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Six years of adventure with pics to prove it.


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what is next?


Artsy Fartsy me.


I stopped cause of the clear cutting you see the the right, got out of the car, walked up a bit of hill through a locked gate and saw this…whew!The sea coast is behind me.




Every time I see the Ocean Spray commercial I wonder how cranberries are grown…..here ya go…seem close to rice to me.


The sea is directly to my right. These trees sure have a hard time of it.


Local Suggestion, Canada

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So… I have the car stopped once again,  to snag a pic or two,  in what looked like a turn out but had a locked gate leading to this lake.


I parked in such a way anyone trying to get past me to the water could do so but I didn’t really think anyone would. It was fair wet out that day.  Silly me!

I had the car in gear and was releasing the clutch when there was a tap on my windshield.  The lady said she noticed the Colorado plates and wanted to know where  was going.  I said “West, maybe Vancouver.”  She nodded her head saying “You could stay on this road, Highway 3, or the way I go is a bit north and take the free ferry across Kootenay Bay. I asked her to repeat the name of the bay and was off to find the road to the north.


Bit of doom and gloom out that day, water never hurt anyone. Free ferry across Kootenay Bay.


I am sure there is mountain under all that gray!


I was on a ferry almost identical to this one in Ireland.


Speaking of Ireland…can you believe the green, imagine it with a bit of sun. Whew!


When the rain let up I stopped here for a bit of lunch, gotta love packing about sandwich stuff, including a sharp knife for slicing tomatoes and a cutting board.


At some point I realized there were small birds zipping past me, when I turned around I found this, bird house heaven.


I had, for so long, been zigzagging around mountains which all had valleys full of water. Mountain, Lake, Mountain, Lake, repeated over and over.


Ya, know me and flowers.


Some wacky moss stuff, it grows in these little ball shapes.



The crosses are memorials for people who missed the curve and went over the edge.


Another burned area….there were many on this trip.


The valley is overcast but up here, clear.




Burned trees, new trees


More clouds below


Suddenly the world changed….


The trees were back just that fast.  Another in the “what is behind me series” with a little added “alone on the road again”.


I am thinking this is someplace in Washington State, east of the Cascades..cause…


See the bit of snow in the back to the right of the trees, Cascades, pics up next!

2009 Road Trip ~ Day Three

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I figured I have Teton National Park and Yellowstone behind me, it can’t be all that far to Glacier. I had never seen Glacier, heck never been farther north than Yellowstone, wait I have a photo of a sunset in MT I took ages ago so I musta been there as some point.

A stop in Bozeman while traveling north on highway 919 was in order, I had decided I needed a sleeping bag and even though I thought it was cheating a map may come in handy.

While waiting at  the check out  the gentleman behind me said “Looks like someone is going on a trip.”

“Actually, I am already on it, left Colorado two days ago.

“Where ya headed?”

“North, maybe west.”

“Best way to be, follow the wind, enjoy your time on the road. ”

“Thank you.”

I tossed my brand new sleeping bag in the back and the small 2010 road atlas in the front then went looking for a gas station. By the by ~ should I mention the prices I paid for gas…holy hannah. The folks in Twisp, Washington were paying$3.25 for a single gallon of petrol…eeek!  I didn’t buy any in Twisp but I did end up paying that price a few times. It was mostly hovering somewhere between $2.57 and 2.97.

As I was driving through Bozeman trying to decide what road to take north,  I happened upon a Highway 287 sign. I had lost 287 some where in Yellowstone,  I was down right excited it was still going the same direction I was. Nevermind,  it keep me off that huge blue road Interstate 90.

287 into Helena to spend the night. I do not remember what time it was. Still day light but did ya know the farther north ya go at this time of year the longer is stays light? It had to have been 9pm anyway.

I asked the lady at the gas station the next day the best way to get to Glaicer. She suggested I take 287 north, she showed me on a Montana map then, offered to give me the map for free. This just after I bought an atlas.

While the gas was pumping I reviewed her offered route.  287 traveled north over mostly white on this map, this meant lower elevations. The Rocky Mountains are east of 287 and on the other side of the mountains was a road called 83, it was mostly in green space. So, I decided not to take 287 but instead 83 with the higher elevations.

I had a bit of rain so the pics are some fuzzy.


Just outside of Helena was not so interesting,  wait for it.



Yet another hill to get a decent view.


I was enjoyed watching the mist travel along the valley.


I know, trees are dying the world over.


Look at the colors though!!


This is why they call Montana “Big Sky Country”.  Talk about ranch land!


This was one of the several times during my adventure I was feeling like I was the only one on the road. One of  the perks of riding two lane nothing roads.


There are many places in Montana and Washington where they harvest trees and replant. Or this many have been about beetle killed trees.swan11


One of the many and I mean stacks and stacks of ponds and lakes in Montana. I sat here watching the clouds try to lift off the mountains while having a chicken sandwich. Three cars pasted.


Crazy white flowers were only growing where the trees had been cut.


Just me, the trees and the road.

So, the speed limit in Montana is 70 and only 70.  It was all kinds of nutty blowing though little towns, no reduce speed signs. No signs to suggest you take a turn a bit slower….nothing. And the only time I saw a speed limit sign was just past an intersection.  It was a  free for all, take your life in your hands deal.

God forbid you need to get gas or anything else cause getting back on the road, whew those little blue haired ladies coming out of their drives dealing with people flying down the road at 70.

I could not do it, two lane road even when I was alone I was sticking to 60, 62.


Many breeds, many colors, some dying.


Swan Lake Valley, this valley is bordered on both sides with mountains like this. Sadly, my camera can not do it justice.

Alrighty, next up the beauty and power of Glacier National Park.

Laung Prabang

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I was in Laung Prabang for two days. I wandered through the quaint streets and alleys, up and down hills, was lost twice and soaked by rain the whole of the time.

There was a group of ladies at the bottom of the stairs selling flowers, the locals climb the stairs to a Budda and place flowers. What I had not seen before was tiny cages with birds inside.

This is what I found at the top, a view with a Budda temple behind me.

A gentleman with a caged bird came to the edge of the railing where I  was framing this shot. I watched while he said something under his breath, released the bird and tossed the empty cage in the direction of what looked like a trash bin. The sensibilities about rubbish are varied the world over. The bird release must have something to do with good luck.

Arsty fartsy just for fun


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Mom wanted to ride an elephant. I was all about the flowers. The orchid farm outside of Chang Mai.



Wacky upside down tree.

Princess Mother’s Garden

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This place is a bit of a bus ride north of Chang Rai but I am telling you it is totally worth the hassle to get there.

North Thailand

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Bamboo Bike Ride

Mom wanted to see Elephants.

We were riding one in front of these people.

Yet another way to get from point A to point B in Asia.

We stayed here, with the lily pond just to the left.

From the outside, the pond is below Mom’s feet. It was a beautiful, quiet spot outside of Chang Mai.


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The Gateway to  Preah Ang Tho, a colorful shrine that attracts Buddhist pilgrims from throughout Cambodia. Long ago, a sleeping Buddha was carved here onto the side of a single, massive stone. Over the centuries, the sacred image has slowly risen above the eroding jungle floor so that it may now be viewed only by climbing a narrow ladder.*** Seems they found way to carve a set of stairs in the rock..I don’t remember a ladder.

People making donations from the new tile in the temple above.

I was on the Temple platform.

The other side.

Lotus flowers to leave in and around the Budda in the temple.

The River of 1000 Lingas, a powerful sacred site for Cambodians, even today. Close to a kilometer of living stone lining the stream bed has been sculpted with hundreds of stone lingas (Hindu phallic carvings), a legacy of 9th century God-kings, and a reminder that this forest was an important spiritual center even before Angkor Wat. Downstream, the carvings culminate at the edge of a magnificent waterfall. If you visit on a weekend, the place will be filled with Cambodians who come for ritual baths in the river, often taking some of its holy water home with them. This is still a holy place for Khmer.

The top of the waterfall.  If it is look familiar perhaps you saw Tomb Raider,  Lady Croft was standing there and jumped,  in the first movie.

One of our guides sitting in the hut where we had lunch, you can see the river front of him.

Very Slow Connection

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Man, you would think I am at the ends of the earth or something with the ever so very slow internet connection. I type faster than the buffer can so I am forever waiting..very strange. I don’t type that fast.

Very quickly, Mom and I had a grand old time. She left last week,  I think, time is different here. I continued on to Laos taking the slow (2 day) boat trip down the Mekong to Luang Prang spending a few days hanging out with some people from Israel, huge history lesson there people!  I am currently in a small place called Vieng Vang famous for rafting down the river and caving, might have to rent a bike to morrow to see what the what is about.

By the by – Mom and I saw Angkor Wat, if ever you are in this part of the world, I don’t care the price..GO see this place. I have plenty of pics for those that do not. We also were on two islands, Ko Chang and Ko PiPi Don, neither one could hold a candle to Roatan. We were in Bangkok twice, enjoying both times. Then north to Chang Mai…big busy place but where we stayed was a quiet island of calm. We went  to Chang Rai to see “The Princess Mother’s” garden…Both mom and I were blown away by the beauty and the many waterfalls.

My plan is to go south for a week or so, get a Vietnam visa along the way then go north up the coast to see if I can find an island as pretty and warm as Roatan.

I have over 600 pics I will share once I get back to the states. The computers here are just to slow for me to deal.


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The Connemara region is north and a bit west of Galway. Knowing then what I know now I took four days to see what other people saw in six hours on a coach tour.  I stayed just outside of a tiny village called Leenaun the first two nights. The village is at the inland end of the only fjord in Ireland. From what I understand it is always cold and raining here, well unless it is snowing. All the pics below are from those two days.

Wait, I was wrong this pic is along the coach tour just before entering the Connemara region. I could not pass up the little boats and water across the rock wall image.

Looking toward the sea. The things you see in the water are mussel farm rafts.

I was headed up into the forest for a walk when the sheeps decided I had taken on a new profession: sheep herder.

Part of my attraction to places such as these is you can see the weather, good or bad, coming at you. This bit of rain turned out to be not so bad but I did get wet. There are days I spend a fair amount of adding and subtracting clothes. One can truly get all four season in one day in this place.

The track I was walking along a part of the mountain above the fjord.

This is the true meaning of living in a valley.

Flowers and more along the rock wall, along the road. Yellow strips on the outside and a solid white line in the middle.

And…a sunset. Did ya know the sun doesn’t set here until 1030pm…its light out until 11p.

I hopped back on the day tour coach the third morning I was there bound for Clifden.

The town of Clifden as see from a near by hill.

What remains of Castle Clifden. I was walking along something called “The Sky Road”. I think it got its name cause it goes up..and up and..up. There is a story a few entries back about the guy I met at the vista view on the Sky Road. Dude is from Oregon.

I hopped on the tour bus again the next morning to see Kylemore Castle while heading back to Galway.

The guy had this place built a zillion years ago decided to put it behind the lake against a mountain. There is a better angle of the hill behind the castle in the last image.

He had a walled garden made with flowers on one side and veggies on the other.

Mountain behind the castle.

Cool pic huh?

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