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Six years of adventure with pics to prove it.

Olympic Peninsula, Washington.

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For those of you who have not been following me for the past few years… I took a 14 day road trip June of 2009.. I decided it was high time I found out just exactly where  Highway 287 goes from Longmont,   Colorado.  I hit Yellowstone, figured Glacier was not far, rolled into Canada turned left to zip along Highway 3…decided I had seen plenty of mountains, turned left again when I noticed the map showed Highway 20 would take me all the way to the ocean in Washington State..little did I know the Cascades were between me and the sea. Following Highway 20 put me on a ferry across a bit of water..I still had not a clue as to where I was going I just knew 20 would get me to 101 where I could go south to the Redwoods and then back to Colo.  (if interested in this trip scroll down to June 2009, the posts should be there)

Imagine me,  having had a potty break and a walk,  sitting in the car with the door open, playing with my computer when an older lady with two small- ish dogs come in to view. I knew one was a Pomeranian the other was the same size but dude looked like a miniature Akita to me.  I ripped the earphones out of my ears to say “Goodness, he is cute..what is he?”  She smiled and said “He is a Pom too, he gets a lot of attention.”  We chatted about  this and that, she told me to pack up the computer and join her with  the dogs for a walk.  When we got back to the cars she said “I would like you to come home to meet my family.”  I shrugged replying  “OK”

The ferry came,  we all boarded, when we were let off on the other side I followed her home. I stayed three days.  Why not, we were having a grand time cleaning/freezing strawberries, making bread and cinnamon rolls..they are delightful people and easy to be round.

I was not out the door last June before they said “Come Back, Come back” and have been saying “come back” intermittently since.

I tell you this cause….. They live on the Olympic Peninsula, a place I had never heard of until I found myself there from random left hands turns last June. I returned in May of this year (2010).  To early for strawberry season but never fear some of the berries we packed away last time were still on hand for strawberry waffles and strawberries over angel food cake. This year I was introduced a new yumminess, seven minute frosting with coconut on a chocolate cake. Oh my, divine comes to mind!

The Olympic Peninsula  is truly a beautiful, wondrous place with a bit of everything, if ya want ocean they have it, if ya want lakes and streams, waterfalls and rivers they have it, if your more into mountains, by gum it’s there.  Stacks of wildlife and plenty of moisture to keep it all green, heck there are three rain forest areas that I know of..hmm should go find that map I was given. Phooey, I went looking for the map last night, no joy.  I have faith it will turn up.

Lake Crescent. It was sorta a green-ish blue color.

Another one of those glorious  places on  the planet where you can stand at the sea’s edge looking at  snow capped mountains.

I was told the name of this bay twice..Needle Point comes to mind but I could be wrong…perhaps someone will happen by to correct me.

Walks are always good with me!

The lighting was too good to pass up.

My friend’s husband has pictures of whales in this cove rubbing  on the rocks. Truly a sight I would like to see, a whale.

This may end up on the Favs of 2010 file. I do like it!

My friend’s family calls this tree Twisted Sister. Seems an apt name.

This is hard to see but the big vertical tree and the smaller one to the right are growing on what is called a “nurse log”. It is a fallen tree seeds land on and nurse to full growth.

Middle of no where, though this time I was not alone.

The family calls this one “Big Brother”. He is the worlds largest red cedar,  178 feet tall and 19.4 around. The old boy is workin hard to stay alive.

Another beach a bit farther south…it was considering raining.

The flora in this place does not disappoint.

It just makes me giggle I like it so much.

Well phooey, I don’t have a pic of the top of this tree.  Anywho, it is the largest Spruce at 191 tall and 58.11 around. I am lookin pretty small sitting up there.

Water of all kinds abound including falls.

We found the Elk.

Is this not amazing? Moss,  moss everywhere!

I am thinkin Bilbo and his band of hobbits should live in a place like this.

I have little doubt this one will end on the Favs 2010 file.

I am not sure this translates on film… this green ferny stuff was growing both in an out of  the water…so part of what you are looking at is fern through water.

Holy buckets! I dig this one!

The blue-ish stuff you see is the bottom. Wacky huh?

Remember the nurse log I was talking about? All four of these tree grew on a nurse log.

It was getting dark…. more elks!

Randy,  the bit of a fluff ball who started it all.

Did I mentioned FOOD, FUN, good company and HAT making were the order of  the week? It was good fun, I am will attempt to make a yearly trek to the Olympic Penn.

Next up..the mad dash back to Colorado

This and That, Road Trip 2010 start

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Spring Break was a bit easier this year than last, one less barn and eight inches less of snow.

April was rough..I decided to give up sugar…the stuff is like heroin to me, imagine the withdrawal symptoms. Not only did I have a nasty headache for 10 days but all I really wanted to do was go back to bed..can I please please just go back to bed.

I started seeing an acupuncturist…the gal is a god send, my body understands and appreciates what she can do for me.  I am eating far better and far less than in the past, and no sugar, no carbs…. fruit, veggies and protein. I am not feeling nearly as good as I will but things are improving.

I have friends in Washington who asked me to come visit.  I had a client who needed to get her almost famous mastiff  show dog to Salt lake City.  I hopped in the car the 5th of May, dropped off Cedric- the almost famous and headed north west.

Mind you…I was not dawdling about so many of the road pics are from the car.

From a distance I thought this was a very cool tree on a hill in the middle of no where WY…when it decided to be a buffalo I had  to have a shot.

Wyoming..when there is nothing, there is truly nothing and then suddenly..something.

I was under firm instructions not to open the window far enough so Mr. Almost Famous could get his face out…no getting the show dog bug pelleted in the eye.

Even the almost famous have to sleep.

The more I travel the more I see windmills…yet not so much in my mind.

Seems to me those snow fences are doing their job.

Road construction amunction…shezz! It totally messes with  the timing of a road trip.

His Highness awake. Dude was a barrel of fun!

Wacky white stripes.

I so wanted a shot of only road up and over the hill but the silly trucks were everywhere, stopping was not an option..I was on a schedule, well more of a deadline.

I don’t ever remember being in Park City, Utah. I dropped Cedric off not long after this. I was missing him not 30 minutes later…dude was GREAT company.

Finally, after all the time I have been through Salt Lake, I get a shot which shows…..flat! Mountain!!

Another for the what is in Annette’s Mirror Series.

Where did all the trucks go? Sunset must be dinner time.

I am headed for an Idaho sunset.

Dang, now I am the only one out here.

I stopped and got out of  the car for this one..nearly froze my socks off in the process.  The colors are nice..yes?

Clouds can be cool too.

The eastern part of the Columbia River Gorge.

It was a monster from this distance…when  you get closer….

The river is to the right but I was digging the cliff-ish to the left as well.

Mt. Hood…what a nice day for a photo.

Bad photo but it’s a bit greener cause wait just another few miles,  a whole different world.

And then it was GREEN!!

HorseTail Falls.

I love this one!! Love it!

I arrived in Port Angeles, Washington at about 5pm the day after I left Colorado.

Olympic Peninsula pics up next.

Day Three ~ Feb 3rd

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Dang silly system kicked me out, though I only had a page or so typed tis still very annoying. One can not repeat such prose a second time. Phooey!

I was up before daylight, didn’t get much sleep last night do to the hostel being an echo conductor until 3am. I finally gave up trying at 4am, watched an episode of Castle then popped upstairs and out into the snow for a walk as morning call to prayer started. One does not need an alarm, just wait til five and singing voices can be heard.

It was cold, snowing and blowing, I was very comfy in my new coats, gloves, fleece hat and duck shoes. Yes, I brought two pair of shoes, it was a hard won choice leaving two turtle necks and taking two shoes. No worries both my coats have zippers to my chin.

Pics of my morning walk…

Blue Mosque

Hagia Sophia, across the street.

Sweeping the streets.

Is that a snow covered Palm Tree?

Old wood building with the Blue Mosque behind. I was not taking any chances I was keeping  the Blue Mosque in site, the streets here are mostly one lane sorta cobble stones, that do twist and turn. Some of  the side walks are marble, ya gotta watch ya don’t fall on your arse in the snow and slush.

See what looks like a blue roof?

Bits of a castle wall are all over the city here, I was told, by my friend, the other day the people are required to keep it in good repair, the wall must stay.

Ok, very slow connection and it’s getting late,  people want to turn off the light in the dorm room. I will get back to this tomorrow.

Quickly..A new friend found me today, I was wandering the streets near the Grand Bazaar…he suggest I go with him..long story short his family is in the carpet business, they offer me and two other ladies, food, drink conversation and many lessons in carpets. It was an afternoon well spent.

At one point I mentioned I do not get this kind of attention from men in my country and was there anyway to fend them off without insulting anyone.  The gentlemen from the street jumped up,  disappeared out the door and was back moments later with three silver rings. He told me to choose one and put in on my wedding finger, I did as I was told then asked how much  money he wanted. The guy looked truly offended I offered to buy it. Indeed, very nice people and a delightful afternoon. By the by ~ this new friend designs and sells jewelery world wide and to people such as Hillery Clinton and several other famous Americans I do not remember.

The light is not off yet, just one more thing. We were having lunch when a friend of my new friends niece came in, I did not see him right away but he said “I know her.” When I looked up he was looking at me…I tried to think if anyplace I may have met him, then with a dropped jaw I said “You are the guy from the Metro who told me it was the last stop.”   Remember the cutie….shezz in this huge place the same dude, small world indeed.

Ok more pics and stories later.

Favorite Pic 2009, hands down!

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7.1.09 3

The original is better, but ya get the idea.


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I have lived in Colorado off and on for a good long time. My parents live about two hours from Moab, I have driven I-70 to Cali and Vegas countless times and yet I had never been to Moab.

7.2.09 1

They don’t skimp on the red rock down that way.

7.2.09 2

7.2.09 3

Me and trees,  wish the sun had been from the other direction.

7.2.09 5

7.2.09 6

7.2.09 7

7.2.09 8

One of  the many arches, I was on top looking down.

7.2.09 9

7.2.09 10

I tell ya if ya wanna live ya gotta work for it in this place.

7.2.09 11

7.2.09 12

7.2.09 13

7.2.09 14

7.2.09 15

See the rock that looks like a car? Wacky huh?

7.2.09 16


7.2.09 17

7.2.09 18

7.2.09 19

7.2.09 20

7.2.09 21

7.2.09 22

7.2.09 23

7.2.09 24

7.2.09 25

7.2.09 26

7.2.09 27

7.2.09 28

7.2.09 29

7.2.09 30

7.2.09 31

7.2.09 32

I am always talking about the beauty of the greens and blues but in this place its ALL about the greens and reds.

California Redwoods

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Next we have…. more trees.

7.1.09 1

Do ya not love fog? I snapped this shot four times trying to get one without a car..just was not in the cards that day.

7.1.09 2

7.1.09 4

These two may be the last of the coast.

7.1.09 5

7.1.09 6

7.1.09 7

See the human walkway below…that tree is huge.

7.1.09 8

7.1.09 10

These trees pretty much refuse to die, this one was harvested once upon a time and instead of giving up it started new smaller trunks from the original huge trunk. They all it the Cathedral Tree cause if its look.

7.1.09 12

7.1.09 11

If ya can look at the pic above (the base) and the one above it (the top) together. It is all the same tree. Albeit the light is wacky, fog will do that.

7.1.09 13

Now, that would have been a sight to see, all those mammoth trees about.

7.1.09 14

Nice view from the top of the hill.

7.1.09 15

7.1.09 16

Tree tops.


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what is next?


Artsy Fartsy me.


I stopped cause of the clear cutting you see the the right, got out of the car, walked up a bit of hill through a locked gate and saw this…whew!The sea coast is behind me.




Every time I see the Ocean Spray commercial I wonder how cranberries are grown…..here ya go…seem close to rice to me.


The sea is directly to my right. These trees sure have a hard time of it.



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Whew, we made it to the coast..







Who knew, Bald Eagle on the Oregon Coast. I was so busy looking at the sea I didn’t know he was there til some loud arse black bird got snotty with him. Perhaps Mr. Bald was eyeballing the black birds dinner.



Did you know Elk live on the Oregon Coast? Yeah, me either. The fence is not about the Elk,  its about keeping pesky people away from the buildings.


Me thinks the sun was setting.

That makes 83 posted for today..I have more but this is it for today. Oh wait…one more.

Harvest Trees? Still?

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First pic oh the sea….it may have been along the Olympic Penn…I remember always wanting to turn west off the road solely to see the sea.



See the patch work with different ages of trees?




More wacky moss stuff.




Is that green or what?


There was a child and his father picking these, he may have called them Wolf Berries.  I tasted one, not so much as happy with the thing as the kid was.


This happen several times, I was weaving in an out of forest alternated with seashore.

Trees before the Sea

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I will have to go back to the Olympic Penn not only to see new found friends but to take more time visiting with the trees. In the mean time I have pics, lots O pics.





They are called Nurse trees cause while they decompose they are feeding the new baby trees growing on top.



One of my Favorite pics from 2009.





I do love filtered light.

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