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Six years of adventure with pics to prove it.

Back Again

Filed under: Colorado,Travel Plans — she_travels at 8:43 pm on Monday, April 11, 2011

I arrived  in Colorado March 17th, whew,  just in time for Spring Break… I survived..woohooo! There was much going on less the snow of the past few years. It all worked out swimmingly. The week after Spring Break was a bit of a killer as well.

I am happily down to two properties all of five minutes apart with three horses and three dogs.

I am expertly avoiding my taxes by making cupcakes for a friend’s birthday and sorting photos to take to Washington State the 14th. I friend has invited me to her social event of the season, a scrap booking retreat…should be good fun if I can just decide what to do with the pics I am taking.

Right then ,fast update you have.

This and That

Filed under: Colorado — she_travels at 7:13 pm on Sunday, October 17, 2010

Summer is pretty much over,  finally cooler evenings, and rain tomorrow!!  Woohoo!

Penny and Naiya, two labs with different owners came back into my life this summer. I think Mad Mad Mattie Mat is back as well, might have to pop by to collect her for a hike one day soon.

I was able to spend time with many dear fuzzy friends in Boulder this summer. Rollie, a huge fuzzy hoot of a Newfoundland believes me his very own chew toy. Scruffles, ever the clown dog, entertained me for many days in August. Jack and I hung out for a few weeks walking and selling wine for his parents.

New friends include Wheeler (an aussie) and his sister Lucy (Miss Pug) who live next to a golf course with  trails and ponds among the homes, truly delightful walks. Emma (golden) and her brother Motek (greyhound) also became friends this summer.

Sadly  two of my oldest and dearest fuzzy friends died this summer. Ali, the most wonderful yellow lab left us at thirteen, I had known her from age eight months. She spent a lot of time at my house years ago. Great fun we had out hiking and horse back riding with Penny, a chocolate lab, who also died this summer at age thirteen.

Man!  did those dogs loved water. I remember hot summer days standing in Boulder Creek pitching a ball for the both of them. We were all soaked and happy.

My very most favorite horse friend died this summer as well. I bought him at age three, we had ten adventure filled years to play before he was hurt beyond repair at thirteen. I retired him to my parents place, 80 acres and two other horses to play with. They said he was fine one evening and gone the next morning. As sad as it is, I am thankful there was little suffering involved. I tell ya I have ridden nine zillion horses and he truly was the coolest four hooved critter I ever had the pleasure to spend time with. Many years of fun soaked memories he gave me.

I think I have Jackson’s parents pinned down to plans in January.

My mother has wanted to to see Patagonia for some amount of time. I may do part of her trip with her husband with them and add a few bits here had there on my own.

So, it is looking like parts of South America February and March of 2011.

Note to self ~ renew passport.


Filed under: Colorado — she_travels at 6:03 am on Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I am in the middle of Spring Break (five clients out of town) , tis the reason I come back to Colo at this time of year other wise  would still be wandering some far off land.

We had snow last night, they were saying up to 11 inches last night and another 5 inches today. It is still dark out so I am not sure yet just how bad it is.

Anywho, I am hoping I can get back to pics and stories later this week or the first part of next week.

The whole of the trip was great fun and I am already attempting to shape my world for another visit.

Wish me luck today… between shoveling snow to get  in and out of these homes/barns I have to deal with nasty arse road conditions.  Not to worry though, the sun will be back tomorrow with just short of 50 degrees. Ya gotta love Colo weather.


Filed under: Colorado — she_travels at 3:20 pm on Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Can you say “Current Blog!!!”  woohoo!! Yipeee.

I spent a week of Jan with Jackson the wonder dog and his family’s wine biz, then a week back with the cutie pie puppy dog (Bear) and now…yes people NOW. I am living with Otis and Missy along with their burro friends.

Vegas09 45

Otis is the larger one.  The plastic containers behind his tail are full of my “go to the middle east” and “stay here” stuff. I am almost organized.

Vegas09 46

Vegas09 47

They really are that fun! The owners called last night , when I mentioned Missy was playing both with me and with Otis he replied “What they are not sitting in the north window pining away for us?” I said “Nope, and I have pics to prove it.”

Alrighty, I am off to sort and pack for my next big adventure.
I gotta get some errands done tomorrow, bank, post office and a new pair of ear buds for my MP3 player.

Snow you say?

Filed under: Colorado — she_travels at 3:11 pm on Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ya know I think I picked up my mother in Grand Junction on the way back from Cali. I had a client with a sick dog who needed 6 injections an hour apart and there was no way I could do that and Elvis and Mack, so mom got the job. I was still doing the horses but mom was handling the 3 dogs and 4 cats.  She had to bail out of town before the big snow hit, whew end of Oct and we got 26 inches of snow. No pics, what happened there? I was so busy digging out I forgot to take any.

November I was back in Evergreen for just over a week, then I had a client near Boulder go to New Zealand for a month.

Vegas09 39

I found this…

Vegas09 40


Vegas09 41

and this in her back yard during that time.

Vegas09 42

I lived with this kitty and…

Vegas09 43

This adorable puppy dog for several days over Christmas. Mom came back to help out with pretty much anything I needed. It was a odd sorta busy Holiday but the weather was good and it all went swimmingly.

Vegas09 44

How cute is he? Dude’s ears are longer than his face. We went out for daily walks on open space, what fun we had meeting other dogs and playing in the snow.

Full Circle

Filed under: Road Trip — she_travels at 11:25 pm on Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Did I ever mention my parents live on 80 acres with all manner critter? Mom’s husband pretty much names them all, though he didn’t get a chance to formally introduce me to…

7.2.09 33

7.2.09 35

Glenwood Springs

7.2.09 36

More greens and reds.

7.2.09 37

At some point I realized I have many pics of the space along I70 but none between Vail and traffic..here ya go.  Mind you it was a bit moist out (late-June).

7.2.09 38

7.2.09 39

Yeah, it’s fuzzy, that happens when you are traveling at 60 miles an hour.

7.2.09 40

From the top of Vail Pass looking toward Copper Mountain.

7.2.09 41

Copper from the top of Vail Pass.

7.2.09 42

Part of Copper Village, not much there but it is my favorite place to ski. The range of mountains to the left of the pick is the “Ten Mile Range”, Breckenridge is on the other side.

7.2.09 43

The one above and the one below are taken between Copper and Frisco. Notice the brown beetle killed trees.

7.2.09 44

7.2.09 45

Dillon Lake ~ this one and the next two.

7.2.09 46

A bit of Frisco in the distance.

7.2.09 47

7.2.09 48

Traffic…yuck, it started just past Frisco, Dillon Lake is to my right.

7.2.09 49

7.2.09 50

7.2.09 51

Loveland Ski Area

7.2.09 52

Oh yeah, it only takes one someone to do something silly when everyone on the road has to pay for it.

7.2.09 53

I figured since we were stopped anyway I could snap this. Old Mine, Colorado is full of em.

7.2.09 54

More traffic.  At this point I had to get on the phone to let people know I was going to be late. Twas a grand trip, 14 days, great fun was had by all.

There ya have it, road trip done….whew! that took awhile.

I did a house sit in Cali in Sept or October, had a quick stop in Vegas. I will get those pics up in the next few days, just as soon as I find them.

Aspen abound

Filed under: Colorado — she_travels at 11:55 am on Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Whew, the sun finally came back..we were starting to worry.  I think it’s been close to a week of fog, dark clouds, big arse thunder boomers and rain, lots and lots  of rain. The temps have been in the 50’s, fleece weather for sure.

The cats decided tag was the best way to burn off steam, right up until Romeo, the doberman, choose to put a stop to that kind of fun. Ya know, dogs don’t chase cats….til the cat runs, then all bets are off.  Romeo would never hurt them, he has funny behavior, when ever is thinks he wants in on cat games he stuffs one of his many toys in is face and whines.  I  s’pose that is far better than barking and cat killing.

I found a few pics of Zoey and Veda as well.


Ya gotta keep them on leashes cause if they see a deer, no amount of calling will bring them back until they are good and ready, that could be days. Loosing client’s dogs is bad for business.





One day I will better understand why cats are so attracted to my computer.


Veda does love a good game of fetch.


Zoey, I thought at first this kitty was afraid of the dogs, then I realized she was playing ” catch me if you can”. Her extended paw here was just shy of nailing Romeo in the behind.  Yesterday Zoey was on the bed and Romeo was under, Zoey was running from one side of the bed to the other trying to tag Romeo who was chasing her from under  the bed. I was laughing pretty hard at the whole thing.

I leave this wonderful place Sat, going back to Boulder County to hang about with a clients’ horses while they are away in Europe.

In the hills n mountains of Colorado

Filed under: Colorado — she_travels at 8:11 am on Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oh yes, I have arrived in the land of elk, deer and fox.  Where one must have all the critters in the house by sundown or my huge fuzzy friend Romeo (the doberman) may well end up being the local mountain lion’s dinner.

Romeo’s is an old friend from the days when I had a house, he has three friends living with him.

Veda a seemingly young Golden.

Neo, a cat I would love to pack up and take with me. She knows how to cuddle and she knows how to be a cat. I am forever teasing her about having the softest coat ever, I think I will use it as a fur.

Zoey lives here too, she spends most of her time in the loft or breakfast nook in squirrel patrol. Ahh but if ya walk in the bath room she appears from nothing, hops in the tub and stretches a paw to the water source. I think she, like many other kitties, loves fresh water. I know cats who sleep in the bathroom sink just waiting for someone to show up so they can have the freshest water possible.

We are 20 minutes from cell phone range of any kind, thank goodness the internet connection works…whew!

I was out walking the dogs my 1st day here in shorts, I woke up the next morning to snow. The day was foggy, cold and wet.

Yesterday I zipped 1.5 hours down the hill to pick up another dog. Miss Ivy, she is a bit of a traveler these days being I am often someplace new, she is such a delightful dog who just loves me to bits, she will go anywhere with me and be just fine.

The two goldens, Veda and Ivy are having a grand time racing up and around trees in the back yard. Well, not so much yard as 2 acres of fenced wooded space, gotta have a fence cause when dogs see deer they can no longer hear, anyone.

The house is an old hunter’s cabin with a huge rock being used as the foundation. Its truly is a unique place.

Alrighty, on to some photos.

Romeo as he sleeps and with several of his stacks and stacks of toys.

Ms. Neo….

The wood burning stove is going full throttle.

Squish Kitty!

My fav, kitty in a tube sleepin in the sun.

Dang, I will have a snap a pic or two of Zoey… seems she was lost in this batch. I have another couple of weeks so all is good.

House built on a rock and Veda, he who spends most of his time either on the deck  spying foxes or around the corner chasing balls I throw down the drive.

Primary source of heat. Wacky ceiling  huh? It’s a very cool, fun, funky place in the hills.

Fog one day….

Clear the next…

Deer and humming birds both from the deck.

Those dudes are FAST!!

Spring Break 2009

Filed under: Colorado,Educational — she_travels at 2:15 pm on Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Alrighty, being I am the person who works when everyone else plays, it will come at no shock to you I am working my tail off over here. Spring Break in sunny Colorado. Ok, maybe not my tail being I am online with an update but still…
10 horses
10 dogs
11 cats
1 goat
2 bunnies
4 chickens
and last but not least a Gecko. Who.. yes, folks has to be hand fed.

All these critters are scattered on five properties with the longest distance of about 14 miles, would be 10 but they closed a road so I gotta go up and around. Shezz!

My days are entertaining!

Who wants to work in a boring old job where things are always the same. Hand feeding a Gecko, ya just don’t get this kind of entertainment in your everyday life, do ya?

Just so as ya get the true picture of hand feeding a gecko. With tweezers in hand ya open the plastic bag, with a bit of egg carton for food, the crickets are kept in, insert your hand, with tweezers, to grab a cricket by is middle. It’s a huge challenge because those dudes are fast!

I failed last night several times. At one point I was sure the cricket I missed was about to crawl out of the bag up my arm I gave high pitched girly squeak that scared the snot of the dogs.

Once one has all their ducks in a row with a cricket firmly in the grasp of tweezers ya gotta dip said cricket in a power stuff I am sure is some vitamin, mineral, or maybe just a gecko antacid.

Now then Mr. Gecko has never been all that fast on the uptake. When I first met him two years ago the owner was feeding him crickets but only on the rare occasion did the lizard actually hold up his end of the dining dilemma. In the end the owner had to remove two of the cricket’s legs so the silly, perhaps blind, lizard would have a fighting chance. Later they found meal worms worked better but then the gecko got sick, yeah, I don’t know the details suffice to say geckos can’t eat meal worms for long stretches of time.

Dipped cricket firmly in hand ya stick him right in front of the gecko’s face if in fact he wants a bit of food he goes for it pretty quick, ya gotta turn loose when he does. Whew! One cricket down, now I get to repeat the process.

I was not nearly as lucky with the second cricket last night, dude was tough and got out of my firm grasp twice. Ya shoulda seen me chasing a cricket with a pair of tweezers about the gecko’s glass house. It was some pretty funny stuff.

There ya have it two lizard stories half a world apart.

Client just called, she is out of the house I am moving into today. I better pack up my toys and go.

By Gosh, By Golly,

Filed under: Interlude — she_travels at 11:04 am on Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We are all caught up…woohoo! Man. I hope I never get that far behind again.

I am back on the island of Roatan. The 1st week I spent with Bob Marley and all their fuzzy friends. I am now living with Miss Gato whose parents went to Colorado to visit family and work in a bit of skiing.

It has been cold and raining/pouring off and on since I arrived. I was only in the pool at Bob Marley’s house once and that was just to see if I could talk myself into it. Rain water and no sunshine make for a very chilly pool.

Kitty and I have been updating both the blog and the web site. I still have several stories to write but at least all the photos I have with me are posted.

I shift to a new place Saturday. It is a new area for me,  should be fun to meet new people and hang out in a new place. The cabin  on a bit of iron shore, a point, with a huge ocean view and plenty of opportunity for sunset photos.

I will be here until March 19th when I go back to Colorado for Spring Break.

Kitty is batting the screen door, her code for “Door person, get up off  your hinnie and let me out.”

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