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Six years of adventure with pics to prove it.

Nothing? Me? Nahh!

Filed under: Colorado,Horses — she_travels at 9:51 pm on Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just so ya don’t think I have been doing nothing….

I have been cleaning a client’s barn ….

with help from Rollie to

clean stalls and….

sweep when he was not…

Playing with his corgi pal or…

Toby the baby horse who..

wanted a portrait.

I had to bribe Seven, look at the snake ears compared to Toby.

Even one of the two Corgis wanted in on the photo game.

Once the barn was done….

Jack the wonder dog and I went out for a game of chase the round thing. Look at  that focus, he was waiting for me to move the ball, he didn’t so much care how, he was just in it for the chase.

Jack’s pic and…

this one of Bo the Thug, his parents nicknamed him, not me, were taken the same day. Bo and his sister Savannah joined me for a walk after I took Jack home to recuperate. We all came home dusted with powered sugar snow.

That was pretty much my day today. It was a good  day!


Filed under: Colorado — she_travels at 9:27 pm on Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This would be a blog up to date.  Woohoo! Doesn’t happen often as much as I try.

I am currently in Boulder County living with a very cute (note to self, find camera, snap shots of Jango and Flower) black maybe Border Collie something by the name of Flower and her brother Jango who may be a Samoyed something. I have been here a few days and we are settling in to a pattern which includes twice daily walks. I am enjoying the exercise and the clown factor of Flower.

The calendar is under the impression I will be in Boulder County at least through Aug. Truly it is hard to say what may happen between now and then.

We had a bit of nasty storm pass through this evening, the scent of rain is in the air..perfect sleeping weather.

I will get pics soon.

Enjoy the up to date blog!


Filed under: Colorado — she_travels at 3:20 pm on Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Can you say “Current Blog!!!”  woohoo!! Yipeee.

I spent a week of Jan with Jackson the wonder dog and his family’s wine biz, then a week back with the cutie pie puppy dog (Bear) and now…yes people NOW. I am living with Otis and Missy along with their burro friends.

Vegas09 45

Otis is the larger one.  The plastic containers behind his tail are full of my “go to the middle east” and “stay here” stuff. I am almost organized.

Vegas09 46

Vegas09 47

They really are that fun! The owners called last night , when I mentioned Missy was playing both with me and with Otis he replied “What they are not sitting in the north window pining away for us?” I said “Nope, and I have pics to prove it.”

Alrighty, I am off to sort and pack for my next big adventure.
I gotta get some errands done tomorrow, bank, post office and a new pair of ear buds for my MP3 player.

Snow you say?

Filed under: Colorado — she_travels at 3:11 pm on Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ya know I think I picked up my mother in Grand Junction on the way back from Cali. I had a client with a sick dog who needed 6 injections an hour apart and there was no way I could do that and Elvis and Mack, so mom got the job. I was still doing the horses but mom was handling the 3 dogs and 4 cats.  She had to bail out of town before the big snow hit, whew end of Oct and we got 26 inches of snow. No pics, what happened there? I was so busy digging out I forgot to take any.

November I was back in Evergreen for just over a week, then I had a client near Boulder go to New Zealand for a month.

Vegas09 39

I found this…

Vegas09 40


Vegas09 41

and this in her back yard during that time.

Vegas09 42

I lived with this kitty and…

Vegas09 43

This adorable puppy dog for several days over Christmas. Mom came back to help out with pretty much anything I needed. It was a odd sorta busy Holiday but the weather was good and it all went swimmingly.

Vegas09 44

How cute is he? Dude’s ears are longer than his face. We went out for daily walks on open space, what fun we had meeting other dogs and playing in the snow.

Olympic Peninsula…who?

Filed under: Road Trip — she_travels at 10:31 pm on Monday, January 25, 2010

Part of the reason I travel is cause I learn new, it  may be most of the reason,  though I do have an almost pathological need to see what is around the next corner.

I had see many a mountain on this trip. I needed me some sun and sea to play in, the map  suggested the best way to get to the sea was to go by way of highway 20 taking a ferry from the east side to Port Townsend on the west, hmm wonder what they call the bit of water.

Being I don’t plan much of anything I didn’t know,  if you truly wanted a spot on the ferry you were to call the day before, though they do have several spots for drive ups one could be waiting awhile, I was in no hurry and it was still day light.


Look familiar?  I waited in line, was not allowed on the 1st ferry to show was assured I would be on the next one. I got out of the car, wandered around a bit then when back to the car to play with my computer.

I was parked in a line with one other car who didn’t get on the 1st ferry. The two lines of space next to me started to full in, these were people who had reserved space the day before. At some point I saw an older lady with two dogs  walking between the cars. I shut my door so they could pass then saw the dogs, one was a classic Pomeranian, the other one was the size of a Pom but his coat looked more like a baby husky, full of fluff.

As I often do while out and about in the world, I asked the lady what on earth the fluffy dog was. She said with no hesitation, “He is a Pom too.”  She also mentioned she gets alot of attention with him cause he loves everyone has much as everyone loves him.

We chatted for a spell when she suggested I lock up my car and go for a walk with she and the dogs, there was still plenty of time before the ferry came aback and we would be able to see it.

By the time we go back to the cars she had decided she wanted me to meet her family.  “You don’t have any plans, why not come home (Port Angeles, on the Olympic Penn) with me?”

“Yeah, sure why not.”

I followed Ms. Pat home from the ferry and stayed two days with she and her family. We sliced three flats of strawberries, had long chats about nothing, made bread and cinnamon rolls and painted all of my fingernails electric blue. It was truly a delightful few days and a nice rest from the nonstop road.


Cute huh?

I gotta tell ya if ya plan every minute, there is no room for the unexpected.

A few pics from the ferry ride…



Musta found some fishes.


They looked like whirlpools to me, but I know nothing of such things.


Birds, birds and more birds, cool pic though!

Aspen abound

Filed under: Colorado — she_travels at 11:55 am on Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Whew, the sun finally came back..we were starting to worry.  I think it’s been close to a week of fog, dark clouds, big arse thunder boomers and rain, lots and lots  of rain. The temps have been in the 50’s, fleece weather for sure.

The cats decided tag was the best way to burn off steam, right up until Romeo, the doberman, choose to put a stop to that kind of fun. Ya know, dogs don’t chase cats….til the cat runs, then all bets are off.  Romeo would never hurt them, he has funny behavior, when ever is thinks he wants in on cat games he stuffs one of his many toys in is face and whines.  I  s’pose that is far better than barking and cat killing.

I found a few pics of Zoey and Veda as well.


Ya gotta keep them on leashes cause if they see a deer, no amount of calling will bring them back until they are good and ready, that could be days. Loosing client’s dogs is bad for business.





One day I will better understand why cats are so attracted to my computer.


Veda does love a good game of fetch.


Zoey, I thought at first this kitty was afraid of the dogs, then I realized she was playing ” catch me if you can”. Her extended paw here was just shy of nailing Romeo in the behind.  Yesterday Zoey was on the bed and Romeo was under, Zoey was running from one side of the bed to the other trying to tag Romeo who was chasing her from under  the bed. I was laughing pretty hard at the whole thing.

I leave this wonderful place Sat, going back to Boulder County to hang about with a clients’ horses while they are away in Europe.

In the hills n mountains of Colorado

Filed under: Colorado — she_travels at 8:11 am on Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oh yes, I have arrived in the land of elk, deer and fox.  Where one must have all the critters in the house by sundown or my huge fuzzy friend Romeo (the doberman) may well end up being the local mountain lion’s dinner.

Romeo’s is an old friend from the days when I had a house, he has three friends living with him.

Veda a seemingly young Golden.

Neo, a cat I would love to pack up and take with me. She knows how to cuddle and she knows how to be a cat. I am forever teasing her about having the softest coat ever, I think I will use it as a fur.

Zoey lives here too, she spends most of her time in the loft or breakfast nook in squirrel patrol. Ahh but if ya walk in the bath room she appears from nothing, hops in the tub and stretches a paw to the water source. I think she, like many other kitties, loves fresh water. I know cats who sleep in the bathroom sink just waiting for someone to show up so they can have the freshest water possible.

We are 20 minutes from cell phone range of any kind, thank goodness the internet connection works…whew!

I was out walking the dogs my 1st day here in shorts, I woke up the next morning to snow. The day was foggy, cold and wet.

Yesterday I zipped 1.5 hours down the hill to pick up another dog. Miss Ivy, she is a bit of a traveler these days being I am often someplace new, she is such a delightful dog who just loves me to bits, she will go anywhere with me and be just fine.

The two goldens, Veda and Ivy are having a grand time racing up and around trees in the back yard. Well, not so much yard as 2 acres of fenced wooded space, gotta have a fence cause when dogs see deer they can no longer hear, anyone.

The house is an old hunter’s cabin with a huge rock being used as the foundation. Its truly is a unique place.

Alrighty, on to some photos.

Romeo as he sleeps and with several of his stacks and stacks of toys.

Ms. Neo….

The wood burning stove is going full throttle.

Squish Kitty!

My fav, kitty in a tube sleepin in the sun.

Dang, I will have a snap a pic or two of Zoey… seems she was lost in this batch. I have another couple of weeks so all is good.

House built on a rock and Veda, he who spends most of his time either on the deck  spying foxes or around the corner chasing balls I throw down the drive.

Primary source of heat. Wacky ceiling  huh? It’s a very cool, fun, funky place in the hills.

Fog one day….

Clear the next…

Deer and humming birds both from the deck.

Those dudes are FAST!!

Back on Track

Filed under: Colorado — she_travels at 3:13 pm on Friday, April 24, 2009

I spent the first few days out of the hospital with a old friend, Penny the Chocolate Lab,  who is 12 this year.   I think I met her when she was a year old, maybe two. Dear old friend,  who,  I kid you not,  can tell time.  Back in the day when I was more pet sitter than house sitter, I was usually  getting ready to leave the house to feed horses about 4pm on any given day. Miss Penny,  the princess,  would start to pacing and whining about 330.  Running from  me to the door, I could hear her saying “Time to feed the horse, time to feed the horse. Come on I know its time to feed the horse.”

Miss Penny has settled down some since the old days but she still is not about to miss a meal, long about five o’clock she would start pacing, “Dinner, Dinner”.  She truly was very kind to me the first few days out of the hospital.

I would have a picture but this is not my computer.

From Penny’s house I went to Ivy’s home. She is another dear old friend, Miss Ivy, the golden retriever, has been visiting with me from her eights months bday, she is now eight years old.  I was also feeding another clients horses so Ivy and I were going on twice daily field trips to see the horses and wander about the 10 acres they lived on. Ivy has always been one of my favorite people.  Shoot, I have pics of her…gotta get one up.

I had the last of my follow up appointments Monday, the docs are pleased with my recovery though they are saying its possible I had some thing other than diverticulitis cause I bounced back so fast. I tried to explain to them I am tougher than I look. We are now unsure of what  the problem was but the good news is…I am just fine, not a worry in the world do I have.

I am currently living with a German Shepherd by the name of Elsie, she may be 6 now and I have been her friend since she was 10 months. She is a fetching fool of a dog, extremity easy to entertain.  The computer is situated in the house in such a way to can toss a ball out the back door. so I can type while she is chasing and still play with her.  She really is fun.

Dang, Elise and I gotta go feed horses.

Mr. Scruffles

Filed under: Colorado — she_travels at 12:02 pm on Sunday, April 19, 2009

The week of Spring Break was a wild one to say the least. In addition to all the silliness from the previous post, the part of Colorado I was in landed between 14″ and 22″ of snow depending on where you were. It was a bit of a challenge for several days to get all the animals taken care of.

My bright spot was Scruffles the clown dog I was living with. He is one of those fancy designer canines called a Labberdoodle, part Yellow Labrador Retriever and part Standard Poodle. I can tell you this particular dog got the best of both breeds. He is a clown like most Standard Poodles yet has the velcro loyalty of the Lab. He didn’t know me from Adam but I could not loose him. Truly a delightful companion for the week of Spring Break.

Mr. Scruffles after stealing a toy from he horse friend.

Getting his Highness out of he car after having gone on several adventures to other barns was a bit of a challenge. He was not about to let me get off the property without him.

Several hours later….

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Ahh yes kitty at sunset so we should prolly  show you the sunset also.

I love the clouds in this one.

As promised a pic of my scorpion friend.

Yuck huh? Just gives me the creepy crawlies. I went out for a walk while waiting for my roommates to wake up to help me deal with the nasty beast.


It was nice out this day.

We found some fun things in the shallow water.

Seaslug? This was taken through maybe a foot of water.

Blue legs… cool huh?

Three different Starfish in the same day. All taken through 6-12 inches of water.

Crazy cool color..don’t ya think?

Little Mangrove got lost…his friends are to the left a fair distance.

I am not sure if it was the next day or some days later the weather changed but change it did.

Gone is the quiet “lap, lap” of a wave..now you have huge crashing against the reef where the waves turn white.

Then here are a few pics from my second visit to the first house I sat down here. They were taken at sunset.

Ironshore. Fossilized coral from what I understand.

The wave comes in…

The wave goes out. By the bye ~the camera and I were splashed while attempting these pics. Yes, the reason my camera died…salt water is a “no, no” with electronics.

I found these cool little dudes I wanted to get closer to..

I thought they were part of the rock but the following morning they were else where.

And then there was sunset..again.

If ya want more pics of Roatan dig in the archive Feb, Mar, April of 2007…there are a ton.

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