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Six years of adventure with pics to prove it.

Princess Mother’s Garden

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This place is a bit of a bus ride north of Chang Rai but I am telling you it is totally worth the hassle to get there.

Last of the quiet days

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The owners of this delightfully quiet country home will be arriving back from eleven days in New York very soon. I have enjoyed the peace this place offers along with several very sunny days. Today dawning one of them.

I would venture to say I will be on a bus bound for the south tomorrow morning. We will be back to the unknown of internet cafes and no pictures. The good news is I will be the states in less than twenty days so you will not be waiting long for the last of the Ireland pictures.

Hmm with the way I felt when I arrived in Dublin ya might want to give me an extra day or two to update the blog with images. Perhaps I will find a computer along the way with the correct software. Not to worry I will keep my eyes peeled.

Holy Hannah, I forgot any pics of this place. I will run out right now…

Edge of the house and the view to the direction the sun comes up. I would venture east cause I was always told the sun comes up in the east and sets in the west. But I was also under the impression the moon followed the sun and I can tell you it is not here..so what direction is that? I can’t tell ya.

The Poly-Tunnel garden. From what I understand the people here do this for several reasons. It’s to cold most of the time to grow like this does (it is still frosting in parts of Ireland), the water can be better regulated and I think the management of weeds is easier. It doesn’t matter  the temp or wind factor outside the inside is delightful.

Inside. I had no idea there were so many different types of lettuces. Very yummy indeed on my baked chicken sandwich. The tomatoes were not ready as yet but the plants sure look good.

View from the tunnel, ya can’t see this from the kitchen and office cause if the bushes blocking it. The house is just to the left of this pic.

The dogs are in the kennels having a bit of breakfast.

I am off  to pack for the next bit of this adventure.


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The Connemara region is north and a bit west of Galway. Knowing then what I know now I took four days to see what other people saw in six hours on a coach tour.  I stayed just outside of a tiny village called Leenaun the first two nights. The village is at the inland end of the only fjord in Ireland. From what I understand it is always cold and raining here, well unless it is snowing. All the pics below are from those two days.

Wait, I was wrong this pic is along the coach tour just before entering the Connemara region. I could not pass up the little boats and water across the rock wall image.

Looking toward the sea. The things you see in the water are mussel farm rafts.

I was headed up into the forest for a walk when the sheeps decided I had taken on a new profession: sheep herder.

Part of my attraction to places such as these is you can see the weather, good or bad, coming at you. This bit of rain turned out to be not so bad but I did get wet. There are days I spend a fair amount of adding and subtracting clothes. One can truly get all four season in one day in this place.

The track I was walking along a part of the mountain above the fjord.

This is the true meaning of living in a valley.

Flowers and more along the rock wall, along the road. Yellow strips on the outside and a solid white line in the middle.

And…a sunset. Did ya know the sun doesn’t set here until 1030pm…its light out until 11p.

I hopped back on the day tour coach the third morning I was there bound for Clifden.

The town of Clifden as see from a near by hill.

What remains of Castle Clifden. I was walking along something called “The Sky Road”. I think it got its name cause it goes up..and up and..up. There is a story a few entries back about the guy I met at the vista view on the Sky Road. Dude is from Oregon.

I hopped on the tour bus again the next morning to see Kylemore Castle while heading back to Galway.

The guy had this place built a zillion years ago decided to put it behind the lake against a mountain. There is a better angle of the hill behind the castle in the last image.

He had a walled garden made with flowers on one side and veggies on the other.

Mountain behind the castle.

Cool pic huh?