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Six years of adventure with pics to prove it.

Nothing? Me? Nahh!

Filed under: Colorado,Horses — she_travels at 9:51 pm on Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just so ya don’t think I have been doing nothing….

I have been cleaning a client’s barn ….

with help from Rollie to

clean stalls and….

sweep when he was not…

Playing with his corgi pal or…

Toby the baby horse who..

wanted a portrait.

I had to bribe Seven, look at the snake ears compared to Toby.

Even one of the two Corgis wanted in on the photo game.

Once the barn was done….

Jack the wonder dog and I went out for a game of chase the round thing. Look at  that focus, he was waiting for me to move the ball, he didn’t so much care how, he was just in it for the chase.

Jack’s pic and…

this one of Bo the Thug, his parents nicknamed him, not me, were taken the same day. Bo and his sister Savannah joined me for a walk after I took Jack home to recuperate. We all came home dusted with powered sugar snow.

That was pretty much my day today. It was a good  day!

Back on Track

Filed under: Colorado — she_travels at 3:13 pm on Friday, April 24, 2009

I spent the first few days out of the hospital with a old friend, Penny the Chocolate Lab,  who is 12 this year.   I think I met her when she was a year old, maybe two. Dear old friend,  who,  I kid you not,  can tell time.  Back in the day when I was more pet sitter than house sitter, I was usually  getting ready to leave the house to feed horses about 4pm on any given day. Miss Penny,  the princess,  would start to pacing and whining about 330.  Running from  me to the door, I could hear her saying “Time to feed the horse, time to feed the horse. Come on I know its time to feed the horse.”

Miss Penny has settled down some since the old days but she still is not about to miss a meal, long about five o’clock she would start pacing, “Dinner, Dinner”.  She truly was very kind to me the first few days out of the hospital.

I would have a picture but this is not my computer.

From Penny’s house I went to Ivy’s home. She is another dear old friend, Miss Ivy, the golden retriever, has been visiting with me from her eights months bday, she is now eight years old.  I was also feeding another clients horses so Ivy and I were going on twice daily field trips to see the horses and wander about the 10 acres they lived on. Ivy has always been one of my favorite people.  Shoot, I have pics of her…gotta get one up.

I had the last of my follow up appointments Monday, the docs are pleased with my recovery though they are saying its possible I had some thing other than diverticulitis cause I bounced back so fast. I tried to explain to them I am tougher than I look. We are now unsure of what  the problem was but the good news is…I am just fine, not a worry in the world do I have.

I am currently living with a German Shepherd by the name of Elsie, she may be 6 now and I have been her friend since she was 10 months. She is a fetching fool of a dog, extremity easy to entertain.  The computer is situated in the house in such a way to can toss a ball out the back door. so I can type while she is chasing and still play with her.  She really is fun.

Dang, Elise and I gotta go feed horses.

Fall in Colorado

Filed under: Colorado,Photos — she_travels at 10:27 pm on Thursday, November 1, 2007

Its tough to beat the weather in Colorado, Sept, Oct and if we are lucky Nov. It has been mostly sunny and 70 for days. There have been a few chilly mornings, a bit of frost and it had attempted to snow but for the most part…BEAUTIFUL!


Sunrise..woohoo!! pink baby!

Mr. Hawk scoping for breakfast me thinks.

Sunrise and frost only just this morning..

Twlight and Party Girl.

I love this cat! Biskit, watching the sunrise.

and let us not forget the moon one morning at sunrise.

The Blog, The blog is up to date!! just in time for Thanksgiving.

Back to work, of sorts

Filed under: Colorado — she_travels at 9:21 pm on Thursday, November 1, 2007

I spent July, Aug and Sept house/horse sitting for many of my pet sitting clients from when I worked here in Boulder County full time.

A week at Elsie’s (a German Shepard) house. She was great fun to play fetch with. Three weeks at Savana’s (aussie cattle dog) house watering new plants and going for bike rides. While at both of these houses I was able to visit twice daily with Maus, Pony, and Tasha (the horses) along with their two little dog friends. Tasha was not feeling at all well for most of that time, the vets and I did our best and managed to convince Tasha to stick around long enough for her mother to make a very hard choice when she came home. Tasha had a nasty cancer and had to be put down two days after her mother came home from four weeks in Spain..

If you remember back a few posts, Fitz died two weeks after Tasha. Then the pony died of a nasty colic about three weeks later. Last Saturday my friend who owned Fitz had another horse die. He was eight years old, it took all of five weeks from a snotty nose to not being able to breath and he had to be put down, he had lymphoma. It’s has been all kinds of a rough summer for my equine friends.

I spent some time house sitting with Heni (the corgi) and his friends Helio and Riken (horses) and a very cool kitty by the name of Laurie. The cat follows Henri and I out to clean the barn. Let us not for get the chickens that produce so many eggs I have to drop them off an friend’s houses.

I have a client just south of here with seven horses, three dogs, four cats and so many people coming in and out from the house it’s hard to keep track. She was gone for a total of five weeks this summer. I do love that place, bit of animal heaven not to mention a pool. Gotta love a early morning dip with no one about.

I was able to have some time with Jackson this summer as well. He is a fetching fool, gets on very well on bike rides and his parents have a wine distribution business I was asked to help out with while they were away.  I was able to learn a thing or two about wine, answer the phones, create invoices and take messages.  It was all great fun.

Then…I was off  to Virginia to house sit with a couple if kitties for twelve days in Oct.

Colorado beginings

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I will have to get back to the nutties of the Dublin Airport and the flights/connections back to Denver. I feel like I should get the rest of these photos loaded cause the fan on my laptop is going to die any minute. So…on we go.

For those if you who have never traveled across the pond, Jet lag is a very real thing. The transport consisted of two buses, two trains and two planes with me arriving at a friend’s house close to Denver, rock throwing distance from the house I own, occupied by tenants, almost exactly 24 hours after waking  to shower in Dublin. It was a bit strange not going back to the house I had left five months earlier, interestingly enough I got over it in two days. What was I talking about…oh yeah…jet lag. Holy hannah. I seemed fine when I got to the house, had a nice chat with my friend about this and that, was in bed by 10p I think. Woke up at 5am, took a few sunrise pictures.

This one looking west at the Rocky Mountains.

And this, the sunrise from the east.

I remember very little about that day other then feeling pretty good until about 3pm when I decided I was better off going back to bed. I woke again about 8am the next morning to find my friend cleaning the barn. She said “Oh, there  you are? The only way we knew you were still around was your shoes were next the front door. Where were you last night?”

“Asleep, very asleep”

She seemed a bit confused “We had people over last night, had a little BBQ. Did you not hear anything?”

I confessed I had not telling her “I learned to sleep through about anything in the hostels of Ireland. Neat trick that! ”

We chatted about this and that when the subject of a ride came up.  It was either that day or the next we went out for a horse ride.

Those of  you who understand horses know on occasion they can react poorly or not to many things. I decided I should test the sound my camera makes before I had my person on the horse.

Test shot. This is Fitzy Cow’s chest. My friend and I bought this horse together thirteen years ago. He was sixteen this year. She had switched his shoes and he was feeling as good about being out and about in the hills around Boulder as I ever remember his being.  This was not the last time that summer I was able to get him out to play with me but it was the last summer he was out.

Sunday morning about nine weeks ago he was not feeling well.  My friend had several large animal vets out during the course of the day. All of them where in contact with each other and none of them thought the symptoms were serious.

Some time in the afternoon it was decided the horse should take a trip to the teaching hospital in Fort Collins, those guys know all kinds of stuff and have the equipment to find out why Fitz was not himself

My friend and her husband were attempting to load Fitz in the trailer, after some amount of coaxing (by the by – in thirteen years this was the first time he had refused to load) he landed all four feet in the trailer. My friend’s husband was telling me the story two days later “Annette, he had not had all four of his feet in the trailer for ten seconds when he dropped dead. He was dead before he hit the floor of the trailer.”

We talk often of that horse, how he was all ways the stable, easy going, sure whatever you want horse.  Ok he had a quirk or two but the dude was cool!

The following are all photos I took while riding him that day. The Mesa Trail just south of Boulder, Colo if you are interested.


My friend on her horse Meeca.

Trail in into the hills.

You may be able to see the “road” looking thing down there, it is the path we came up. You are looking at Boulder Valley from one of the high points of the Mesa Trail.  Thinking about it now, we have not been out riding since Fitz died.

Another Step Taken

Filed under: Inspiration — she_travels at 8:47 am on Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Thirteen years of riding about in the mountains of Colorado. Thirteen grand years of an amazing relationship with the coolest horse on the planet.

I often tell my clients, “Ya can’t live your life around your pets.”

Last Tuesday morning I loaded up the trailer, drove seven hours and dropped both my horses off at my parent’s place. They will retired on 80 acres of creeks, ditches, ponds and hay fields dotted with Cottonwood and Russian olive. So, the horses have a new home, for how long is hard to say.

I have been telling friends, “Not all the details are set yet.” The only thing I really know is I am going to pack up all my toys and travel for an undetermined amount of time.

I am still not convinced I have enough money. I may work in the states three to six months a year and travel internationally the rest of the year. Its hard to know how things will work out money wise until one tries. My money may last years with the work exchange and house sitting programs.

When I started the process of deciding if I could and when I would quit my job I picked the end of August or first part of September as a time frame to make a deadline on the when of it. I have two more months to make a choice on when my first destination is and where.

Now the part I have always thought would be the toughest. I have had some of my clients for twelve years and most of the others for eight. Ninety-nine percent of my business is repeat customers. I have to find a way to tell them about my adventure.

The Boys

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At the wise age of four while attending Peter Piper Nursery school I became enchanted by a horse living behind the school. Mom doesn’t know all the details, what she does remember is the phone rang one day. The superintendent of Peter Piper was asking her permission for me to ride her daughters’ horse. Mom said yes and my riding lessons began.

The horse was a huge dark bay thoroughbred by the name of Candy. The owner was Bunny or it is possible I have the names reversed. Mom would tell you I spent an hour a week with Candy and Bunny for the next five years. The two memories I have of those days were. Leaning over to pick up Candy’s hooves for cleaning and riding on a lunge line in the rain.

I have vague memories of rent-a-ride horses over the next several years. I also remember lessons, something about a paint who wanted to go back to the barn and I didn’t have the strength to stop her. I think I was about seven then.

The year I was twelve mom started dating a guy who had horses. That summer I could be found riding Lady bareback all over the mountains of Breckenridge, Colorado.

The next summer Mom and Mosher were married in June, I got a horse in August. A horse I bought with money I earned working as a bus-person at bars and selling popcorn and candy at the theater. Whew, that mare lived a long happy life. Five years with me riding none stop and the rest of her life chasing cows on occasion with my step sister’s kids. It was a sad day when she died at age thirty-three.

I didn’t have a horse of my own to ride for about nine years between graduating from high school and a year into living in Boulder. I did have horses to ride just not one of my own.

The horses who create a challenge now have been with me for some time. The Gray (I never did name him) has been with me for thirteen years. Storm (the thoroughbred) has been part of the family for about eight. I am unsure if I have it in me to be with out them. For much of my life horses have been the balancing factor.