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Six years of adventure with pics to prove it.

Day Eight ~ Feb 8th

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I woke up late..someone opened a window last night so it was much cooler in the room..whew! I had been waking up at 4am soaked from sweat..thank goodness someone finally saw the light. That someone would be the chick sleeping next to the window.

Being I was up late I got to have breakfast with several other people. The list goes like this, I was sitting with a British guy, a chick from Texas, and a guy from Switzerland, there was a Turkish lady playing with the TV and asking a guy from Morocco to help.  Truly this is one of  the reasons I travel.  By the By ~ we were all going separate directions today.

I hopped a tram to the ferry dock across the bridge to catch a ferry to the Prince Islands…yes, I finally got it done. We thought maybe the sun would be out for a spell today…it tried and tried, in the end the wind and rain won out.

I had seen during my waiting on ferries, docks and bridges this place has many a jelly fish in the sea.

I have no idea how this little fishing boats kept from getting squashed by the ferries, cruise ships and container ships.

Topkapi Palace and Sophia Mosque

Topkapi Palace,   this was not about the birds….

This one is about the birds, they have learned to follow the ferries cause people throw them bread.

While the ferry was docking at the 2nd stop I noticed several cats on the dock, then I saw many more coming toward the ramp. I was very confused being I had been on many ferries and never seen cats act like this. It occurred to me they must  think food is to be had….but who would feed a cat off a ferry.  Then I noticed a lady standing next to the gate, she had just come off the ferry and was spilling something yellow.  She did this in two different areas. There was prolly  25 cats and maybe two dogs all clamoring for the food she left.

The lone dog didn’t have a chance with all those cats.  There is another bunch out of camera range.

Ya gotta wonder, do the cats do this only with the 12-ish ferry cause this woman is aboard or do they do it with every ferry not being sure which one she will be on. Do they do it daily, or only twice a week the day they know she will be around. They sure seemed to know exactly what they were doing, and on the return trip we stopped a second time, no cats.  Maybe the cats only gather for the ferries coming from Istanbul and not the other direction.

Cafes on the second island.

So, the cats were on the 1st island, the second island I only saw one cat, but there were at least six dogs.

I thought about getting off at the 3rd stop but wanted to see the last stop. The reminder of the folks on the boat bailed at the last stop.

Seems the birds like the fishing boats as well.

I found myself on a island with no cars, there were horses and buggies, horses with carts and bikes. It was a lovely place.

I only had two hours to roam about before the boat I came in on was leaving, the next ferry was at 5p but  the wind had come up and I was concerned the weather was going to turn..it did.

So the bikes do not get run over my the horses with carts.

This is the ferry building, I am thinkin this is the park and ride.

While waiting to board the boat I was asked, as  I am often am “Where are you from?”  I was not sure if he was American or not, I replied as I have been with most people, “The middle of the States, place called Colorado.”  Shezz, I should have listened better, the guy had lived in Denver for ten years and driven Baseline Road twice daily for work. I think he said he lived in Arizona now and was visiting his son who lives in Istanbul. I tell ya, ya travel long enough ya realize just how small the world it.

By the time the ferry arrived on the starting dock it was raining, COLD and windy. I was pleased I was still far enough away to take the Tram back. Oh, by the by, the tram tokens are the same price if you are going one stop or ten stops down the line. This morning the turnstile was not ON, no green light so I didn’t pay for a token to use. Maybe before 630 the tram is free.

If tomorrow works out according to the current plan I will be in a place called Canakkale along the north coast of Turkey and the Mediterranean Sea. Or I think that is where Canakkale lies.

Phu Quoc, Vietnam

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Phu Quoc is as island off the coast of Cambodia which belongs to Vietnam. I must have a few pics but at the moment I can not find them.  Google can if your interested before I get sorted out. 

The ferry ride over was easy enough, long, maybe 4 hours. I am not sure I would have been nearly so well when I arrived had I not had my noise reduction ears pieces for my MP3 Player. That boat was LOUD! 

I did not see as much of the island as I had wanted, it poured rain the 1st day I was there. The following morning I was SICK. I am still not exactly sure what I had but if felt like,  what people describe as,  a sinus infection. The congestion was only in my head and the pain was far greater than I would have though. It was much like my migraine headaches with the added bit of sinus congestion. I could not look out the window for the stabbing pain in my head, hell moving was a challenge. 

I was so afraid it would not resolve by the time I had to get on a plane,  I forced myself to stay indoors drinking nothing but water for the next two days. At some point it finally occurred to me I had a new version/strength of my migraine medication with me..I popped one of those, went back to bed and by the third morning I was fine. Good thing too I had to get on a ferry back to Rach Gia to spend the night then hop a plane to Bangkok the next morning. 

I will look for pictures of  the island.

Kho PhiPhi, Thailand

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I don’t so much get the appeal of this place but I understand many believe it to be the end all and be all of islands.

The man in the hill..he watched the Tsunami roll in. He was showing Mom various money notes form different countries he had been given.

The hut mom and I stayed in.

Phang-Nga Bay, Thailand

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Beach where we had lunch.

Next our guide parked the boat on a small this bit of beach. He rummaged about in a case for a moment, handed us headlamps then  waved his hand toward the rock face (behind me).  Mom and I understood “Get out of the boat,  go that way.”  Picking our way through rocks and brush the direction he pointed we found a cave in the rock wall with a bamboo ladder.

The ladder was rickety and a  bit unsafe but one can not have adventures without a bit of risk. Through the cave mouth we put our head lamps on and walked a more traveled path through the rock. It may have taken us fifteen minutes to notice a bright spot in the darkness ahead. As we got closer it turned out to be a hand sized a hole in the rock with daylight shinning through.

This is the picture I took through the hole. It seems to be the inside of the island, a bit of water completely surrounded by limestone.  The water is an interesting color.

We spend the night in this fishing village. It is all on stilts against the wall of rock island.

Phang-Nga village area:

Rubber Trees..who knew?

Nothing like doing it by hand.

Cool Arse tree growing out of a rock.

Ko Chang, Thailand

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I was not much impressed with this island, it’s tough to beat Roatan. The change in tide here is extreme!

Several hours later….

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Ahh yes kitty at sunset so we should prolly  show you the sunset also.

I love the clouds in this one.

As promised a pic of my scorpion friend.

Yuck huh? Just gives me the creepy crawlies. I went out for a walk while waiting for my roommates to wake up to help me deal with the nasty beast.


It was nice out this day.

We found some fun things in the shallow water.

Seaslug? This was taken through maybe a foot of water.

Blue legs… cool huh?

Three different Starfish in the same day. All taken through 6-12 inches of water.

Crazy cool color..don’t ya think?

Little Mangrove got lost…his friends are to the left a fair distance.

I am not sure if it was the next day or some days later the weather changed but change it did.

Gone is the quiet “lap, lap” of a wave..now you have huge crashing against the reef where the waves turn white.

Then here are a few pics from my second visit to the first house I sat down here. They were taken at sunset.

Ironshore. Fossilized coral from what I understand.

The wave comes in…

The wave goes out. By the bye ~the camera and I were splashed while attempting these pics. Yes, the reason my camera died…salt water is a “no, no” with electronics.

I found these cool little dudes I wanted to get closer to..

I thought they were part of the rock but the following morning they were else where.

And then there was sunset..again.

If ya want more pics of Roatan dig in the archive Feb, Mar, April of 2007…there are a ton.

Learning Curve

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Alrighty, If I can convince the new photo sizing software to do more what I want than what I say. If I can also convince my host to allow me to upload the pics then simultaneously have the power, internet connection and energy on my part then we will be rolling.

At the moment I have power and a connection. I tested one of  the photo’s re-sized it and have it up loaded. The boggle comes when I want to have the pic viewed on the blog. In addition,  it is rapidly warming up in the house suggesting my energy level may soon be falling.

Ahh, but folks,  I do have good news. I figured out how to attached my teeny tiny computer to a 17inch monitor…whoohoo Big arse screen. Perfect for photos if all the said things above are also in one’s favor. Nice breeze started up, it is flowing though the house..this is good. If all else fails there is a pool not six steps from where I sit cussing at my web host.

Presto, if you wait long enough and cuss loud enough… (psst ~don’t tell my Mother I said that.)

The view looking west-ish from the second house sitting gig (Miss Gato).  It is called the Dolphin House.  You can just see his nose and fin.

Seems a successful test…on to re size the remainder of my pics. Not so many before the camera died.

WindWard Side

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I have been promising you pics of the other side of the island. I am running out of time here so this is going to be quick. I may have a chance to organize better next week. Thing are starting to move pretty fast with my leaving here Sat.


I have been calling this Foster’s Forest for years. In the distance is the Sea but the light was a bit funny. 

Turtle Crossing… On a clear day you can see the mainland of Honduras.

From the hill just past Foster’s Forest. He has said on more than one occasion he is going to build a house on this hill.  I think it a grand idea, the views are amazing, there is always a breeze and there is not a bug to be found.

Foster built a gazebo over a key hole, a cut in the volcanic rock where the water rushes in a small path.

From the tree line in near the gazebo looking back at the hill and the forest. 


The key hole. The pic is at a funny angle cause I was leaning over the railing and trying not to fall in to the water.

A bit different than the beach pics…huh?

Looking the other direction, you can just see farther down the island.

The colors in this pic do not do to water justice. Ahh but it is a nice place to sit while mastering the art of doing nothing.

If ya wanna own a bit of the windward side.

I do love the colors of this place.

West Bay, Roatan

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Yes, folks I have moved once again. In the spirit of keeping you up to date I have pictures if the morning walk. Ok. the walk I took this morning anywho. It was a bit abbreviated being that when I landed my morning hug from Mr. Foster he said “How do you feel about helping out in the office today, good?”

Me being the person I am with zero ability to say no said instead “Sure, whatever you want.”

Thus, shorten walk. The good news is pictures of beautiful West Bay Beach follow.

As you can see very little would dare wash up on West Bay Beach. It is clean, beautiful white sand.

This is 8am in the morning for gosh sake!

The end of the beach hits this wall and the reef is three steps from the sand.

If you are looking to buy….

West Bay from the hill.

Foster is the guy that owns the resort where I have stayed most of the years I have been down here. His daily ritual is to rake the grounds.  The sea is at my feet.

Glass Flat

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I think I was offered a hint of what summer is like down here. The locals will tell you its not so much that the temp is higher but because there is no breeze it seems hotter. It may be where the phrase “calm before the storm” comes from. This “no breeze” weather is exactly that, the calm before the fall storms start. If I was more of a weather educated person I could prolly tell you why. As it is I am just a people who enjoys the drama of weather. There was no drama today.

If ever there was a day to be on the water today was that day. Crystal clear blue water and not a whiff of a breeze. Not only was the hum from the waves against the reef gone, but the “lap lap” at the sands edge was also non-existent. Yes folks, my morning walk was more of a morning wade. I was pretty much in the water up to mid thigh to keep from melting into the beach. Even Bob Marley came home soaked from playing in the water, and they are not in any way water dogs.

An email came from a friend  in West Bay, the lightening storm from the other night made a mess of the internet connection. I am going back to that area soon so the updates and emails may not have a reply as quickly.

I have a cat standing between me and the key board. I should better pack in it before Bailey decides I am not paying him enough attention. Once that happens the claws some out, my skin and cat claws don’t mix so well.

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