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This and That

Filed under: Colorado — she_travels at 7:13 pm on Sunday, October 17, 2010

Summer is pretty much over,  finally cooler evenings, and rain tomorrow!!  Woohoo!

Penny and Naiya, two labs with different owners came back into my life this summer. I think Mad Mad Mattie Mat is back as well, might have to pop by to collect her for a hike one day soon.

I was able to spend time with many dear fuzzy friends in Boulder this summer. Rollie, a huge fuzzy hoot of a Newfoundland believes me his very own chew toy. Scruffles, ever the clown dog, entertained me for many days in August. Jack and I hung out for a few weeks walking and selling wine for his parents.

New friends include Wheeler (an aussie) and his sister Lucy (Miss Pug) who live next to a golf course with  trails and ponds among the homes, truly delightful walks. Emma (golden) and her brother Motek (greyhound) also became friends this summer.

Sadly  two of my oldest and dearest fuzzy friends died this summer. Ali, the most wonderful yellow lab left us at thirteen, I had known her from age eight months. She spent a lot of time at my house years ago. Great fun we had out hiking and horse back riding with Penny, a chocolate lab, who also died this summer at age thirteen.

Man!  did those dogs loved water. I remember hot summer days standing in Boulder Creek pitching a ball for the both of them. We were all soaked and happy.

My very most favorite horse friend died this summer as well. I bought him at age three, we had ten adventure filled years to play before he was hurt beyond repair at thirteen. I retired him to my parents place, 80 acres and two other horses to play with. They said he was fine one evening and gone the next morning. As sad as it is, I am thankful there was little suffering involved. I tell ya I have ridden nine zillion horses and he truly was the coolest four hooved critter I ever had the pleasure to spend time with. Many years of fun soaked memories he gave me.

I think I have Jackson’s parents pinned down to plans in January.

My mother has wanted to to see Patagonia for some amount of time. I may do part of her trip with her husband with them and add a few bits here had there on my own.

So, it is looking like parts of South America February and March of 2011.

Note to self ~ renew passport.

Whew! the end of the Asia posts

Filed under: Thailand — she_travels at 3:33 pm on Monday, February 23, 2009

From a post dated the last day I was in Thailand.

Quick thoughts before going to find some food… I don’t think anyone should come to this part of the world and not see Angkor Wat in Cambodia. History lessons from friends you meet along the way are grand. Vietnam is not all jungle and I may go back one day. The beaches I saw in Thailand do not compare to Roatan. The Mekong river is HUGE! It truly is hot and humid!

I landed in Denver July 1st 2008. Here it is Feb something and I just now have all the pics up. I am sorry..  the excuse is a good one but another story. As I sit here listening to the pouring rain, posting pics, the memories come back. I truly did enjoy the trip, am pleased as punch I did. Yes,  there were times during the eight  weeks I wanted to toss the whole thing and hop a plane to Australia but in the end I am very glad I stuck it out. I saw  many things, learned stacks of stuff about the culture, made some  new friends.

Travel, every one should do it. Just get out of your box from time to time to see what is happening in the rest of the world. Get out of your comfy zone just to see if ya can.

Man!! It really is raining, I had to shut all the window for the drops leaping into the house. Rain down here is a whole different animal than it is at home. Tis the land of the Caribbean and tropical weather.


Filed under: Endings,SEA,Thailand — she_travels at 9:45 pm on Sunday, June 29, 2008

Whew! Last day in Bangkok, last day in South East Asia.

Quick thoughts before going to find some food…

*I don’t think anyone should come to this part of the world and not see Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

*History lessons from friends you meet along the way are grand.

*Vietnam is not all jungle and I may go back one day.

*The beaches I saw in Thailand do not compare to Roatan.

*The Mekong river is HUGE! It truly is hot and humid!

I begin the crazy that is the route to Colorado at 330 am July 1st, tonight, or tomorrow depending on how you look at. I travel a hour by bus to the airport, check in at 530, wait til 830 to board, fly 4.5 hours to Taiwan, wait 2 hours to board another plane, (this is the rough one) 13 hours to LAX, wait 7 hours to board the last leg of the journey, 2.5 hours to land in Denver just past midnight.

Thirty-seven hours and 13 time zones.  WHEW! Pray for me!

Hmm wonder if my math is correct?

My phone should be working when I land LA, it will be 2pm LA time.

I promise to get started on the photos sooner than later.


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This is going to be quick, I am fast running out of time. Currently in Boulder madly!! Madly repacking, sorting money, having conversations with China Air.

Two days in West Bay is never enough. Saturday morning I was snorkeling with fishes, corals, and lobster. Saturday at about 4pm my phone was ringing in Houston. My mother saying China Air had her called three times with information about my fights to Bangkok on Tuesday having a slight snaffoo. There was concern about the amount of time I had between connections in LA.  They were suggesting I ask Delta to switch me from the 12:45 flight to the 7am flight. I told her I would have a chat with Delta when I arrived in Denver.

The phone was ringing while I was talking to mom. A friend asking where and how I was. I said Houston on my way to Denver. He decided he would arrange his world to meet me at the airport. Friends, ya gotta love them.

I went to the Delta ticket count in Denver they said “The ticket is not ours, you have to call your travel agent.”  I didn’t understand how a ticket for a Delta flight was not Delta’s but understood I was not going to get any more info from them.

I had a delightful evening with my friend. He was kind enough to ask what my needs where for Sunday. I said “ I have to get my hands on a new camera, I know what I want I am just not sure where to find it. I also need a ride to Boulder.”  What fun that guy is, while I was in the shower he found out where best to pick up the camera on the way to dropping me in Boulder.

Dang…I am running out of time…still gotta pack and clean Shawna’s barn.

It’s 950am here in Boulder, I have to be at the Thai visa place at 1130am.  I am still in the process of talking to China Air about my flight out tomorrow at 7am.


Filed under: Endings,Ireland,Trains and Planes — she_travels at 3:00 pm on Saturday, October 27, 2007

One truly needs to get in just the right frame of mind for long distance travel. Be it trains, planes, cars, bikes or boats…ya really gotta get your gray matter rolling in the right direction.

I have been traveling alone for some years, I think I do pretty well given enough time. I am one of those show “up at the appointed place early and read” people, instead of scheduling so close all I can think of is “Do I have enough time?”

The flight was leaving Dublin at something close to 8am. It is recommended that passengers arrived at the airport at least three hours before takeoff. I had only been to the airport in Dublin once, eight weeks ago and had no memory past the ATM machine location and the bus pad. I needed all the time I could muster to get sorted out once arriving at the airport never mind the silly things that can happen on the way. So….

I was awake at 3:00am (Dublin time), showered, dressed and packed by 3:30. I choose the hostel I was in for the location, 15 minutes walking distance from the town down bus station with a direct non stop bus to the airport every 30 minutes starting at 4:30am.

SideNote –  It is currently October 27th. I was leaving Ireland the 19th of June. I still! have a very clear memory,  when walking into the bus station,  of never having had been there before. Why you ask, why is this of import? Cause I had! been there before. Let me remind you,   I left Colorado February 3rd, spent three months in Honduras house sitting then hopped a  flight Roatan > Atlanta arriving at 930p(over night) the next morning (6am )for LA. Three days in the LA area then jumped another plane to Dublin with a connection in Chicago. Seven hours after plopping down in my coach seat in Chicago I was in Dublin about 7am in the morning. I then found the ATM machine, had some local currency in my hand, got exact change for the bus to  YES!!  to this station I have no memory of. Could be cause I was only there long enough to buy a bus ticket to Galway. Or pick any excuse that comes to mind.

The point being I was standing on the threshold of the down town Dublin bus station at 445 in the morning staring about like a complete tourist with an on going escalating panic growing in my head. *I was here before, why do I not remember it. If I don’t remember it can it be the right place. What time is it. 345..see plenty of time…why do I not remember! Wait, hold on maybe it doesn’t matter…if there is a bus to the airport from here it  doesn’t matter. What time is it! 345…Ok, Ok  calm down. No worries, information just there see it…take a breath.. you have plenty of time. *

As you can see all of this happen in the space of no time at all but I can tell you when I walked in that place I was freakin out cause of the whole long distance travel nutties perfectly normal people lapse into when traveling long distance.

The info people were very nice just as they had been in all of the info place around Ireland. “Yes, there is a direct bus from here to the airport, do you see the sing just outside the door there, yes they start running at 430. You have about a 45 minutes wait.”

I turned to find a place to sit, took a deep breath and realized I remember the place. *Of course, I got off the bus there eight weeks ago, walked to that ticket station, used that wacky Internet access, sat there so I could see the bus pad to Galway.”*  Perception what a wacky arse thing that is!

While I was considering where I was going to sit,  I saw a bus pull up to the pad.  I trotted over to ask if he was going to the airport. He said indeed he was,  the price is six euro. I gave him the money, found a spot for my bag and me then took a look at my watch. 4am. woohoo 30 minutes early.

For those of you who have never been to the Dublin airport….if at all possible go to Shannon instead. I have not been to the Shannon airport but it has GOT to be better than the one in Dublin.  This place!! Zoo doesn’t even begin to cover the chaos that is the check in area. The airline check in desks line opposite walls. This may sound like it makes since but all the people lined up to check in were mixed up in the middle. I could not tell what people were in what line with what airline. It may be if one was looking from above one could tell other wise…  I don’t remember seeing a sign that said Delta, just people dressed in Delta colors and Delta labels. They are very helpful. “Yes this is where you need to be but no we are not checking in your flight yet. You should come back in about 30 minutes, we are not yet checking in your flight.”

I have never been asked to wait to check in at any airport…I was a bit confused, confusion turned to annoyed when I could not find anyplace with in sight of check in to sit. I am not saying all the seats were taken…there are none. I asked some random uniformed person where the nearest seating was. He said “downstairs”. I found the stairs and realized I was in baggage claim staring at the ATM machine from eight weeks before. Being the good little tourist I plopped myself in a seat to watch people for the next 30 minutes.

Tired of typing I am..I will get back to this soonest!

Last of the quiet days

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The owners of this delightfully quiet country home will be arriving back from eleven days in New York very soon. I have enjoyed the peace this place offers along with several very sunny days. Today dawning one of them.

I would venture to say I will be on a bus bound for the south tomorrow morning. We will be back to the unknown of internet cafes and no pictures. The good news is I will be the states in less than twenty days so you will not be waiting long for the last of the Ireland pictures.

Hmm with the way I felt when I arrived in Dublin ya might want to give me an extra day or two to update the blog with images. Perhaps I will find a computer along the way with the correct software. Not to worry I will keep my eyes peeled.

Holy Hannah, I forgot any pics of this place. I will run out right now…

Edge of the house and the view to the direction the sun comes up. I would venture east cause I was always told the sun comes up in the east and sets in the west. But I was also under the impression the moon followed the sun and I can tell you it is not here..so what direction is that? I can’t tell ya.

The Poly-Tunnel garden. From what I understand the people here do this for several reasons. It’s to cold most of the time to grow like this does (it is still frosting in parts of Ireland), the water can be better regulated and I think the management of weeds is easier. It doesn’t matter  the temp or wind factor outside the inside is delightful.

Inside. I had no idea there were so many different types of lettuces. Very yummy indeed on my baked chicken sandwich. The tomatoes were not ready as yet but the plants sure look good.

View from the tunnel, ya can’t see this from the kitchen and office cause if the bushes blocking it. The house is just to the left of this pic.

The dogs are in the kennels having a bit of breakfast.

I am off  to pack for the next bit of this adventure.


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Holy Banana Boats!!

Here it is the morning of April 28th. Where the heck did twelve weeks go?

I woke up with the birds at 5am, I usually do. The birds in this part of the world are rowdy at day light. I don’t so much mind. I take a cup of water and my toothbrush out to the pier. Brushing my teeth while watching a Caribbean island wake up is one of my favorite pleasures.

I was online yesterday for long enough to make sure my house payment will be made and find a place in Atlanta to sleep tonight. Hotels.com, ya gotta love the internet.

I am still not sure what the plan is in LA. Mom suggested, while speaking to her on the phone yesterday morning, she might pop out to LA if I don’t connect with friends there.

My emotional state about leaving this place is starting to even out. I may not want to leave but I also want to leave. The wackiness in me for the past few days may have been misplaced excitement or just me slightly dreading hopping on and off plans for the next five days.

For those of you that don’t know planes and I don’t get on so. I have learned not to eat the evening before and day of flight. My first task when locating my seat is to find an airsick bag. I have tried every over the counter drug that does not make me loopy with no results.

When I was in New Zealand one hundred and ten years ago I had a real live panic attack. At least I think that’s what it was. I had zero control over the way my body was reacting. I was sick first then there was some time I don’t remember but when my brain kicked back in to take stock of the situation I had tears running down my face, my hands had a death grip on the arm rests. I had a vague sense someone was trying to get my attention but I could not move. Time did that jump thing again. When I came back someone was sitting next to me with his hand on mine. He was saying something my gray matter was gradually bringing into focus. “You are going to be fine, try to concentrate on your breathing, in through you nose out through you mouth. Concentrate, we are going to land soon. Think about your breathing. You will be fine”

I did what he told me. I put all my effort into breathing and lessoning to him chant “in through your nose, out through your mouth, just a little longer”

The minute the wheels of the plane hit the ground I came back to myself if a bit fuzzy. The flight attendant was talking to the guy with the voice “I have never seen anyone that bad.”

She noticed I was understanding, “Is someone meeting you in Auckland?”

Shaking my head I said “No, I am flying to America.”

I was rewarded with look of disbelief and a slight shake of her head.

The guy with the voice got up to collect some things from the seat behind me. He must have move up when I was freaking out cause when the plane took off I was the only one in that row. Sadly, in those days I was far to young and dumb to understand just how kind he had been. I did thank him but thinking back on it now I should have tried harder to make him feel more appreciated. The longer one lives the more you realize the kindness of strangers is not so common. Not to mention, who wants to get involved with some crazy chick loosing her mind. I can use the excuse of my brain and body where not at all on the same page, not to mention I was just as concerned about getting on another plane as the flight attendant.

Interestingly enough, the flight from Auckland to LA was easy enough. I was air sick but past that I was fine.

Over the years I have tried various ways to deal with my wacky flight boggles. I may have come up with the correct combination for keeping me on an even keel. Depending on the time of flight no food the night before or the day of. I request as close to the front of the plane as possible. I have earplugs to lighten the sound of the engines, I have an eye mask to restrict the variations of light in the cabin. I have a U shaped cushion for behind my neck (thank you for the gift). I ignore everyone and everything from take off to landing. If everything is going my way I don’ get sick much less freak out.

People hear this story and wonder why on earth I ever get on a plane. My reply is simple “I refuse to allow fear to rule my actions. Besides, there is a whole lot of world out there to see. People to meet, new things to learn.”

Last I heard Foster was on the mainland. Big bummer there, I don’t get my “see ya next year” hug.

Ok, I gotta take a shower and sort out my bags before tossing this on the Blog.

Many Emotions Abound

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Quick update for those of you following me.

I left my little house yesterday. I was so very sad about many things I think but the house was the trigger for the tears. I am so very much going to miss seeing my friends (the horses, dogs, kitties and their owners).

Several of my clients called (you know who you are) while I was driving. I was thankful for some one to talk with about the sadness of my leaving a job I love. At the same time I look forward to all the new adventures I will have over the next five months.

By the by it was a six hour drive through the nastiness if icy Highway 93 to the slushiness of The Tunnel, to the moonlit byways of Glenwood Canyon and the steepness of McClure Pass. I was so very glad the moon was out it was almost daylight. Truly beautiful reflecting off the snow.

Today I have been packing, repacking and taking care of the last minute stuff, a bit of banking and a post office run at 4:58p.

Tomorrow my parents and I fly from Montrose to DIA. Spend the night at the Red Roof Inn then I get on a plane at 6:05a bound for Roatan while my parents get to sleep a bit longer with a sensible departure time of 8a bound for Mexico.

To all of you I have had meals with the last week, THANKS oodles for the good food, good company and well wishes.

It’s 11:30 and I still have to repack my bag one more time.

Another Step Taken

Filed under: Inspiration — she_travels at 8:47 am on Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Thirteen years of riding about in the mountains of Colorado. Thirteen grand years of an amazing relationship with the coolest horse on the planet.

I often tell my clients, “Ya can’t live your life around your pets.”

Last Tuesday morning I loaded up the trailer, drove seven hours and dropped both my horses off at my parent’s place. They will retired on 80 acres of creeks, ditches, ponds and hay fields dotted with Cottonwood and Russian olive. So, the horses have a new home, for how long is hard to say.

I have been telling friends, “Not all the details are set yet.” The only thing I really know is I am going to pack up all my toys and travel for an undetermined amount of time.

I am still not convinced I have enough money. I may work in the states three to six months a year and travel internationally the rest of the year. Its hard to know how things will work out money wise until one tries. My money may last years with the work exchange and house sitting programs.

When I started the process of deciding if I could and when I would quit my job I picked the end of August or first part of September as a time frame to make a deadline on the when of it. I have two more months to make a choice on when my first destination is and where.

Now the part I have always thought would be the toughest. I have had some of my clients for twelve years and most of the others for eight. Ninety-nine percent of my business is repeat customers. I have to find a way to tell them about my adventure.