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Six years of adventure with pics to prove it.


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The Gateway to  Preah Ang Tho, a colorful shrine that attracts Buddhist pilgrims from throughout Cambodia. Long ago, a sleeping Buddha was carved here onto the side of a single, massive stone. Over the centuries, the sacred image has slowly risen above the eroding jungle floor so that it may now be viewed only by climbing a narrow ladder.*** Seems they found way to carve a set of stairs in the rock..I don’t remember a ladder.

People making donations from the new tile in the temple above.

I was on the Temple platform.

The other side.

Lotus flowers to leave in and around the Budda in the temple.

The River of 1000 Lingas, a powerful sacred site for Cambodians, even today. Close to a kilometer of living stone lining the stream bed has been sculpted with hundreds of stone lingas (Hindu phallic carvings), a legacy of 9th century God-kings, and a reminder that this forest was an important spiritual center even before Angkor Wat. Downstream, the carvings culminate at the edge of a magnificent waterfall. If you visit on a weekend, the place will be filled with Cambodians who come for ritual baths in the river, often taking some of its holy water home with them. This is still a holy place for Khmer.

The top of the waterfall.  If it is look familiar perhaps you saw Tomb Raider,  Lady Croft was standing there and jumped,  in the first movie.

One of our guides sitting in the hut where we had lunch, you can see the river front of him.

Cambodia, Angkor Wat

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A dirty little border town between Thailand and Cambodia. Many people come through on their way to Siam Reap to see Ankor Wat Temples.

Cambodia as a country is a bowl, mountains on all sides with very flat in the middle. When it rains it floods..everything.

Angkor Wat : Everyone should visit this place!

The picture above could be my favorite of all the images I took with in SEA.


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Whew! Last day in Bangkok, last day in South East Asia.

Quick thoughts before going to find some food…

*I don’t think anyone should come to this part of the world and not see Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

*History lessons from friends you meet along the way are grand.

*Vietnam is not all jungle and I may go back one day.

*The beaches I saw in Thailand do not compare to Roatan.

*The Mekong river is HUGE! It truly is hot and humid!

I begin the crazy that is the route to Colorado at 330 am July 1st, tonight, or tomorrow depending on how you look at. I travel a hour by bus to the airport, check in at 530, wait til 830 to board, fly 4.5 hours to Taiwan, wait 2 hours to board another plane, (this is the rough one) 13 hours to LAX, wait 7 hours to board the last leg of the journey, 2.5 hours to land in Denver just past midnight.

Thirty-seven hours and 13 time zones.  WHEW! Pray for me!

Hmm wonder if my math is correct?

My phone should be working when I land LA, it will be 2pm LA time.

I promise to get started on the photos sooner than later.