” and I finally connected yesterday.

Hurry up!!.. Wait

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I am sitting at the Roatan airport.

Gerrilee had to leave West Bay sooner than I thought, good thing the maids wanted in so I got out of the room a bit eariler than I had expected. We had a nice chat about this and that on the way here. He was kind enough to carry my pack all the way to the front of the Delta Que. He saw someone he needed to talk to and said he would be back to say goodbye.

I asked the lady to put me as close to the front of the plane as possible. She said the plane was as full as it can get so switching seats can’t be done. When I got the boarding pass back the time if the flight said 1200. Here I thought it was a 130 flight. There are at least two other direct flights to the states long about the same time.

I plopped myself at Gate 1, which is one of two doors to the plane tarmac. Yes, in this place one must walk outside, along the tarmac in the heat while attempting to spy the correct plane with a set of stairs to climb on. (I was lucky this trip, there was only one Delta plane available, the other two were Continental) The other door is behind the wall in front of me and it’s only for domestic flights. I always wonder, if while sitting here I miss the flight cause the PA system is so poor. Usually I find another person on my flight and keep track of them.

Anywho,  I am about out of battery life, the reason for the entry is the passport issues I thought I was having. They disappeared with the breeze this morning. I paid the $33 departure tax, moved up the customs guy. I started to tell him the pink bit of paper was lost and he said “Spanish?” I shook my head. He puttered about with the passport for a bit. Picked up a paper like the one I lost and gave me a questioning look. I said “Lost” while opening my empty hands. He found a blank one, handed it to me, I filled it out, he stamped the passport and away I went.

At this point in the story ya wonder what I had my shorts in a bunch about. Well, there is some discussion about having to check in with immigration every thirty days, get a new stamp and pay them $20. There was a guy on the plane down who said he had over stayed his stamp and they were very vexed with him in addition to charging him a fee. I was bit concerned they were going to charge me the $20 per month plus the “we are displeased with you fee”

I am starting to think, like so many other things in the world, it depends on your behavior and the emotional state of the person in control.  Had the guy with the passport been feeling crabby it may have gone differently. As it was not so much did he blink an eye. 

I am telling ya everything works out, there is no need to panic or get yourself in a mood others can’t deal with.

On to the next bit, concentrating on understanding the PA system so I don’t miss my flight. The people going  to Houston are all lined up to board now.  

4.29.07 Early in any time zone

It is 4:45 here, my watch says 2:45. I am going to a place where the sun comes up 4 hours sooner than where I am currently standing.  I leave here, sit on the plane just under 5 hours and arrrive one hour later. Travel, its enough to entice the strongest of people over the edge.

I guess we are back to “Time!! it is the wackiest of things.”

I have a note about the airport crazies in Honduras but it’s in the other computer. This is the hotel computer. Honest I will get”the blog, the blog” cleaned up soon.

I was emailed a phone number for my friends in LA so I think that will come together after all.  See, ya just gotta let the universe take care of ya, everything turns out in the end.  

4.29.07 Many hours later depending on your time zone.

I made it to LA. The flight was L..O..N..G but it went just fine. The plane was about empty so I had a whole row to myself. I am short enough I can curl up on three seats and be fairly comfy. Once in the air I did just that, managed to spend four hours dozing and sleeping.

I woke up just in time to have the snack Delta was offering and connect to the airline computer to see there were 27 minutes left of flight. Gotta love those tiny screens in the seats. They had a fair selection of movies but wanted 5 bucks per viewing. Shezz! I hope the during the Chicago Ireland leg the movies are free. Different airline so perhaps I will get lucky.

There was an email last night from the friends I am suppose to meet here. I am having hard time getting in touch with them. I found a machine that offers phone cards. It says no connection fees but its lying. There were suppose to be 25 minutes for 10 dollars but it only allowed me to make two called of about 3 minutes each. There is a connection fee, they take it out of your minutes. Far to expensive for me. It took some doing but I finally found a few computers lining a wall, they are 25 cents a minute. So,I tossed the guys an email telling them I would try back in an hour or so. If they is no reply I think I will trek back to baggage claim to find a hotel for this evening giving me a much time to connected with them.

I have had about all I can stand of airports and would dearly love to find a place to plop my bags so I can track down a Target. I need to find a post office or post net to ship some stuff to Colo as well.

My hour of waiting is about up, I should trot over to the dollar computers.