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Six years of adventure with pics to prove it.

Sunsets you say?

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All these pics were from last night, they are in order as the sunset changed.

I have a photo much like this taken at  the Laos/Thailand boarder, the boat in that pic was on  Mekong River. This is sea off the coast of Honduras.

The colors were everywhere.

That boat I would be willing to board…

This one not so much but boy howdy was the sunset amazing. Just another day in paradise!

This and That, Road Trip 2010 start

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Spring Break was a bit easier this year than last, one less barn and eight inches less of snow.

April was rough..I decided to give up sugar…the stuff is like heroin to me, imagine the withdrawal symptoms. Not only did I have a nasty headache for 10 days but all I really wanted to do was go back to bed..can I please please just go back to bed.

I started seeing an acupuncturist…the gal is a god send, my body understands and appreciates what she can do for me.  I am eating far better and far less than in the past, and no sugar, no carbs…. fruit, veggies and protein. I am not feeling nearly as good as I will but things are improving.

I have friends in Washington who asked me to come visit.  I had a client who needed to get her almost famous mastiff  show dog to Salt lake City.  I hopped in the car the 5th of May, dropped off Cedric- the almost famous and headed north west.

Mind you…I was not dawdling about so many of the road pics are from the car.

From a distance I thought this was a very cool tree on a hill in the middle of no where WY…when it decided to be a buffalo I had  to have a shot.

Wyoming..when there is nothing, there is truly nothing and then suddenly..something.

I was under firm instructions not to open the window far enough so Mr. Almost Famous could get his face out…no getting the show dog bug pelleted in the eye.

Even the almost famous have to sleep.

The more I travel the more I see windmills…yet not so much in my mind.

Seems to me those snow fences are doing their job.

Road construction amunction…shezz! It totally messes with  the timing of a road trip.

His Highness awake. Dude was a barrel of fun!

Wacky white stripes.

I so wanted a shot of only road up and over the hill but the silly trucks were everywhere, stopping was not an option..I was on a schedule, well more of a deadline.

I don’t ever remember being in Park City, Utah. I dropped Cedric off not long after this. I was missing him not 30 minutes later…dude was GREAT company.

Finally, after all the time I have been through Salt Lake, I get a shot which shows…..flat! Mountain!!

Another for the what is in Annette’s Mirror Series.

Where did all the trucks go? Sunset must be dinner time.

I am headed for an Idaho sunset.

Dang, now I am the only one out here.

I stopped and got out of  the car for this one..nearly froze my socks off in the process.  The colors are nice..yes?

Clouds can be cool too.

The eastern part of the Columbia River Gorge.

It was a monster from this distance…when  you get closer….

The river is to the right but I was digging the cliff-ish to the left as well.

Mt. Hood…what a nice day for a photo.

Bad photo but it’s a bit greener cause wait just another few miles,  a whole different world.

And then it was GREEN!!

HorseTail Falls.

I love this one!! Love it!

I arrived in Port Angeles, Washington at about 5pm the day after I left Colorado.

Olympic Peninsula pics up next.

Mui Ne, Vietnam

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Mui Ne is on the ocean, most of  the guest houses are as well.

The view from the porch of my room.

I dropped my bag in the room, walked out the door and turned right to walk up the beach.


Organizing the net.

About an a hour later, bringing in the haul.

Bad photo of the catch.

Sorting, I saw honest to goodness seahorses..holy hannah!

The next morning in the dark before sunrise I took a motorbike ride to the Dunes. I was the passenger in the motorbike.

Motorbike guy took me back the way we had come to another area of dunes. When we went by the first time there was not a person or car around, when we came back you had to be very careful not to hit any of the people crossing the road from parking lot to Dunes.

See the gal to the right in a white shirt? She has a rented sled, seems this area is all about the sliding down the dunes in a bit of plastic. I think I prefer snow.

I snapped this from the dunes people were sliding on.

The guy driving the motor bike was not talking to me much,  just stopping where he thought he should I s’pose. The next stop turned out to be a fishing port between the boats in the above image and the tree line.

Had I been less overwhelmed by the masses of people coming and going I would have been paying more attention to what the ox cart was loaded with. See the fish in the woven basket?

Shelling some kind of mussel.

Ice, they were supplying the ships in the harbor.

Sorting squid

The round boat guys were transferring ice out to the ships and bringing the catch back. I was told the ships fish all night and every morning there have this mad, crazy fish market thing going on.

Many motor bikes moving stuff about like this.


Place called Fairy Creek.

I was told to walk in the water, it was only about ankle deep.

I really enjoyed MuiNe. Sitting on the beach watching a family fish for a good bit of one afternoon was great fun, not to mention sunrise in the sand dunes.

Saigon, here I come.

Nha Trang

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I was all about the guest house room with a sea view.

The beach past the Palms felt huge when I was standing on it. It was empty during the day but the minute the sun started going down it was chock a block full of people. The locals do not like the sun.

While waiting to be picked up for the three island tour I noticed this guy drive up to the guest house across the way. Many of the guest houses here are rooms on the upper levels with the   lowest level being the living space for family/manager or who ever runs the guest house.

The guy drove up on the white motor-bike, the woven bag with orange handles was between his legs holding three of the plastic jugs like the one you see at his feet. He gave the jugs to a lady who took them down the stairs behind him. When she returned she gave him some money and three empty jugs. I decided this guy was just like the milk man but he was delivering gas for the motor bikes, I could smell it.

The three island tour started with a mass of people and chaos in the harbor. I was all about keeping my mouth shut and my eyes on the guy who picked me up at the guest house. While waiting for him to make a choice on what was next I noticed a Carnival Cruise ship was docked. Heck,  I had no idea there was a cruise to this part of the world.

This gondola thing was stretched across the bay to a fun park (still under construction) of some sort on the other side. In the distance you can see the line of buildings before the mountains.

I first saw this from a distance wondering what the heck it was. As we motored closer…

A pirate ship with full sail, man made, cheesy they turned in to an aquarium. Compete with…

Cheesy sea creatures.

Next stop snorkeling off the shore of an island farther out.

Asians snorkeling… funny huh? The three people you see without life jackets are from Australia.  I was on the other side of the boat having a grand time with the corals of all colors, the fishes of every shape imaginable.

Back in the boat we motored to another island, tossed the anchor to have lunch.

The guy on the table is the tour guide, we had finished lunch, once the table was cleared the tour guide guy was all about the Karaoke. You can just see the drums set up behind him with the kitchen crew about to start playing. Karaoke is big arse business in Asia. Most of the people on this boat were from the south of Vietnam, four from China, four from Israel, two from the UK and me (an American).

The singing got a bit loud for me, when the Israelis jumped off the roof of the boat to water, I was in after them, then the Brits jumped over board as well.  The water was far deeper, rougher and the current was a challenge. The Brits and I grabbed the anchor rope for stability, then got to chatting. They were on their honeymoon/Asia tour before moving to Australia to work full time. Very nice people.

When the music stopped I thought they were moving the boat again so I climbed back up the ladder to put my t-shirt and shorts back on. Once settled I realized I was wrong but was not sure what was going on..I didn’t see anyone in the water, I sat back down to wait.

Before the Karaoke had started another boat had anchored next to us. It was part of  the same tour group, they had come to share our band.

I was not sure where the Brits or the tour guy had gone, I stepped to the edge of  the bow of the boat looking. From around the bow of the other boat I heard a voice saying some thing about “The American”. It all registered in a blink, there was something in the brochure about a floating wine bar, I didn’t  pay attention being I don’t drink. The tour guy was in the water with an inner tube around him,  had a bottle in one hand and a rope in the other, there was a second rope attached to his inner tube. I could hear him plain as day now cause he was looking directly at me yelling “Get the Fu**ing American off the boat. Fu**king American off the boat.” He repeated it several times, I think just to hear himself say fu**king American. Half way through the second verse I was stripped down to my suit and dove in to the water.

When I could see around the other side of the second boat  there were people every where in the water with Dixie cups in their hands. All of them had inner tubes around them and the rope from the guide’s tube was attached to all of them. The other rope was attached to a bit of foam then the second boat. The foam had a small well filled with Dixie cups.

There was a shout from the second boat and an inner tube landed in front of me. The guide suggested I put a hand on any one of his ropes, safety issues he said. I was all for it,  the current on this side was stronger than it had been on the other side.

Th guide offered me wine and his name, though I no longer remember it. I had a sip of  the wine, squishing up my face I said “It’s not very good, but the company is.”  The guide started a new chant “Very bad wine, very good company.” He continued to chant this line  intermittently for the remainder of the trip.

The third island on the three island tour was several levels of covered, or not, space along another island. It was a delightful stop for a nap.

All in all it was a great way to spend a day.

Next up, Da Lat,. They say it’s cold , I could not past up the chance to find out.

Savannakhet, Laos

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I enjoyed my time in Savannakhet. 

I understand  the town was bombed and occupied by the Thai armed forces during the French-Thai war. I do not know if that is why the town has a feel of being something much grander than what it is now. 

Bits of town: 

And yet, there is some money about.

I was standing in the road in front of  this house, behind me is the Mekong River. 

The other side of the river is Thailand.

Yet another sunset to add to the collection. 

Well, fiddle sticks… I seem to have lost track of the photos I uploaded and those I have not, lost my order. Dang and this was going so well.

Several hours later….

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Ahh yes kitty at sunset so we should prolly  show you the sunset also.

I love the clouds in this one.

As promised a pic of my scorpion friend.

Yuck huh? Just gives me the creepy crawlies. I went out for a walk while waiting for my roommates to wake up to help me deal with the nasty beast.


It was nice out this day.

We found some fun things in the shallow water.

Seaslug? This was taken through maybe a foot of water.

Blue legs… cool huh?

Three different Starfish in the same day. All taken through 6-12 inches of water.

Crazy cool color..don’t ya think?

Little Mangrove got lost…his friends are to the left a fair distance.

I am not sure if it was the next day or some days later the weather changed but change it did.

Gone is the quiet “lap, lap” of a wave..now you have huge crashing against the reef where the waves turn white.

Then here are a few pics from my second visit to the first house I sat down here. They were taken at sunset.

Ironshore. Fossilized coral from what I understand.

The wave comes in…

The wave goes out. By the bye ~the camera and I were splashed while attempting these pics. Yes, the reason my camera died…salt water is a “no, no” with electronics.

I found these cool little dudes I wanted to get closer to..

I thought they were part of the rock but the following morning they were else where.

And then there was sunset..again.

If ya want more pics of Roatan dig in the archive Feb, Mar, April of 2007…there are a ton.

Fall in Colorado

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Its tough to beat the weather in Colorado, Sept, Oct and if we are lucky Nov. It has been mostly sunny and 70 for days. There have been a few chilly mornings, a bit of frost and it had attempted to snow but for the most part…BEAUTIFUL!


Sunrise..woohoo!! pink baby!

Mr. Hawk scoping for breakfast me thinks.

Sunrise and frost only just this morning..

Twlight and Party Girl.

I love this cat! Biskit, watching the sunrise.

and let us not forget the moon one morning at sunrise.

The Blog, The blog is up to date!! just in time for Thanksgiving.

Road Trip with Mom

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I landed a house sit in Virgina just south of DC. Mom decided she wanted to go visit friends and family so we decided on a bit of a road trip. I drove while mom navigated. I had zero agenda other than arriving in Manasses Oct 3rd and arriving in Colorado Oct 17th to take care of Harley ( The coolest black lab you ever met) and the Hayes House with a kitty and two horses.

We were headed east the 26th of August.

You may or may not know this,  eastern Colorado and most of Kansas are much of nothing. We did stop in a place called Wakeeny, Kansas to have something to eat. It was a very sad, dead sorta town with only one place serving food. It was an old time pharmacy with a soda fountain with the very best BLT I have had in a long time. We had the pleasure of chatting with the locals about our adventure to the east. They were all kinds of impressed we were not only from Colorado but “oh my, driving as far east and Virginia”. It is one of the very best things about travel, chatting up the locals.

I think we got the Subaru stopped outside of St Louis some place for the evening. Mom said later she started knowing when it was time to quit cause all the color would drain out of my face when I was done. I guess that is as good as any reason to quit driving.

The next morning we were off through Kentucky….I mean to tell ya what a beautiful drive. Mom got us off what we starting calling blue roads (interstate) on to little back country, middle of the hollar town like “Betsy Sue” and “Harold” I kid you not, names of town. Places that had signs saying “Congested Area” with not a single person, car or animal about. There were hills and dales of huge trees, green green fields.. There were acres of land with white fences holding horses and small shacks with all the Halloween garb you can buy at Walmart. There were many old barns with tobacco drying in them.

Somewhere along the line I started snapping pics.

National Park-ish I think. I remember a brown sign.

It was misty and wet.

They don’t call ’em the smoky mountains for nothing. See the ever so low cloud cover?

Mom wanted to see her Aunt Ann in Richmond, Virgina.

Aunt Ann wanted to visit the cemetery where her mother in law and sister in law were buried. A town called Ashland where mom spend time in the house below every summer with her grandmother. Who, I think, was Jessie (headstone this pic). By the by – That is mom and my great aunt Ann in the pic. Ann is 92 and sharp as a tack, not to mention funny. We laughed through lunch that day.

House in Ashland.

I am standing in the street with the camera…this….

Is behind me…crazy huh? Two sets of railroad tracks in the middle of the street. Talk about noise!

Yes, me and trees. This huge old boy lives at the end of the drive at the Ashland house.

After our visit with Great Aunt Ann, mom decided a day or two at the beach would do us some good. Virgina Beach as a matter of fact. Little did we know it was a very special week end.

The Nepture Festival. Sure enough people from all over came to see the sand castles.

My favorite! It was called “Cleaning the Beach”.

At some point after the beach and after the house sit we were on “Skyline Drive” in the BlueRidge mountains, or was it Smokey Mountains. Either was it was early morning.

It is said these mountains are much much older than the ragged, jaggedness of the Rocky’s

Color we were not without.

Lets not forget my favorite!

Did I mention Bear…. Cute huh?

Lakes of Tennessee at sunset.

I think this was Tennessee on the way back to Colorado.

We also found this castle looking thing along the way.

And now…for your educational pleasure…

Did ya know cotton is grown in Arkansas? Yeah, me either.

Did ya know they make huge stacks and cover them in the fields with colors? Yeah, me either!

The other thing mom and I learned while in Arkansas…Rice is their second largest crop. Yeah, me either. Right up until the time we asked an old boy wearing a “Rice Growers” cap at the gas station.

One down the road we found this…

I can’t imagine anyone leaving the back country before happening upon at least one of them.

Ahh yes sunset that evening…we may still have been… no wait this was Oklahoma. Dang..what was the name of that place.

And then after 19 hours of driving the day before, we wanted so badly to be through Kansas and most of eastern Colorado in the dark.

Antelope just outside of Denver. Had I been thinking I would have snapped a shot of Pikes Peak on the other side of the road ..er….but I didn’t. Next road trip that direction.

Mom and I giggled all the way out and all the way back. She had grand visits with friends while I hung out in the muggy hot that is Manasses. Ahh but the cats were great fun.

We decided on the way back we would have to do it again…direction and destination forth coming.

Colorado beginings

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I will have to get back to the nutties of the Dublin Airport and the flights/connections back to Denver. I feel like I should get the rest of these photos loaded cause the fan on my laptop is going to die any minute. So…on we go.

For those if you who have never traveled across the pond, Jet lag is a very real thing. The transport consisted of two buses, two trains and two planes with me arriving at a friend’s house close to Denver, rock throwing distance from the house I own, occupied by tenants, almost exactly 24 hours after waking  to shower in Dublin. It was a bit strange not going back to the house I had left five months earlier, interestingly enough I got over it in two days. What was I talking about…oh yeah…jet lag. Holy hannah. I seemed fine when I got to the house, had a nice chat with my friend about this and that, was in bed by 10p I think. Woke up at 5am, took a few sunrise pictures.

This one looking west at the Rocky Mountains.

And this, the sunrise from the east.

I remember very little about that day other then feeling pretty good until about 3pm when I decided I was better off going back to bed. I woke again about 8am the next morning to find my friend cleaning the barn. She said “Oh, there  you are? The only way we knew you were still around was your shoes were next the front door. Where were you last night?”

“Asleep, very asleep”

She seemed a bit confused “We had people over last night, had a little BBQ. Did you not hear anything?”

I confessed I had not telling her “I learned to sleep through about anything in the hostels of Ireland. Neat trick that! ”

We chatted about this and that when the subject of a ride came up.  It was either that day or the next we went out for a horse ride.

Those of  you who understand horses know on occasion they can react poorly or not to many things. I decided I should test the sound my camera makes before I had my person on the horse.

Test shot. This is Fitzy Cow’s chest. My friend and I bought this horse together thirteen years ago. He was sixteen this year. She had switched his shoes and he was feeling as good about being out and about in the hills around Boulder as I ever remember his being.  This was not the last time that summer I was able to get him out to play with me but it was the last summer he was out.

Sunday morning about nine weeks ago he was not feeling well.  My friend had several large animal vets out during the course of the day. All of them where in contact with each other and none of them thought the symptoms were serious.

Some time in the afternoon it was decided the horse should take a trip to the teaching hospital in Fort Collins, those guys know all kinds of stuff and have the equipment to find out why Fitz was not himself

My friend and her husband were attempting to load Fitz in the trailer, after some amount of coaxing (by the by – in thirteen years this was the first time he had refused to load) he landed all four feet in the trailer. My friend’s husband was telling me the story two days later “Annette, he had not had all four of his feet in the trailer for ten seconds when he dropped dead. He was dead before he hit the floor of the trailer.”

We talk often of that horse, how he was all ways the stable, easy going, sure whatever you want horse.  Ok he had a quirk or two but the dude was cool!

The following are all photos I took while riding him that day. The Mesa Trail just south of Boulder, Colo if you are interested.


My friend on her horse Meeca.

Trail in into the hills.

You may be able to see the “road” looking thing down there, it is the path we came up. You are looking at Boulder Valley from one of the high points of the Mesa Trail.  Thinking about it now, we have not been out riding since Fitz died.


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The Connemara region is north and a bit west of Galway. Knowing then what I know now I took four days to see what other people saw in six hours on a coach tour.  I stayed just outside of a tiny village called Leenaun the first two nights. The village is at the inland end of the only fjord in Ireland. From what I understand it is always cold and raining here, well unless it is snowing. All the pics below are from those two days.

Wait, I was wrong this pic is along the coach tour just before entering the Connemara region. I could not pass up the little boats and water across the rock wall image.

Looking toward the sea. The things you see in the water are mussel farm rafts.

I was headed up into the forest for a walk when the sheeps decided I had taken on a new profession: sheep herder.

Part of my attraction to places such as these is you can see the weather, good or bad, coming at you. This bit of rain turned out to be not so bad but I did get wet. There are days I spend a fair amount of adding and subtracting clothes. One can truly get all four season in one day in this place.

The track I was walking along a part of the mountain above the fjord.

This is the true meaning of living in a valley.

Flowers and more along the rock wall, along the road. Yellow strips on the outside and a solid white line in the middle.

And…a sunset. Did ya know the sun doesn’t set here until 1030pm…its light out until 11p.

I hopped back on the day tour coach the third morning I was there bound for Clifden.

The town of Clifden as see from a near by hill.

What remains of Castle Clifden. I was walking along something called “The Sky Road”. I think it got its name cause it goes up..and up and..up. There is a story a few entries back about the guy I met at the vista view on the Sky Road. Dude is from Oregon.

I hopped on the tour bus again the next morning to see Kylemore Castle while heading back to Galway.

The guy had this place built a zillion years ago decided to put it behind the lake against a mountain. There is a better angle of the hill behind the castle in the last image.

He had a walled garden made with flowers on one side and veggies on the other.

Mountain behind the castle.

Cool pic huh?

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